=201= Words of Joy: Indescribable

“Hahaha, alright! Let me tell you about this world!” He said enthusiastically. “This world is amazing. Can you imagine it? Alright close your eyes”

“This world is filled with many different things! Some of them are moving, some of them stay still. Some of them are there consistently, some of them happen only a few minutes. Some of them seen, some of them unseen.”

“Let’s start with ‘Oxygen’, Oxygen is the most plentiful element in this world. Every living being in this world needs oxygen to live. It will enter the body and come out as a Carbon Dioxide. So that means that Oxygen might run out one day, but it has been plentiful in this world for thousands or even millions of years, sustaining life! Isn’t that amazing? Without it, all living things will be in pain and life will end in minutes”

“Then let us go to ‘Water’, Water is another vital thing that all living things need to live. Water has so many uses! You can drink Water, you can use it to wash yourself when you are dirty, you can use it to cool yourself on a hot day! Water exists in different forms in this world! Ice and snow is the solid form of water! Did you know? Every snow flake is different and it is still beautiful. How incredible is that? That it can be so different and yet still look so beautiful. It can also exist at Water vapor. It makes rain possible. Water evaporates up to the sky and when it is heavy it will fall down as rain, cooling the hot day, providing water for plants in this world, also preventing droughts from happening! It also makes rainbows possible! When it falls, the sun light gets bended and forms a rainbow with so many different colours!”

“Oh let me get to the ‘Sun’! The Sun is this crazy light in the sky that only happens in the day! This world is positioned just right! It is not too close that it will burn and it is not too far that it will freeze! It is moving constantly so every side will have light shined on it. Not only that, because this planet is tilted, it has four seasons! It warms up this world! It provides light for so many different things. It allows living things to see. It will provide light for plants to produce food. It reflects off the moon, which is this piece of rock so conveniently orbiting around this world so at night, it will be cooling, but still having light!”

“Now to the “land” of this world. This land is not flat! It comes in so many different forms and shapes. There are hills, mountains, plateaus, volcanoes, plains and valleys just to name a few! They are beautiful crafted and for different purposes. Some dangerous, some not, but each and every form is beautiful in there own way. Mountains are high and dangerous to climb. However, more than half of humanity of this world depends on mountains for water! Plains are flat and ordinary, but where else will one stay? There is nothing more reliable. Nothing more stable to stay on.”

“The “plants” of the this world is very good as well! These are essential to this world because they are Oxygen makers! Without plants, no animals and creatures will exist! They are food makers! Everything we eat comes directly or indirectly from plants. Herbivores will eat plants to sustain itself. Carnivores will feed on herbivores. And omnivores have both options! So without plants, there will not be meat! Plants regulates the water cycle, it helps distributes and purify water! They are used for medicine, many herbs are used to aid the healing of the body! It will provide shade on a sunny day to make it cool. It provides wood that is strong enough to hold things, to sound good enough to make musical instruments. It can be used to make ships. It can be used as fuel for fire to warm you up at night. There is also beauty in plants. How can flowers be so different and be so beautiful at the same time? With vibrant colours and different patterns, it is art in itself! Flowers are not only pleasant to look at; they smell really good! It is not just flowers, leaves has different shapes sizes and textures for different uses. Some has a smooth surface, it is used to allow rain to glance off so that there will not be too much water that it kills the plants. If you look closer, you see that leaves are off different patterns as well. Some have perfect parallel lines on it, some have grain that you will never even imagine! Oh do not get me started on wood grain! Wood grain is an amazing thing. No creature can perceive the millions types of wood grain and colours. There are so many in this world! Bird’s eye, quilted, fiddleback and curly just to name a few!”

