=195= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 15/2/2015:
Ran away
Failed horribly…
Had a swim
Did a paper
Practiced drums, was able to play hands down like 80 percent well! 🙂
Good dinner
A lot of concern from leaders and friends about the funeral
Had tea before the exam was less tired
The exam hall was freezing
Managed finish the paper quickly
Had a question that stumbled me a little, but managed to solve it in time!
Good lunch
Had a nice chat with JunYi
Had a nap
Liked the drama played on TV at 5.30
Good dinner
Got a ride to the funeral
Was very glad that my friends came, really managed to ease the awkwardness
Had little but good sleep
The atmosphere was really heavy
Never saw my Dad cry that much
Need to grow up
Gonna be late
Good time with 116
Managed to do some work for the project
985 had just right timing
Had a little chat with Shena
Played hands down 90% decently
Rehearsals was alright
Still need to work on my timing with the metronome
Had a fun chat with Winnie
Had a lift home
Good time listening to different songs in the car
Good fish soup at home
Failed again
Caught up to 103
Good drum lessons
Went to HMV and got a Phillip Phillips CD, it was SOOO good!
Helped an old man find directions
Got home had a little nap
Did some work
Practiced a lot, hands down at 95% decent
Did up a formula sheet for AEA
Went to school early
Bumped into Hui Yi and Shee Kei
Got to study with them
Paper was good, managed to solve the question that I was stuck in
Got a nice time on 74 with Jun Yi, Nok Wan, Kris and Yu Hui
Nice pork floss bread
Nice coffee bread
Dinner was alright
Cell was good
I think Cell is really coming together! Been good!
Got to chat a little with Jun Kang about music!
Good breakfast
Got to equip on time
Good lunch
Service was a little awkward
Worship was good though
Missed the stop start
But the rumble was good
Feeling a little empty now
Managed to solder for Leb and “fixed” the lights? Fingers crossed for tmr!
It’s like God is using the knowledge I got from my course to serve the church, like when Tiff asked me to film the video!
945 came in time
Missed the MRT but was good, the next one was empty and lots of seats
Managed to sit at my favourite seat on the bus
Got to go out with my family to buy CNY goodies! Was good! 🙂
Cell was a little messy
The service was good! I managed to have some fun with Footsteps!
I think Sis Rach and Ga got a little annoyed at how loud we were
Worship was alright! Managed to do the stop start!
Bro Shavinn complimented my shoes!
Prayed for Justin and Aaron!
Good lunch with Daniel and Justin!
Had such a great nap!
Good dinner! Yu Sheng was good
Haha really want a walnut snare now!