=213= Melancholic Reflections: Three Bands

Ok let me do a band review of the three bands that I have watched on Friday! On Friday, three bands from Philippines performed at the outdoor theater and honestly, they are better than last week’s one!

First, Birdforms. Very alternative. Like a Charlie Lim kinda thing but more electronica! The cool thing is that they are a two piece band, with the singer on the guitar and some laptop track thingy for that electronica kinda feel and a drummer. The female drummer is super good! O_O She was the most solid drummer among the three bands. Her playing wasn’t overbearing, so it was nice to listen to! Then her strokes are extremely on time and even! Because they are playing to a laptop track right, it means that she is not speeding up AT ALL! Do you know how difficult it is to do that? With no metronome playing and on Stage Monitors instead of IEMs some more! Super solid! Then the singer’s voice is actually VERY nice! He has wonderful control of his voice! When he played the song that he wrote 8 years ago with just him and a guitar, I just melted. So nice sia! Almost like a John Mayerish kinda song but with more smoothness in his voice! If he does more contemporary stuff with more acoustic kinda music, he will have a much bigger response and market! Oh well, but people have their tastes! Like John Mayer and old country music now… :/

Then came Paranoid City. Let me start with the drummer. The drummer is the less stable among the three bands. When they were sound checking you could totally hear him speeding up and slowing down. Next he hits REALLY loud… It is like back when I thought that because there was a drum shield covering my drums, I do not need to hold back my cymbals and snare and mix my playing properly. You have to see the problem behind playing every loud all the time. If my crashes are too loud, it will be overbearing and jarring to the listener, on top of that, if only my snare and cymbals are loud, how will the sound engineer mix my drums? You would think the way is to turn the snare and cymbals down, but if your snare and cymbals are so loud that when I mute the mics and it is still too loud, then how can I mix? The only way is to raise the other drums to be louder. So then, in order to mix the band well, they have to raise the band as well. Therefore you get one super loud band. Next, his playing is sometimes a bit stiff. I think the way to solve this is simple, teach him the moeller technique. The moeller technique is the best! It is simple to learn and it helps my playing SOOO much! It relaxes my wrist and helps me get faster! Now then, let us talk about the band in general. WOW! They are extremely tight! Kudos to the band to be able to do so many stop-starts and flowing together to well. They support each other very well! They are very much like Blink 182 in style of music, the punk rock kinda music. The singer happens to sound a lot like Blink 182’s singer as well! They did very well in MC-ing! Oh I forgot to mention that all three bands were very good emcees! They entertain very well! Especially Paranoid City! If only the audience were participative! It’s like they did an echo kinda thing, but the last part when everyone in the audience was supposed to sing, no one sang, making it awkward and all… :/ They are good nevertheless!

Then came Brisom. They are good! In fact my favourite part was them singing in their native language! Sounded really nice! Haha almost like a worship song! Then the drummer had good timing and fills for the songs! Very nice!

Then, on Sat, we were at the theater studio! It was really nice to be able to hear Stillsunrise’s songs. It was nice! Like the lead singer was really talented! Singing, playing tambourine and shaker, playing a Tom and a Paiste full crash and guitar! His voice was awesome as well! Very nice band!

Well, it was interesting!



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