“Then finally “animals”, the creatures of this world. So many different types. There are different animals in different places. They have different features. A very unique feature is ‘wings’. Wings are shaped so that an animal can fly. Animals that can fly are called ‘birds’ they have light bones and body so they are able to flap their wings to push them up in the air. There is also this feature called “Gills”. They are used by fishes to breathe; to be able to take in dissolved oxygen in the water. There are many more amazing features of animals, eyes, mouth, legs, claws, teeth, husks, nails, skin, fur and scales just to name a few! Just who is able to conceive so much detail? To have different types of eyes, different types of legs, different types of fur and skin. Just how is all of that possible?” Concluded the man.

The patient listened in awe and said, “Wow, this world you described is just amazing! I sure would love to live there!”

The man replied, “You are! You are just not looking at it right”

=200= Resolutions

I went up and talked to Kennaf about my emptiness issue. Like I do not seem to be motivated to do anything. Perhaps I was just distracted from CNY? But that is just an excuse! So I want something more! I want more hunger. I want to desire God more! So Kennaf told me that you can’t get hunger out of nowhere, If you want hunger, you need to fast. How ironic right? However, when I thought about it, it made so much sense. You want hunger? Starve yourself(of things that fill you). You want more? Empty yourself first! Haha I don’t think I will be fasting from food yet luhh, but I did make a list of things I want to fast from. I hope by the end of the month I will have a healthier spiritual life. Spur me Lord towards a more righteous and more healthy life! Thank you Lord!

List of things to fast from:
1. Searching cool drum information on the Internet (stay away from Pantheon Percussion’s cool FB/Insta page)
2. Listening to music on public transport (read a book instead)
3. Using the Internet late at night when I have nothing to do (go do QT and sleep early instead/ spend some time to call your kids up)
4. Using the Internet when I have nothing to do (go swim you idiot!)
5. Looking at my phone when I am bored (distract myself with something else; a comic, a book etc etc)

So people who are reading, please keep me accountable! Help me with this (if you can that is)!


=199= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 22/2/2015:
Ran away
Nice text convo with Claire
Watched TBBT and HIMYM
Now gonna be late for the meeting
Got onto 109
Managed to help out on the audio
Got onto the last seat on the bus
Got time to spend with Mum
Got to school late
Good presentation
Good lunch with AVT!
Managed to buy Emerlin water
Spent some time playing truth
Managed to find practice time at home
Watched 118 (really like the drama! HAHA)
Good dinner
Got to go out with my family
Best sleep I ever had in months!
Managed to watch some episodes of proposal daisakusen!
Really sad that I can’t find the dvd anywhere
Vacuumed the carpet of my drumset
Tuned up my kit!
Cleared up some stuff
Great dinner
Managed to practice a little
Was really difficult to play 30-10bpm!
Cleared up some things
Woke up, slept well with fresh sheets
Trouble preparing material for cell
Good breakfast
Wore my new clothes! Really nice!
Especially my new converse and jeans, with my new shirt then with my orient! Very nice! ๐Ÿ™‚
Frogman was a good movie, liked that they put Wei Liang up front now!
Good acting
Had laksa from gramps! Loved it!
Steamboat for dinner was good!
Responded to my internship application! Can’t wait!
Woke up really tired
Heard that we are going to JB!
Went to Little India
Decided to take a cab instead of 170
Went to Woodlands Checkpoint! Quite cool ah! Never try before!
Roti Boy was delicious!
Had a good lunch!
Great movie! Enjoyed myself!
Ate Secret Recipe for dinner! Was good! ๐Ÿ™‚
Got back home early
Managed to write a little
Watched ABTM2 on TV
Woke up well today
Roti Boy was good!
The soup stock tokyo was so so
Watched King of Mahjong, was so lame
Practiced, my left hand start single stroke is better now
Had a good dinner
Got up
Sis went to Grace with us
We took cab to church
Managed to chat and have some time with Royce and Jacob!
Talked to Bob, he is worried over his Chinese
Talked to Justin, he has work to do
Worship was good
Had a chat with Denise
Talked to Kennaf and got prayer
Chatted with Matthew and Ben
Got home
Had a short nap
Got vouchers from Aunt
Slept even more!
Met up with JED! Council 2014
Great dinner
Enjoyed sharing
Really enjoyed myself with them! ๐Ÿ™‚
Confirmed filming with Tiff
Nice pohpiah at home!

