=205= Words of Melancholy: Hide

Just now I accompanied my mum to the supermarket at the mall opposite our house. Upon reaching NTUC, I saw a very familiar figure. Brown hair in a pony tail, with a slightly bend back, wearing our class t-shirt(that I could no longer fit into) with the bear in front; it was C, confirmed plus chop, no longer 90% sure, I am 100% sure it is her because I saw her face. Crap.

Upon seeing her, I was like “Oh Lord, no please no!” I mean come on! I am living quite fine without seeing her, why show her to me now? 😦

And so, I tried my best to avoid her at all means, when she is in the same row, I back away a little, when she moves away to the other aisle, I stayed behind a pillar, refusing to let her see me. My mum had no clue what was going on, but I was really freaking out inside. I was gripping my shirt really tightly, being extremely paranoid over bumping into her.

I saw that she was with two other people. A girl taller than her, wearing black; should be her sister. And a shorter lady, should be her mum. So when I saw her walk towards the casher I was really glad, but I am really scared that she went there simply to go to another aisle… :/ So in the whole time that I was at Hougang 1, I was on my toes, trying not to bump into her.

Oh well… :/
My heart is more still today than the last time I saw her with A, my heart was freaking out but not as bad! Perhaps because I wasn’t as near to her? Cause at the bus stop it was nearer and it would be easier to notice me, the supermarket was big enough to hide me. I hope she did not see me man. Lord, stop shaking my heart leh. I know that residual feelings will always be there, but sincerely, once bitten twice shy; I really do not want to have my heart broken again. I really have no idea what to say when I do meet her. Awkwardness is only funny when you are trying to, when awkwardness is natural, that is just sad… Oh well, I really hope that I will not see her again, but what choice do I have when we stay so near each other… 😦 oh well…



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