=186= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 25/1/2015:
Rested well, really need eye wash though
Caught 116
Got a seat on 116
Managed to squeeze into the MRT
New mouse was so fun
Finished AEA
MDA was good
Managed to get 90 for quiz
Has fun playing Fun run with friends
Practiced up to 185 Bpm for practice today, was really good
Gid protected me
God gave me a way out from temptation
I am so glad that Aaron encountered God
Thank you for encouraging me.
Had a great time in QT
Managed to write something to Esna
Had a nice time chatting with Mindez
Failed horribly
Still had great rest please redeem me Lord, thank you!
Caught 43!
Got a seat on 43
Won the last match of floorball
Had a wonderful time with Pei Han and Mindez
Got on 154
Had a short nap
Filmed my video
Practiced drums
Was able to play hands down I think 70% well! Was good! ๐Ÿ™‚
Managed to do MDA assignment
Had a good rest
109 took 3 minutes only
But I am still gonna be late.. :/
Nope! Got to school on time! ๐Ÿ˜€
Managed to complete another part of MOL
Saw something beautiful
Had dinner with JED! Council was nice
Had quite a fun time laughing
Really need to get my act together
Got to sit on my favorite seat on the bus
Got chicken wings at home for supper
Apologized to C
Woke up early today
Saw an email Esna sent me
Watched several videos
Got to 109 perfect time
Got a seat on 109
Brought Laptop on the right day!
Nice lunch
Had nice convo with Timothy
Gotten quite alright results for DEP
Went to Mustafa
Bought the watch for Jia Jun
Had bad news that I need to play two solos from grade 3, to take grade 4
But drum lessons were still great nevertheless; very productive and efficient!
Caught up to 107
Got home had quite a good time of practice
Nice dinner
Taught my cousin homework
Realised how horrible my technique was, really need to work on single stroke 16th notes again! Step my step, I want to play hands down! :<
Had QT, was nice!
Managed to finish my work on time! Thank you Lord for being so faithful! ๐Ÿ™‚
Had a fun chat with C
109 took only 2 minutes
Got to school on time
Managed to finish one MOL revision
Quiz was alright
Nice warm lunch
Managed to get the crackling from my radio receiver
Finished AEA tutorial
Had quite a nice chat with Nok Wan on the bus
Practiced for an hour on a drum pad
Had a VERY good sleep
Had a swim
Good lunch
Prepared for cell lesson tmr
Had a practice session
Had punggol nasi Lemak for dinner
Bought my stuff for tmr
Well rested
Managed to reflect on the past month
Nice breakfast!
Had a nice walk to the petrol kiosk with Arel, Joseph and Royce
Had a wonderful time of cell, I thought that everyone really enjoyed themselves
People were attentive to my debrief
There were some conflict among my cell kids, I am glad that they reconciled.
Lord, please bring forth reconciliation in their lives, may they please be good friends! Lord, it is good that their conflict was expressed, but Father, please give both of them the chance to be good friends again. Father, please give them love for each other. Lord, please stay with them.
Had a nice time with my cell in push
Service was linked to my lesson
Lord, when I jump, I jump for you, no one else, not the congregation, not the worship team.
Had a good time of lunch
Had a good chat with Esther on our way there and Jerome on our way back
Had an hour nap that kept me well rested!
Nice dinner
Managed to kinda finish AEA and wrote up a script for MDA!
Lord, please bless me!
I am enjoying the conversations that I am having! Thank you Lord!
Malachi 1:6-14, Lord, allow me to offer proper sacrifices Lord!
Thank you for this week!


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