=198= Words of Melancholy: Statue

My story happened years ago back when I was still studying in Australia. Back in Australia, my room mate and I often cycle after school. We would cycle almost everyday, always going through the same route across the street, through the park, turn right until we see an antique shop then turn right again until we reach back at our apartment.

One afternoon after school, I wanted to go for a ride, but my room mate was busy with her assignments. So I simply decided to go down myself. So I went across the street and into the park. Halfway in the park, a sharp pain can upon my right thigh. It wasn’t very bad, but to be wise I came down from my bike and started to push my bike instead. While walking my usual route, I saw this dark path on the left. I have never been there before so I decided to explore a little. The path was beautiful, full of lush flowers and tall trees. I sat down on the bench to rest my legs and my thigh. I noticed this peculiar statue opposite me. It was a statue of a pregnant lady.

The statue was bronze in colour. It had a base, like those that normally had descriptions of the character there, except this statue did not have it. On top of the base was the lady. The lady had her right hand on her belly, almost like she was rubbing her pregnant belly. Her left hand on the base of the statue supporting her weight. I do not know why, but I felt warm inside after seeing the the pregnant lady. After staying there for about 15 minutes, I got on my bike and left.

The next day I woke up still feeling a little pain on my thighs. While walking to school, as it was still some time to my first lesson, I decided to make a short detour to the statue. Once again the beautiful walkway then to the bench. However, today the statue did not looked anything like yesterday. The statue today was of that lady holding a baby. That crept me out totally so I tried to run away. However, as I tried to run away, I tripped on something, fell flat down and I blanked out.

When I opened my eyes, I am not at that nice park walkway, I was in like some forest. Where am I? How in the world did get here? I wandered for around for a while, but could not find a way around at all. After about an hour, I gave up and sat where I was. It was getting dark and I am really scared. Then I saw a figure.

It was a lady.

She looked so lost like me so I called out to her and asked her to sit down with me. She sat down and we began to chat. It was dark so I really could not make out how she looked like. Her voice was sweet and had a rich Australian accent; it almost sounded like she was royalty. I thought that her silhouette looked a little similar to the statue, but since it was dark and scary and I only have her beside me, I pushed that thought to the back of my head. Her name is Valerie and she was around the forest picking up berries but she got lost. She shared that she had just gave birth to her child a month ago. I was almost sure that she was the lady in statue, but I did not inquire more, mainly because I was afraid that she was really a ghost. We both agreed to sleep on the grass patches and wait for the morning to find our way out.

When I woke up, I was back in the park. What happened? Did I hallucinate? I stood up and turned around to face the statue. This time the statue was different again. It showed a lady lying down on her own. The statue was definitely Valerie. It had her hairstyle. The silhouette is really like her. I thought about it, the statue seemed to portray Valerie’s life. So the first day I saw, I saw her pregnant. The second day she had given birth and was holding the baby. The third day was portraying her being in the forest lying down after we decided to sleep through the night.

I went and did my research, apparently on the park. Valerie’s full name was Valerie Jones. Her husband’s name was William Jones, a sculptor. He made the statue in the park, the photo of Valerie was simply her standing up straight. To make things even more interesting, many people like me claimed to have seen the statue in a different structure from the photo. However, none claimed that they actually talked to her. Did I really just went back in time and actually talked to Valerie?

The next day, when I went to see the statue again, the statue looked like what the statue in the photo; simply her standing upright. It was a strange experience to have actually seen her and talked to her. Just before I turned away and left I noticed a scar at her right thigh; like a bite of some sort. The same spot that my right thigh was hurting.

The subsequent two years when I visit the statue I never saw it in a different structure again. I would often wonder if my experience was just a dream or hallucination, or did it really happen?

