=211= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 15/3/2015:
Woke up early today
Esplanade went well
Corrie, Sunny and the other two TTP people were very nice.
Managed to rig up a lot of lights in like 2 hours
The people there were very nice!
Helped me and taught me lots!
Was glad that they were so friendly
Had a moment when it’s either truth, lie or nothing, decided to go with truth
Someone found me stupid for answering the question
Had a good lunch and dinner with Marianne and Jia Jun
Had food at home
Rested well until like 9.50 today!
Watched TBBT and HIMYM! 😛 guilty pleasures
Practiced triplets with the click on the metronome! Was good!
Went to buy Ah Ma se Pohpiah!
Was delicious! 🙂
Got to play with my cousins a little
Taught my cousin some science and math!
Going to esplanade now!
Zaki was nice!
Had dinner with Yu Hui
The shift was alright luhh, but less fulfilling than yesterday
Glad to have made some friends in the Lighting department! They now would say hello! 🙂
Got a nice chat on the way home with Yu Hui
Enjoyed the Whatsapp group conversation! 🙂
Rested well
Had breakfast
Did some of untangled again
Ran away from temptation, Lord continue to give me power to flee from it!
Gonna be late… :/
Caught up to 72
On the MRT now!
The jammed “doors are closing” bell is ANNOYING… 😦
Got to church!
Got my triple fi 10! Sounds so clear and good! 😀
Had great Nasi Lemak!
Trying to edit some more of untangled but need wifi!
Kennaf was VERY nice to come accompany me
But stupid me cannot even give him some of my time. -sigh-
Practiced drums, but it was messy
Had chicken macaroni for dinner, was meh
Worship rehearsal was bad… You was really bad… My triplets need to be able to be on time. Lord, please help me Lord
The triple fi 10 has great isolation, but because my ears are small, the seal isn’t ideal. Probably need to change some tips
Got a lift to Stadium from Winnie’s parents! 🙂
Got home
Felling extremely tired and bad
Got away again
Lord, give me power to run!
Woke up and failed.
Angry at myself, but Lord, I give thanks that you love me not because of what I have done!
Father, please discipline me.
Glad that there are people that texted me
Glad that there is some distraction!
Drum lessons were good
Had Yong Tau Foo Laksa! Great invention cause Laksa’s only weakness is no other ingredients apart from noodles, bean sprouts and cockles, maybe tau Pok also!
Didn’t have my Michael Jackson(soya milk and chin chow)… 😦
Thank you Lord for music to accompany me when I am down! 🙂
Got back home
Lying on my bed listening to music with my new earphones was awesome
The triplefi10’s seal really cannot, need to find alternatives alr!
The SE215s is such a beauty! I really cannot believe how much I actually paid for it! I actually in a way prefer it over the triplefi10!
Went over the grandma’s for dinner
Played with my cousins!
Worked on the video! Was good!
Woke up
Watched an episode of HIMYM
Went to eat lunch
Went all the way to Kovan to get a cub of Michael Jackson, not half as nice as the Tiong one! 😦
Watch like 2 thirds of evans almighty, so sad that I need to stop cause I need to go to work
Gonna be late… 😦
Lord, please help me to reach on time
Caught up to the MRT! 😀
Reach City Hall at 5:15! Safe! 🙂 thank you God! 🙂
Uncle Tiang and Bear are very nice!
Went to Makan Sutra and had fried rice with egg for like $4 decent price for how big it and considering that it is in the city! 🙂
The first band B was just horrible
The second band, Elephant Kind, was SOOO good!
Managed to talk to Jia Jun, Janzen, Nikki, Marianne and Dillon while at work today
Got off work early!
Got home before 12!
Haha quite happy that people liked/commented on my blog! 😛
Got up
Good breakfast
Took the train to like Ang Mo Kio with mum
Then the train ride was wonderful! Had very nice time reading “I was just wondering”
Came early and went to lunch with Domi
Was nice talking to him about our cells, he shared a bit with me about his concerns for his cell.
Sound check was good
The set went well only until the last song when I screwed up… :/
We did try the stop start thingy that I thought of! 🙂
Did “How do you do” with like Darrel
And spoke to Renee and Jacinth
They were quite sad because their cell kids runs away from them
Texted them to encourage them
Debrief was good! It need not be solemn or cheerful, it needs to be clear and with stuff pointed out
Received a note from Tiff Chia! 🙂
Got a seat in 156!
Good chat with Sis
Good dinner at home
Watched 2012
Good text conversations with Tiff Tay, Elsa and Claire!
Got up late
Good breakfast
Rushing to Furama!
Got there with like more than half of my cell not there… 😦
Got them to ask questions, Lord, please ignore a fire in them to ask more and seek answers!
Sean came!
Worship was crappy for me, because I had so much to do on my hands. The kit in Furama really cannot make it. The crashes are too soft, my ride cymbal trips, my monitor mix keeps jumping, couldn’t do a lot at all. Couldn’t keep time, couldn’t follow either
Was kinda distracted in service
Good lunch with the team
Was disappointed that my album was not ordered
Got a windfall of $10 because of the refund
Good dinner
Tiff managed to help me find the videos needed about 80% done! 🙂