=204= Words of Melancholy: Doing your Job right

Well, today was a huge improvement in my internship!

Over Monday and Tuesday, we had a trainer that was super annoying. The first thing he did when he came to class was have is introduce ourselves FOR ONE AND A HALF HOURS! :< come on! If you did not had that, we would have ended at 4.30! Not 6! 😦 Then, it might be because of his content, he taught us really useless content that could be covered within the first day. Well it really might be just the subject of manual handling and Heath and safety, but I really felt that that had no impact on my learning. He seemed like he hates his job and wanted to quit. However, to his credit, he did do a good job of remembering our names and having us do practicals and coming up with terms like scissors lift, boom lift, etc etc. He also had a good friendly approach to teaching us, which was good.

Today, another trainer came and taught us. He was a bit more stern and had very good control over his class. He brought us around showing us a universe that we have not seen before; the lighting universe. He brought us to places like the concert hall and started explaining how the lights work, what kind of different lights are there, the act of programming lights, how to rig up lights, how to add gel to the lights to get colours; he went at it and you can see something that the first trainer didn't have, passion.

Once again, it could be because of the topic, I mean, who would have passion for health and safety? The second trainer just exudes of passion for lighting even though he complained that he was getting bored at his job! (Which was understandable, I mean it is human nature to be bored of what you do when you get good at it.)

The job of a soldier is to follow commands. The job of a doctor is to save lives. The job of a teacher, is to ignite passion in the subject he/she is teaching and provide proper insight and guide for his/her subject. With this, The second trainer succeeded in igniting this passion in me. Never did I know that lighting needed that much detail and attention. Never did I know what a tough job it is. Just follow spot was difficult enough, now just think about rigging up lights, focusing the lights, finding the right gels and gobo for the lights, trouble shooting, etc etc! Wow! Not just that, I give him respect for forgoing a promotion to stay in theater! I give thanks that he was so transparent with us even when we ask him about his pay! It was so awkward, because we wanted to know how much he is getting paid for doing so much work there! For this is a potential line that we might get into, we just wanted to know the pay. Therefore, I asked if we could ask about his pay. His reply was that it was a bit rude luhh, but he still told us! Well, after I thought about it, from our stand point shouldn't it be okay to ask about one's pay? I mean we are interning, we might be seeking a job there one day, we are not trying to judge you based on your pay, we just want to know for our future. Well it is decent pay, but for the hours there, wow, I do not know if I will be able to take it.

One should do their job with excellence; always having the passion and improving methods to teach. I recall of one teacher from my sem with was super annoying; he took 1 whole hour just going through 2 questions. He always has irrelevant content that distracts rather than aiding in learning. Though he has the passion, he does not ignite any passion in me to his subject, rather, on the contrary, he bores the subject that I actually like! If a teacher cannot teach well he is poisoning the students learning and killing passion.

For the longest time I actually disliked English, because I was just that bad at it in secondary school. Okay luhh, maybe not BAD but maybe I could never excel at it. Like I write on what I liked(which was stories back then) and I got a horrible score. Then over the years with structure, argumentative essays became the easiest to write, so it became really boring for me to write. Then I started reading books(ironically after secondary school) and the writer that really inspired me was CS Lewis. His ability to capture things with words was just amazing. His use of punctuation using semicolons, dashes and brackets to express himself was really cool as well! Compared to secondary school where teachers discouraged the uses of these punctuation because many people fail to use them correctly. CS Lewis opened a world where words can actually express your feelings, that sprung me to write more to write and enjoy the English language more. I am certainly not the best but I am trying.

I respect anyone that is able to do his/her job right. Know what you are supposed to do and do it well, that is very important. Do not slack off! Be accountable!

Lord, give me a never ending desire for growth. Make me grow into the man you want me to. Thank you Lord!