I do not think much about this incident anymore, but whenever my right thigh acts up and have a sharp pain. I would think about Valerie. I thought about what that scar or bite might be. Maybe after I slept and came back to the present, she might have gotten bitten by a snake and passed away. Maybe she was born with it. Maybe it was a fault that the husband made on the statue. This matter puzzled me for years. Maybe when I visit Australia again and visit that path in the park, I will see something different in that statue again.


This was the story that I posted and I was so weird to post it on the JED! Group because this is the kinda thing that I only do here; where very few people are reading. So when I brought it to the bigger audience, it was just weird. To make that worse, after writing this story, I freaked myself out and had to read 1 John 4:4 to bring myself peace and be assured.

Then I dreamt about a horrible dream.

I dreamt that my dad came to me and told me that some acronym, can’t remember the actual one, like RC or something, is real and it is very scary. Then he told me that I need to take note and not follow in his footsteps.

So we had dinner then he asked me to get him a drink. Before I got back, he went out o the door. I asked him to come back but he did not. He turned right, covered by the wall. Then two delivery men came and I asked them if they had seen my dad, but they told me that they did not.

It reeked of judgement day and the burning of hell. It was a horrible dream. Lord, please give me a better one tonight? Lord, please secure my dad’s salvation.
Thank you Lord


=197= Words of Joy: Thankful

Dear Lord, I came out of this period of time and i came out thankful. I am glad. Lord, this year hasn’t been smooth sailing at all, but i am thankful for the people that you have put in my life. Lord, many of them do not know, but many of them bring me much joy, more than they know!

I am thankful that my relationships are not just ankle deep. Lord, my relationships with people are slowly having depth and as a Sang, I am glad. A problem that i face being who i am is that i kept making relationships that are ankle deep. I now see many of my interactions with people are superficial. I seem like i have a lot of friends, but really, i don’t. I keep making relationships i like to call, “friendly acquaintances”. You guys know each other but not very well. You guys will be able to hang out, but nothing more. I need more. Knee deep. All the way up to my neck and then over my head. Find out more in people’s lives. Love them.

I am chronically late. It is depressing. I used to be someone that really hates being late. However, recently, i do not know why, i kept being late. Perhaps i stopped valuing people’s time and my own. I find value in not knowing everything and being such an ass on time because i find that it will really show bad character and eventually being passive aggressive. However, that should not be the reason i am always late. Perhaps, i am constant squeezing too much into the small time frame! Haha, no matter how late it is, there is always time for another video. I guess, the first step in this refinement is to stop wasting my own time? Perhaps stoping using computer at night and give the time to the Lord. Lord, refine me, allow me to value people’s time more.

I am really a cow(or a whale for that matter, if you are reading! HAHA) for writing that stupid “horror” story and posted it on the JED! group. Well, the statue thing was interesting! So instead of just posting an idea, i wrote a whole story. Felt so stupid for posting it there. -sigh- Then when they replied, i did not reply anything because if i say anything it will just sound arrogant and proud and bringing attention to myself. Why the crap did i do that? Oh well, the things that you do and you regret afterwards and whenever you think of it, you cringe. I hate those moments, Lord, please help me get over these moments.

This post is slowing becoming like a Words of Melancholy post, but oh well, i will post what i started off with! ๐Ÿ™‚

However, i am still thankful, this CNY was a great time spent with family. I am glad. It’s nice! To be so blessed its good!


=196= Words of Melancholy: Good

No! No, it will not be two thanksgiving of the week consecutively! So yeah gonna rant now! So bear with me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Firstly, my spiritual life feels empty. Most probably it is because the lack of QT recently. It’s like just empty. No fire burning. Just weak. Lord, will you please give me flame? Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning, burning, burning. Give me oil in my lamp I pray.

Next, my left shoulder is killing me… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ there was a sharp pain after I practiced yesterday, thought nothing of it. Then today after carrying a sling bag on my left shoulder, it acted up again. Wah, really pain. Hopefully it is nothing serious!

