=196= Words of Melancholy: Good

No! No, it will not be two thanksgiving of the week consecutively! So yeah gonna rant now! So bear with me! đŸ™‚

Firstly, my spiritual life feels empty. Most probably it is because the lack of QT recently. It’s like just empty. No fire burning. Just weak. Lord, will you please give me flame? Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning, burning, burning. Give me oil in my lamp I pray.

Next, my left shoulder is killing me… đŸ˜¦ there was a sharp pain after I practiced yesterday, thought nothing of it. Then today after carrying a sling bag on my left shoulder, it acted up again. Wah, really pain. Hopefully it is nothing serious!

Watched two movies over the past two days! Frogman and Dragon Blade. I enjoyed both very much! Let me start with Frogman!

I enjoyed that they decided to give Lobang more depth and character development this time. Wei Liang is one of the few actors in ABTM that can really act. Totally loved his character! I liked how they made him break the rules for his family. When a man is pushed to his breaking point and have no choice, he would by all means do what he needs to do no matter how difficult and how tough it is. Then, when he was in such a dilemma on whether or not to call the police, that was good. I am glad that they added that part in. Sometimes there will be times where we need to do the right thing—something that is better for the person —and not what the person wants. The drug addict of a mother he had almost killed his sister over money for drugs. He had to choose between the right thing to do and what his mother wanted. When he did it, his mom even scolded him being unfilial. It is a sad truth, but his mother needed to get her act together and that was the right thing to do! I liked that he had his buddy by his side advising him and encouraging him. There is really nothing more depressing than being alone in such a situation. However, his explanation for what he did was just lame. Next, I found Ken’s character development in this movie weak. Well, it is understandable that it is difficult to squeeze what they did in two movies into one. Ken once again went through the “rebel” phase(the whole girlfriend dump him because he was in NS drama) then the “good” phase. Then Lobang actually encouraging him to continue the course. It was just stupid that the new boyfriend was just the cousin… Lame… But overall I think they did a good job recreating his character over the shorter time span. I quite liked that Haley or Jayley Woo was his girlfriend. Way prettier than the previous girl! Aloysius’ character was so annoying. Once again he was the Wayang King. Once again he was the one being bullied, but at a higher intensity. He was definitely cooler though! After the I learned martial arts since young scene. Well it was good. Hei Long was the new character. Hmm, ok luhh… I hate that they never revealed much about his relationship with his mum and dad. Totally expected the change/turn of his character. Really liked when all and sat down and told him that everyone has family problems. The settled thing was cool as well. It was like “suck it up, you have more to do”. Sounds really insensitive luhh, but that is how a man is supposed to be. I recalled one of my favourite quotes from FMA, “why are you crying like girl when you act like a man?” What this movie did well in portraying is the character in the instructors. What the last two movies fall short was giving compassion and heart to the instructors. Tosh had the very likable kind of instructor character. The kind that scolds a ton, but understands when to stop and when to realize that it is important or not. I liked that he ran with Ken when it rained. I remembered what Peter Erskine commented on Whiplash. A conductor needs to give as much love as he gives scoldings for the band to work together. This movie did what Whiplash could not; to give love on top of scoldings. Then No2’s character was splendid! Very funny but still stern enough. Very talented actor, able to do very funny interpretations. His character was human too, a big man that was willing to admit his mistake. Very cool!

The Dragon’s Blade was good! I just watched the problems about action movies on YouTube and this movie performed exceedingly well! Jackie Chan really doesn’t seem as old as he is. He is very good! It is not just about the action; it is the drama behind the action as well. The vulnerability of his abilities was showed multiple times as well. He was almost beaten by a few people and he got shot several times. It was a good movie that has enough drama for character development yet enough action for action seekers. I often think that the best scenes are the scenes when they put what they have learned before the fight/match to use! Like karate kid pushing people out of the ring. Like gameplay when the main character used ballet in football. Well, it is good!

The things I am learning from my course are coming to good use! Tiff and Bro Shavinn wants me to make a video for them. Me knowing how to do editing and stuff like that is really cool! Never thought I will actually learn how to do so many cool things in my course! I hope to learn more in my internship in esplanade!

I want a walnut snare! Walnut is a very dark and warm wood, so having it in a smaller dimension is good. So it really blends and offers more crack and attack. I want a 14 by 4.5 stage walnut snare, with tube lugs, wood hoops, trick multistep throwoff, DW 3 position butt plate, 42 strands Canopus snare wires. With Pantheon giving the $200 off discount now, it really is tempting, but I shall wait first, cymbals first! Well, dreaming of a world where I am interview in drum channel with that Singaporean made snare. Then I buy the Joe Montineri 14 by 3.5 vented pancake brush snare as a side snare. Then using both Paiste Masters and Giant Beat cymbals. Then having a Mapex Saturn V kit, with like black chrome heads and EC Resonant on the toms and the kick having no internal muffling. Upgraded the drums to wood hoops. Been checking some pedals out as well. It is basically a fight between Mapex Falcon pedal, Tama Speed Cobra, Pearl Demon Drive pedal and DW 9000 pedal. I saw an offset pedal which is cool as well! Pearl Demon Drive looks really cool, but some of the reviews are quite bad. The Speed Cobra looks the slickest, but heard that the springs spoils easily. Didn’t really like how the 9000 felt in the sanctuary. I wanted to get the Mapex Falcon because Russ Miller used it before he was endorsed and it had rather good reviews. I liked that it is simple as well, no need for more options if it feels good! Probably can wait for some discount in guitar 77 or get at a discounted price from MDS!

My heart needs to be realigned, Lord, please still my heart. So many idols in my life now. Please refine me Lord!

Thank you Father!