=192= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 8/2/2015:
Got up 43M
Got up the MRT
Missed 66
But 171 overtook 66
Managed to finish MSEM project!
MDA theory test was difficult, but less difficult than the last one!
Practical test was good! Finished!
Managed to do some shooting for Project 2!
Had a nice time traveling
Good time of practice!
Woke up early
Walked away before I got tempted
Watch Kurosagi the movie, preferred the drama series
Reached school late, but classmates are still in class
Managed to film the scenes, but a little less for 3-5 minutes
Enjoyed ride with JunYi back home
Good dinner
Practiced a little on the drum pad
Studied AEA a little
Had an alright rest
Had a few dreams
Saw like two very nice birds while walking to the bus stop
Caught up to 116
Got a seat as well
Kinda got to school on time
Bumped into Dinah
Managed to do up some green screen work
Scored 100 for AEA practical
Managed to revise a bit on DEP
Had a fun chat while revising
Had a wonderful time of worship in J333
Met Shawn Ang and Kean Lee interesting people
Was really affected by someone’s response just now
But all good, we are alright now!
Rested well
Walked away from temptation
Ran for 109, but missed it
Caught 156 though
Bumped into Shee Kei on the bus
Had a nice chat with her
Managed to do a little MDA and then revised on DEP
Well, DEP was tough, but I tried my best, I am satisfied.
Drum lessons was good, managed to record 1 solo and practice the other solos
Bought popiah and Rojak back home
Managed to practice, my left hand getting looser and my speed is getting faster
My eyes felt better after eye wash
Perfect time with 109
Perfect time with MRT
Had a good test just now
Received cookies from Dinah! Was really good! 🙂
Had a good nap
Rested well
Woke up late for Parents’ circle but Mum took cab!
Received hard news.
Was able to talk to Jacob’s and Joseph’s parents
Was good receiving prayer from them
Had a small chat with Shena
Had a little chat with Carol and Renee, really admire their friendship
Went to IMM with Mum and got a new pair of shoes, jeans and shirt!
Managed to finish assignment 5
Got to church late
Had a fun time with kids again! The guys are slowly integrating in! Some of them are already playing!
Had a nice first time serving communion
Was so tired in service
Had a curry puff before rushing
Reached to see my grandma before she was in the coffin
It really does not look like her in the coffin, perhaps I haven’t been spending enough time with her
Got home
Had a nap
Good dinner
Took cab back there
Got some revision done
Took cab back
Pantheon Percussion was very nice in educating me again
Really want a 14×4.5 snare drum