=199= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 22/2/2015:
Ran away
Nice text convo with Claire
Watched TBBT and HIMYM
Now gonna be late for the meeting
Got onto 109
Managed to help out on the audio
Got onto the last seat on the bus
Got time to spend with Mum
Got to school late
Good presentation
Good lunch with AVT!
Managed to buy Emerlin water
Spent some time playing truth
Managed to find practice time at home
Watched 118 (really like the drama! HAHA)
Good dinner
Got to go out with my family
Best sleep I ever had in months!
Managed to watch some episodes of proposal daisakusen!
Really sad that I can’t find the dvd anywhere
Vacuumed the carpet of my drumset
Tuned up my kit!
Cleared up some stuff
Great dinner
Managed to practice a little
Was really difficult to play 30-10bpm!
Cleared up some things
Woke up, slept well with fresh sheets
Trouble preparing material for cell
Good breakfast
Wore my new clothes! Really nice!
Especially my new converse and jeans, with my new shirt then with my orient! Very nice! 🙂
Frogman was a good movie, liked that they put Wei Liang up front now!
Good acting
Had laksa from gramps! Loved it!
Steamboat for dinner was good!
Responded to my internship application! Can’t wait!
Woke up really tired
Heard that we are going to JB!
Went to Little India
Decided to take a cab instead of 170
Went to Woodlands Checkpoint! Quite cool ah! Never try before!
Roti Boy was delicious!
Had a good lunch!
Great movie! Enjoyed myself!
Ate Secret Recipe for dinner! Was good! 🙂
Got back home early
Managed to write a little
Watched ABTM2 on TV
Woke up well today
Roti Boy was good!
The soup stock tokyo was so so
Watched King of Mahjong, was so lame
Practiced, my left hand start single stroke is better now
Had a good dinner
Got up
Sis went to Grace with us
We took cab to church
Managed to chat and have some time with Royce and Jacob!
Talked to Bob, he is worried over his Chinese
Talked to Justin, he has work to do
Worship was good
Had a chat with Denise
Talked to Kennaf and got prayer
Chatted with Matthew and Ben
Got home
Had a short nap
Got vouchers from Aunt
Slept even more!
Met up with JED! Council 2014
Great dinner
Enjoyed sharing
Really enjoyed myself with them! 🙂
Confirmed filming with Tiff
Nice pohpiah at home!