=218= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 29/3/2015:
Breakfast was good!
Found out that LKY just passed away… :/
Went and took passport photo!
Got to school
The review takes $25… :/
Got a seat on 171
Met Mum
Couldn’t collect the vouchers… :/
Had Ding Tai Fung!
Got to esplanade
Did a bit of stuff today!
Had a nice chat with Jie Jun!
Bought her Teh O peng
Enjoyed dinner
Managed the stage door today! Was good!
Had supper with Marianne and Jie Jun
Was nice listening to them
Good chat with Marianne
Missed 109, but caught up to 70M!
Caught up to 159A
Proud of Jia Jun for choosing to do the right rather than beneficial thing
Got to theater slightly late… :/
Learned like a new way to tie stuff
Enjoyed myself though! Had a lot of work done!
Had lunch with the Stage guys!
Hung out with my internship mates! 🙂
Had dinner with them!
The food that Esplanade provided was so good! 🙂
Did up work!
Thank God that I leave one time! 🙂
Mindez said that she bought the Phillip Phllips Behind the Light album for me in Aussie! YAY! 🙂
Thankful for the stage people that taught me and guided me!
Thank you so much Zai and Jali! 🙂
Good chicken stew at home!
Rested REALLY well! 🙂
Gonna be late! :/
Good lunch
Spent good time with mum
Collected the vouchers
Going to G2 now!
Got myself a Michael Jackson! 🙂
Was nice!
Met Jun Kang, made him practice transcribing! It was tough for him but I think it is a good practice for every drummer starting out.
Good dinner with the band
Enjoyed teaching/guiding Jun Kang along in rehearsals!
He sounded good!
I need to work on metronome though… -sigh-
Good chat with Jun Kang and Darren!
Got food at home… :/
Woke up LATE…. 😭😱
Caught up to 159
Time to rush to esplanade
Reached esplanade fairly on time
Good chat with Jie Jun
Went to get waffles
Good lunch with internship mates
Good chat with Jie Jun on the way back
Drum lessons were productive once again!
107 came really fast!
Got my favorite seat
Got home
Rested a bit
Got to grandma’s
Good dinner
Reflected a bit
Rested well
Went to grandma’s for a while
Had Skinny Pizza with mum! Was good!
Went and explored esplanade’s posters/photos for a while
The Q&A was alright luhh
We went around taking a lot of photos! Was fun!
Ended and had Ramen Champion with internship mates
Caught the MRT!
Bought myself a Michael Jackson!
Got to cell!
Good chat with Charissa!
We did the draw my life thingy
First time saw Jun Kang so emotional.
Was great sharing in cell!
Went back home with Jun Kang! Good chat!
Thanked my internship mates
Good bread for breakfast
156 came fast!
Got my favourite seat!
985 took ages… -sigh-
Helped someone with buses
Reached but not hungry so did not eat lunch!
Set up my snare and fiddled with the mount and found a better snare mic-ing for my snare!
Sound check was smooth
Passed Tiff the card
The set itself was great!
I gave up using the metronome halfway… -sigh- time to practice!
Nevertheless, it was good! 🙂
Altar call was nice! 🙂
We builded up together with PJ’s prayer!
Did ‘how do you do’ with Bro Jon and Keith!
Found out something really sad… :/
Leh said that it was one of the best sets in a very long time! WAH! Thank you God! 🙂
Debrief was good!
Took cab to Furama
Had a nice time outside of the room for cell
Service was good!
Worship went well!
Prayed for Jerome and Johann
Got a chat with Denise! 🙂
Siesta was nice!
Food was good!
Worship was awesome! 🙂
Thank God LKY
Good ride home
Good dinner
Practiced a bit on a drum pad!