=198= Words of Melancholy: Statue

My story happened years ago back when I was still studying in Australia. Back in Australia, my room mate and I often cycle after school. We would cycle almost everyday, always going through the same route across the street, through the park, turn right until we see an antique shop then turn right again until we reach back at our apartment.

One afternoon after school, I wanted to go for a ride, but my room mate was busy with her assignments. So I simply decided to go down myself. So I went across the street and into the park. Halfway in the park, a sharp pain can upon my right thigh. It wasn’t very bad, but to be wise I came down from my bike and started to push my bike instead. While walking my usual route, I saw this dark path on the left. I have never been there before so I decided to explore a little. The path was beautiful, full of lush flowers and tall trees. I sat down on the bench to rest my legs and my thigh. I noticed this peculiar statue opposite me. It was a statue of a pregnant lady.

The statue was bronze in colour. It had a base, like those that normally had descriptions of the character there, except this statue did not have it. On top of the base was the lady. The lady had her right hand on her belly, almost like she was rubbing her pregnant belly. Her left hand on the base of the statue supporting her weight. I do not know why, but I felt warm inside after seeing the the pregnant lady. After staying there for about 15 minutes, I got on my bike and left.

The next day I woke up still feeling a little pain on my thighs. While walking to school, as it was still some time to my first lesson, I decided to make a short detour to the statue. Once again the beautiful walkway then to the bench. However, today the statue did not looked anything like yesterday. The statue today was of that lady holding a baby. That crept me out totally so I tried to run away. However, as I tried to run away, I tripped on something, fell flat down and I blanked out.

When I opened my eyes, I am not at that nice park walkway, I was in like some forest. Where am I? How in the world did get here? I wandered for around for a while, but could not find a way around at all. After about an hour, I gave up and sat where I was. It was getting dark and I am really scared. Then I saw a figure.

It was a lady.

She looked so lost like me so I called out to her and asked her to sit down with me. She sat down and we began to chat. It was dark so I really could not make out how she looked like. Her voice was sweet and had a rich Australian accent; it almost sounded like she was royalty. I thought that her silhouette looked a little similar to the statue, but since it was dark and scary and I only have her beside me, I pushed that thought to the back of my head. Her name is Valerie and she was around the forest picking up berries but she got lost. She shared that she had just gave birth to her child a month ago. I was almost sure that she was the lady in statue, but I did not inquire more, mainly because I was afraid that she was really a ghost. We both agreed to sleep on the grass patches and wait for the morning to find our way out.

When I woke up, I was back in the park. What happened? Did I hallucinate? I stood up and turned around to face the statue. This time the statue was different again. It showed a lady lying down on her own. The statue was definitely Valerie. It had her hairstyle. The silhouette is really like her. I thought about it, the statue seemed to portray Valerie’s life. So the first day I saw, I saw her pregnant. The second day she had given birth and was holding the baby. The third day was portraying her being in the forest lying down after we decided to sleep through the night.

I went and did my research, apparently on the park. Valerie’s full name was Valerie Jones. Her husband’s name was William Jones, a sculptor. He made the statue in the park, the photo of Valerie was simply her standing up straight. To make things even more interesting, many people like me claimed to have seen the statue in a different structure from the photo. However, none claimed that they actually talked to her. Did I really just went back in time and actually talked to Valerie?

The next day, when I went to see the statue again, the statue looked like what the statue in the photo; simply her standing upright. It was a strange experience to have actually seen her and talked to her. Just before I turned away and left I noticed a scar at her right thigh; like a bite of some sort. The same spot that my right thigh was hurting.

The subsequent two years when I visit the statue I never saw it in a different structure again. I would often wonder if my experience was just a dream or hallucination, or did it really happen?

I do not think much about this incident anymore, but whenever my right thigh acts up and have a sharp pain. I would think about Valerie. I thought about what that scar or bite might be. Maybe after I slept and came back to the present, she might have gotten bitten by a snake and passed away. Maybe she was born with it. Maybe it was a fault that the husband made on the statue. This matter puzzled me for years. Maybe when I visit Australia again and visit that path in the park, I will see something different in that statue again.


This was the story that I posted and I was so weird to post it on the JED! Group because this is the kinda thing that I only do here; where very few people are reading. So when I brought it to the bigger audience, it was just weird. To make that worse, after writing this story, I freaked myself out and had to read 1 John 4:4 to bring myself peace and be assured.

Then I dreamt about a horrible dream.

I dreamt that my dad came to me and told me that some acronym, can’t remember the actual one, like RC or something, is real and it is very scary. Then he told me that I need to take note and not follow in his footsteps.

So we had dinner then he asked me to get him a drink. Before I got back, he went out o the door. I asked him to come back but he did not. He turned right, covered by the wall. Then two delivery men came and I asked them if they had seen my dad, but they told me that they did not.

It reeked of judgement day and the burning of hell. It was a horrible dream. Lord, please give me a better one tonight? Lord, please secure my dad’s salvation.
Thank you Lord


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