=201= Words of Joy: Indescribable

“Hahaha, alright! Let me tell you about this world!” He said enthusiastically. “This world is amazing. Can you imagine it? Alright close your eyes”

“This world is filled with many different things! Some of them are moving, some of them stay still. Some of them are there consistently, some of them happen only a few minutes. Some of them seen, some of them unseen.”

“Let’s start with ‘Oxygen’, Oxygen is the most plentiful element in this world. Every living being in this world needs oxygen to live. It will enter the body and come out as a Carbon Dioxide. So that means that Oxygen might run out one day, but it has been plentiful in this world for thousands or even millions of years, sustaining life! Isn’t that amazing? Without it, all living things will be in pain and life will end in minutes”

“Then let us go to ‘Water’, Water is another vital thing that all living things need to live. Water has so many uses! You can drink Water, you can use it to wash yourself when you are dirty, you can use it to cool yourself on a hot day! Water exists in different forms in this world! Ice and snow is the solid form of water! Did you know? Every snow flake is different and it is still beautiful. How incredible is that? That it can be so different and yet still look so beautiful. It can also exist at Water vapor. It makes rain possible. Water evaporates up to the sky and when it is heavy it will fall down as rain, cooling the hot day, providing water for plants in this world, also preventing droughts from happening! It also makes rainbows possible! When it falls, the sun light gets bended and forms a rainbow with so many different colours!”

“Oh let me get to the ‘Sun’! The Sun is this crazy light in the sky that only happens in the day! This world is positioned just right! It is not too close that it will burn and it is not too far that it will freeze! It is moving constantly so every side will have light shined on it. Not only that, because this planet is tilted, it has four seasons! It warms up this world! It provides light for so many different things. It allows living things to see. It will provide light for plants to produce food. It reflects off the moon, which is this piece of rock so conveniently orbiting around this world so at night, it will be cooling, but still having light!”

“Now to the “land” of this world. This land is not flat! It comes in so many different forms and shapes. There are hills, mountains, plateaus, volcanoes, plains and valleys just to name a few! They are beautiful crafted and for different purposes. Some dangerous, some not, but each and every form is beautiful in there own way. Mountains are high and dangerous to climb. However, more than half of humanity of this world depends on mountains for water! Plains are flat and ordinary, but where else will one stay? There is nothing more reliable. Nothing more stable to stay on.”

“The “plants” of the this world is very good as well! These are essential to this world because they are Oxygen makers! Without plants, no animals and creatures will exist! They are food makers! Everything we eat comes directly or indirectly from plants. Herbivores will eat plants to sustain itself. Carnivores will feed on herbivores. And omnivores have both options! So without plants, there will not be meat! Plants regulates the water cycle, it helps distributes and purify water! They are used for medicine, many herbs are used to aid the healing of the body! It will provide shade on a sunny day to make it cool. It provides wood that is strong enough to hold things, to sound good enough to make musical instruments. It can be used to make ships. It can be used as fuel for fire to warm you up at night. There is also beauty in plants. How can flowers be so different and be so beautiful at the same time? With vibrant colours and different patterns, it is art in itself! Flowers are not only pleasant to look at; they smell really good! It is not just flowers, leaves has different shapes sizes and textures for different uses. Some has a smooth surface, it is used to allow rain to glance off so that there will not be too much water that it kills the plants. If you look closer, you see that leaves are off different patterns as well. Some have perfect parallel lines on it, some have grain that you will never even imagine! Oh do not get me started on wood grain! Wood grain is an amazing thing. No creature can perceive the millions types of wood grain and colours. There are so many in this world! Bird’s eye, quilted, fiddleback and curly just to name a few!”

“Then finally “animals”, the creatures of this world. So many different types. There are different animals in different places. They have different features. A very unique feature is ‘wings’. Wings are shaped so that an animal can fly. Animals that can fly are called ‘birds’ they have light bones and body so they are able to flap their wings to push them up in the air. There is also this feature called “Gills”. They are used by fishes to breathe; to be able to take in dissolved oxygen in the water. There are many more amazing features of animals, eyes, mouth, legs, claws, teeth, husks, nails, skin, fur and scales just to name a few! Just who is able to conceive so much detail? To have different types of eyes, different types of legs, different types of fur and skin. Just how is all of that possible?” Concluded the man.

The patient listened in awe and said, “Wow, this world you described is just amazing! I sure would love to live there!”

The man replied, “You are! You are just not looking at it right”