=197= Words of Joy: Thankful

Dear Lord, I came out of this period of time and i came out thankful. I am glad. Lord, this year hasn’t been smooth sailing at all, but i am thankful for the people that you have put in my life. Lord, many of them do not know, but many of them bring me much joy, more than they know!

I am thankful that my relationships are not just ankle deep. Lord, my relationships with people are slowly having depth and as a Sang, I am glad. A problem that i face being who i am is that i kept making relationships that are ankle deep. I now see many of my interactions with people are superficial. I seem like i have a lot of friends, but really, i don’t. I keep making relationships i like to call, “friendly acquaintances”. You guys know each other but not very well. You guys will be able to hang out, but nothing more. I need more. Knee deep. All the way up to my neck and then over my head. Find out more in people’s lives. Love them.

I am chronically late. It is depressing. I used to be someone that really hates being late. However, recently, i do not know why, i kept being late. Perhaps i stopped valuing people’s time and my own. I find value in not knowing everything and being such an ass on time because i find that it will really show bad character and eventually being passive aggressive. However, that should not be the reason i am always late. Perhaps, i am constant squeezing too much into the small time frame! Haha, no matter how late it is, there is always time for another video. I guess, the first step in this refinement is to stop wasting my own time? Perhaps stoping using computer at night and give the time to the Lord. Lord, refine me, allow me to value people’s time more.

I am really a cow(or a whale for that matter, if you are reading! HAHA) for writing that stupid “horror” story and posted it on the JED! group. Well, the statue thing was interesting! So instead of just posting an idea, i wrote a whole story. Felt so stupid for posting it there. -sigh- Then when they replied, i did not reply anything because if i say anything it will just sound arrogant and proud and bringing attention to myself. Why the crap did i do that? Oh well, the things that you do and you regret afterwards and whenever you think of it, you cringe. I hate those moments, Lord, please help me get over these moments.

This post is slowing becoming like a Words of Melancholy post, but oh well, i will post what i started off with! 🙂

However, i am still thankful, this CNY was a great time spent with family. I am glad. It’s nice! To be so blessed its good!


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