Watched two movies over the past two days! Frogman and Dragon Blade. I enjoyed both very much! Let me start with Frogman!

I enjoyed that they decided to give Lobang more depth and character development this time. Wei Liang is one of the few actors in ABTM that can really act. Totally loved his character! I liked how they made him break the rules for his family. When a man is pushed to his breaking point and have no choice, he would by all means do what he needs to do no matter how difficult and how tough it is. Then, when he was in such a dilemma on whether or not to call the police, that was good. I am glad that they added that part in. Sometimes there will be times where we need to do the right thingโ€”something that is better for the person โ€”and not what the person wants. The drug addict of a mother he had almost killed his sister over money for drugs. He had to choose between the right thing to do and what his mother wanted. When he did it, his mom even scolded him being unfilial. It is a sad truth, but his mother needed to get her act together and that was the right thing to do! I liked that he had his buddy by his side advising him and encouraging him. There is really nothing more depressing than being alone in such a situation. However, his explanation for what he did was just lame. Next, I found Ken’s character development in this movie weak. Well, it is understandable that it is difficult to squeeze what they did in two movies into one. Ken once again went through the “rebel” phase(the whole girlfriend dump him because he was in NS drama) then the “good” phase. Then Lobang actually encouraging him to continue the course. It was just stupid that the new boyfriend was just the cousin… Lame… But overall I think they did a good job recreating his character over the shorter time span. I quite liked that Haley or Jayley Woo was his girlfriend. Way prettier than the previous girl! Aloysius’ character was so annoying. Once again he was the Wayang King. Once again he was the one being bullied, but at a higher intensity. He was definitely cooler though! After the I learned martial arts since young scene. Well it was good. Hei Long was the new character. Hmm, ok luhh… I hate that they never revealed much about his relationship with his mum and dad. Totally expected the change/turn of his character. Really liked when all and sat down and told him that everyone has family problems. The settled thing was cool as well. It was like “suck it up, you have more to do”. Sounds really insensitive luhh, but that is how a man is supposed to be. I recalled one of my favourite quotes from FMA, “why are you crying like girl when you act like a man?” What this movie did well in portraying is the character in the instructors. What the last two movies fall short was giving compassion and heart to the instructors. Tosh had the very likable kind of instructor character. The kind that scolds a ton, but understands when to stop and when to realize that it is important or not. I liked that he ran with Ken when it rained. I remembered what Peter Erskine commented on Whiplash. A conductor needs to give as much love as he gives scoldings for the band to work together. This movie did what Whiplash could not; to give love on top of scoldings. Then No2’s character was splendid! Very funny but still stern enough. Very talented actor, able to do very funny interpretations. His character was human too, a big man that was willing to admit his mistake. Very cool!

The Dragon’s Blade was good! I just watched the problems about action movies on YouTube and this movie performed exceedingly well! Jackie Chan really doesn’t seem as old as he is. He is very good! It is not just about the action; it is the drama behind the action as well. The vulnerability of his abilities was showed multiple times as well. He was almost beaten by a few people and he got shot several times. It was a good movie that has enough drama for character development yet enough action for action seekers. I often think that the best scenes are the scenes when they put what they have learned before the fight/match to use! Like karate kid pushing people out of the ring. Like gameplay when the main character used ballet in football. Well, it is good!

The things I am learning from my course are coming to good use! Tiff and Bro Shavinn wants me to make a video for them. Me knowing how to do editing and stuff like that is really cool! Never thought I will actually learn how to do so many cool things in my course! I hope to learn more in my internship in esplanade!

