=207= Thanksgiving of the Week

Haha I forgot to post on Sunday! So yeah a bit overdue!

Thanksgiving 8/3/2015:
Rested well
Woke up on time
Good breakfast
Bus ride was comfortable
Got to esplanade early
Played some charades
Esplanade was good
Got polar cakes and free t-shirts
Spent a horrible amount of time getting to Marina Barrage
Come on stupid! Why is there only ONE bus that goes to MB? :<
Thankful for PFP friends that still had dinner with me! πŸ™‚
Had a nice time playing around with them!
Enjoyed listening to their lives
Good breakfast
Lord, I am going to be late will you help me be on time? 😦
Got on 159
Got a seat on 159
Got on to the MRT
Ran to esplanade
Had chicken rice for lunch
Read a bit of 'I was just wondering'
Slept a bit
Met Bernard Puah, CEO of esplanade, he seems like a nice guy!
Ended early! πŸ˜€
The bread for us was good! πŸ˜›
Got a nice time chatting on the way home
Missed 72 but the next one came really quickly!
Managed to practice drums!
Was super off form, but was fun!
Good dinner!
Practiced on a pad and think that my left hand start singles is more even now!
Got extra $30 from dad!
Finished psalm 119! It's all down hill from now onwards!
Woke up
Got up to 109
Got to esplanade fairly on time!
Got safety shoes but they are a little loose
Enjoyed the tour of the lights of esplanade!
Lunch was cheap and good!
Really liked today's trainer!
Learned a lot today!
Ended early
Got lunch with Choo and Joel
Practiced transcribing for like an hour
J333 was good
Received prayer from Qing for my family
Went for supper, was a good time of chatting! πŸ™‚
109 came at a good time
Got a seat on 109
Got home!
Had food at home
Ran and caught up to 159 at the later bus stop! πŸ˜€
Got to esplanade on time
Was alright in esplanade today
Finally had lunch together as a group
Enjoyed our walk around entirely again!
Got a good chat on the way home
Got to play like 8 minutes of drums, little but give thanks that I got to play a little! πŸ™‚
Good dinner
Did up a little of the Children's church video!
Ordered some watch straps with Leb
Caught up to 159
Got a seat
Got to esplanade on time
Bought triplefi 10 from Brian!
Really guilty now, but yeah… HAHA!
Spending too much money! :<
Was nice with Siswahani teaching us
Glad that I was able to work out some stuff with her about my schedule!
Well ministry intern balance! Hopefully both will be good!
lunch with the whole group again!
Had like a nice chat in the green room! πŸ™‚
2nd part was alright as well!
Went up to the top of theater!
Was so cool! πŸ˜€
Had a nice chat on the train!
70 had a great time!
Could play drums
Was VERY tired
Woke up
Good breakfast!
Went over the NTUC
Saw C.
Please hide me now… :/
Told mum about the triplefi 10
Prepared a bit on cell lesson
Met up with Aaron
Was alright, but he was a little hostile… :/
Went to SKS and got myself a book! The service there is great! πŸ™‚
Went city square and walked around
Good dinner
Woke up
Realised that my specs are really difficult to read, perhaps I need to bring two
Cell was extremely messy… 😦
But Ryan said that he enjoyed himself, said that he might come again next week! πŸ™‚
Worship felt a bit weird but was good
Served communion, Haha, I want I do not get to, when I did not plan for it, I got to!
Enjoyed God's presence.
Got to debrief with the worship team even though I am not part of it! Which is a first!
Got home early
Are good lor Mee
Managed to rest a little
Good dinner
Did up a little bit more on Untangled
Really dreading 9am-11pm tmr… 😦
But Lord you will be faithful! Allow me to do my best! Thank you Lord!


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