=203= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 1/3/2015:
Rested well
Practiced Cajon
Practiced on a pad
Failed horribly
Reached on time
Spent some time with class mates
Had fun
Practiced a little on Mindez’s drum kit
Taught Shee Kei drums
Good dinner
Had a nice time spent with them telling horror stories
Nice time with Nok Wan and Jia Jun on public transport
Nice shower
Failed horribly again, two days in a row… 😦
Jammed a little bit
Going out now!
Got a Michael BublΓ©’s album!
But the second Phillip Phillips album is unavailable… 😦
Got a seat on the MRT
Went to see if Camily was still working at stadium, the marble slab closed down… 😦
Got a seat on a very crowded train
Practiced drums
Had free dinner
Left my specs for servicing
Rested well
Did not get tempted
Went to Buona
Had a nice chat with EnMing
Then with the guys
Came home had a nap
Practiced with a metronome!
170 BPM is extremely fun to play! So fun to improvise in a BPM that you can play but not familiar with!
Played so many different songs! Was so fun! πŸ˜€
Played Hands Down 95%! πŸ˜€
Went and bought things for steamboat
Dinner was scrumptious
Woke up
Did some stuff with my Dad
The salmon cheese sandwich was good! πŸ™‚
Claire liked what I sent her
Bought myself a foolscap paf
Read a bit of Soul Survivor
Went to Dhoby Ghuat
The A&W Icies taste too sweet and it is horrible… :/
Kingsmen was alright, but not amazing
Went to Yamaha, the Toca Djembe sounded really good! 219 some more, tempted to burn.
When to Bras Basah!
Ranking has very few selection on snares and cymbals which is rather sad
Went to Swee Lee, such a pity… It is a store that has probably the best products but the service is crap.
Saw the Mono cymbal bag and stick bag, really want my own, but to pay $59 for the stick bag is just too much… :/
Checked out the Djembes there too, most of what they had was meh…
Except for the Meinl one, that was NICE! But a price tag of 1 thousand+, no way.
Saw the legendary Ludwig 14×6.5 black beauty, it looked meh…
Saw the 14×5 black beauty! Now that is a black beauty! Black nickel plated with gold hard ware looked absolutely gorgeous! But still 1300… 😦
A Ludwig Legacy drum kit cost 8 thousand dollars… What a freaking rip off!
I think I will stick with Mapex Saturn V for now, really wonder if they would let me have a 18×14 kick?
And Pantheon Percussion snare, 1300, might as well make a stave snare with better hardware! Might even be cheaper!
Went to Tecman, could not find any books from Soul Survivor… I am sad…
But got myself another Philip Yancey Book! πŸ™‚
Went to That CD Shop, also no Phillip Phillips
Argh, why are you so good and underrated! 😦
Went to church and practiced drums from 5-7!
Tuned the church’s getsch snare properly, now it is at a higher tuning with the logo reversed so that drummers will wear the drum skin out more evenly! Adjusted the snare wires so that it was better for the snare as well!
Hands Down at 96%! Almost there!
Bought dinner
Had a wonderful time with the CC comm, really stoked about making the video!
Faith has maturity beyond her age! Wow, very interesting!
Good chat with people on the way back!
70M just in time
Tom Yum noodles at home for supper! Was good! πŸ™‚
Woke up
Reached church
Planned for the video
Managed to finish filming the video!
Managed to import successfully!
Had a lift to Gombak
Free bread from Tiff
Had quite a nice chat with Tiff
Got to AMK
Had a fish burger
Managed to import the videos in!
Met up with JED! for cell was good! πŸ™‚
Enjoyed myself!
Nice chat with Jun Kang
Got home
Nice shower
Celebrated Sis’s birthday
Woke up
Cake was good
Went for a 25 lap swim
Good lunch
Managed to do up a little of the editing of the video
Jap food was good!
Tried foie gras for the first time, ok luhh, not AMAZING…
Koped some nice mochi from isetan!
Got to church and played with DJ they all!
Nice chat with Michael
Quite a fun time of cell breakfast
Worship was good, but the atmosphere was a little dead
Had quite a nice time beside Jerome, Bob and Johann
Glad that I lead my boys up to the altar to pray, so proud of them! πŸ™‚
Prayed for Arel, Raphael and Adam, but did not manage to do follow up, Lord, please give me courage and skill to do follow up with them after the altar call
Got to talk to Adam! Realised that he is into earphones as well!
Good lunch with Zheng Fen, EnMing, Bob and Justin!
A little down over a misunderstanding…
It is settled alr!
A little rest
Good dinner!
Managed to fine cut most of the clips for Untangled
Finally got to text Aaron!
Lord, will you please bring him back Lord? 😦
Got to chat with a few people! Was good! πŸ™‚
Meeting up with Aaron on Sat! πŸ˜€
God’s presence during QT was good! Lord, keep me consistent! πŸ™‚

=202= Words of Melancholy: Help

Can you help me?

Do you want to help me?

Please help me!

You guys are annoying, can you all help?!

Read these sentences, which of these sentences do you think should be the right way to ask for help?

Of course, one cannot dispute the fact that it might be used in a different context and be interpreted differently. These four sentences have very different uses and messages.

The first, “Can you help me?” gives the listener a choice; to help or not. When one asks this question, the other party simply answers “yes I can” or “no I can’t”. This is a question of availability.

The second, “Do you want to help me?” is no longer a question on availability, but one on attitude. The answers are “yes I want to” and “no I do not want to”. This is used to filter the people working with good attitude or not.

The third, “Please help me!” is no longer a question. This statement is made when you really do need help.

The fourth, “You guys are annoying, can you all help?!” is also not a question, but unlike the fourthβ€”which is a cry for helpβ€”this statement is made as though the people there are obligated to help you. It demands help from people that are supposed to!

Well, none of these are wrong if used in the right context, but some are more aggressive than others. Knowing this, one should never use the wrong statement when asking for help.

If you are struggling like mad, ask for help like number 3. Do not be proud and simply use number 1, for it will cause unwanted discord if the person says no. If you are doing a chore and simply want help, use number 1, do not use let’s say number 2 and put the person in a moral dilemma; sometimes, I can help you but I do not really want to, because of various reasons. Asking 2 will bring the message that if I say no, I am bad and do not want to help/I am a bad person, it will put one in a situation where he feels that he has no choice. Number 4 should only be used when someone is supposed to help but isn’t, not when one doesn’t know that he needs to help. If one doesn’t know that he needs to help, remind once kindly, then if subsequently he still doesn’t help, then 4 is acceptable. However, when asking one for help, one should be clear on what the party should be doing, if one is not clear, the fault doesn’t lie on the party but on you. When using number 4, reflect upon whether the use is necessary, if not, do not use it. This is because 4 will reflect that you expect the party to be obligated to help, if he doesn’t he is in the wrong. Sometimes the case does not call for it.

Oh well, just a little rant on tonality of speech. People really need to be more careful.

Got really depressed over the response, I guess I am really a Sang. Father, I felt so empty when there was no response. Lord, secure me. Remind me that my worth isn’t based on people’s views of me, but is based on how much you are loving me! Lord, still my heart again, stir in me a desire to want more! Lord, break me out of my bad habits! Allow me to fast. Father keep me accountable!
Thank you Lord!