I want a walnut snare! Walnut is a very dark and warm wood, so having it in a smaller dimension is good. So it really blends and offers more crack and attack. I want a 14 by 4.5 stage walnut snare, with tube lugs, wood hoops, trick multistep throwoff, DW 3 position butt plate, 42 strands Canopus snare wires. With Pantheon giving the $200 off discount now, it really is tempting, but I shall wait first, cymbals first! Well, dreaming of a world where I am interview in drum channel with that Singaporean made snare. Then I buy the Joe Montineri 14 by 3.5 vented pancake brush snare as a side snare. Then using both Paiste Masters and Giant Beat cymbals. Then having a Mapex Saturn V kit, with like black chrome heads and EC Resonant on the toms and the kick having no internal muffling. Upgraded the drums to wood hoops. Been checking some pedals out as well. It is basically a fight between Mapex Falcon pedal, Tama Speed Cobra, Pearl Demon Drive pedal and DW 9000 pedal. I saw an offset pedal which is cool as well! Pearl Demon Drive looks really cool, but some of the reviews are quite bad. The Speed Cobra looks the slickest, but heard that the springs spoils easily. Didn’t really like how the 9000 felt in the sanctuary. I wanted to get the Mapex Falcon because Russ Miller used it before he was endorsed and it had rather good reviews. I liked that it is simple as well, no need for more options if it feels good! Probably can wait for some discount in guitar 77 or get at a discounted price from MDS!

My heart needs to be realigned, Lord, please still my heart. So many idols in my life now. Please refine me Lord!

Thank you Father!


=195= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 15/2/2015:
Ran away
Failed horribly…
Had a swim
Did a paper
Practiced drums, was able to play hands down like 80 percent well! ๐Ÿ™‚
Good dinner
A lot of concern from leaders and friends about the funeral
Had tea before the exam was less tired
The exam hall was freezing
Managed finish the paper quickly
Had a question that stumbled me a little, but managed to solve it in time!
Good lunch
Had a nice chat with JunYi
Had a nap
Liked the drama played on TV at 5.30
Good dinner
Got a ride to the funeral
Was very glad that my friends came, really managed to ease the awkwardness
Had little but good sleep
The atmosphere was really heavy
Never saw my Dad cry that much
Need to grow up
Gonna be late
Good time with 116
Managed to do some work for the project
985 had just right timing
Had a little chat with Shena
Played hands down 90% decently
Rehearsals was alright
Still need to work on my timing with the metronome
Had a fun chat with Winnie
Had a lift home
Good time listening to different songs in the car
Good fish soup at home
Failed again
Caught up to 103
Good drum lessons
Went to HMV and got a Phillip Phillips CD, it was SOOO good!
Helped an old man find directions
Got home had a little nap
Did some work
Practiced a lot, hands down at 95% decent
Did up a formula sheet for AEA
Went to school early
Bumped into Hui Yi and Shee Kei
Got to study with them
Paper was good, managed to solve the question that I was stuck in
Got a nice time on 74 with Jun Yi, Nok Wan, Kris and Yu Hui
Nice pork floss bread
Nice coffee bread
Dinner was alright
Cell was good
I think Cell is really coming together! Been good!
Got to chat a little with Jun Kang about music!
Good breakfast
Got to equip on time
Good lunch
Service was a little awkward
Worship was good though
Missed the stop start
But the rumble was good
Feeling a little empty now
Managed to solder for Leb and “fixed” the lights? Fingers crossed for tmr!
It’s like God is using the knowledge I got from my course to serve the church, like when Tiff asked me to film the video!
945 came in time
Missed the MRT but was good, the next one was empty and lots of seats
Managed to sit at my favourite seat on the bus
Got to go out with my family to buy CNY goodies! Was good! ๐Ÿ™‚
Cell was a little messy
The service was good! I managed to have some fun with Footsteps!
I think Sis Rach and Ga got a little annoyed at how loud we were
Worship was alright! Managed to do the stop start!
Bro Shavinn complimented my shoes!
Prayed for Justin and Aaron!
Good lunch with Daniel and Justin!
Had such a great nap!
Good dinner! Yu Sheng was good
Haha really want a walnut snare now!