=190= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 1/2/2015:
Rested well
Eyes felt better with eye wash
Managed to board 70, last passenger on the super crowded bus!
Managed to be first to reach class
Practiced some of my solos!
Managed to complete Msem test
MDA filming went well
Project 1 had good response from Mr Viktor
Alright practice
Thank you for the way out Lord!
Good dinner, really nice soup
Managed to arrange the videos
Failed horribly
Managed to reach on time
Watch Whiplash loved it again!
Had a wonderful chat with Mindez
Good practice, was more comfortable with faster tempos and sight reading!
Good dinner
Got instructed to text Kennaf
Finally texted him after all that
Managed to complete math tutorial!
Had a surprising text from J
Had a good rest
109 perfect time
Got a seat
MRT wasn’t crowded
Managed to read Soul Survivor
Got to school on time
Understood AEA
Understood math
Managed to finish MOL, now waiting for revision
Managed to study during two hour break
Lab revision allowed us to go off early
Caught up to 985
Had a chat with Edward about his idea on a cooking class
Managed to practice a little
Had a nice chat with Shena
Nice team dinner
Really grateful for the work done
Worship rehearsals was awesome!
Was really good, so many songs and I could really feel God’s presence
Had a cab ride home with Darren
Great chat with Darren
He borrowed money to me!
Received a card from TiffChia! Loved it!
My eyes were itching and they were killing me
Better after eye wash
Caught up to 103
Got to class on time
The practical test, I had one problem, but I managed to solve it in time
Had fun watching shows in the library
DEP ended early!
Drum lessons were productive
Caught up to 107
Rested my eyes
Good dinner
Rested early and well
The bread was good for breakfast
Decided to take 116
MRT was just right!
66 came at the perfect timing!
Finished math online
Had good study break
Good revision for AEEPS
AEA test was good!
Managed to plan the story for the project
Good dinner
Had good sharing! LC looked really well!
Rested well, had a very nice and interesting dream!
Good sound check
Passed Tiff her card
Returned Darren’s money
Had a fun chat with Joseph
Had fun time singing Chinese with Daniel
Pre-service prayer’s silence was good, felt rested
Worship was Amazing! The best I ever had! So refreshed after that!
Nice dinner with Mum
Good sleep with weird dreams
Took taxi to church
Mel a little bit in the room
Had a nice time with Foosteps Joseph is responding really well!
Reached Furama, really sorry that we interrupted DJ… :/
Worship was good. Once again the last song was very encouraging!
A bit disheartened by the debrief, but it is good!
Caught up to 75
Had good lunch and chat with Shawn and Lim Yun
Managed to ask Lim Yun what I wanted to
Took an hour nap
Good dinner
Like the movie on TV(mirror mirror), but the ending was lame
Had a good reflection on the day
Thank you Lord

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