=221= Melancholic Reflections: Last Three Days

These last three days were crazy and let me tell you why!

First, for Good Friday, Sam asked if i could serve for it a few weeks back(i think like 2 weeks), quite honestly, I was quite hesitant. Like, i sure wouldn’t mind to serve, but i really wanted to spend some time with my family. My mum has been bugging me about an overseas trip for the longest time; its either i am not free or my sis is not free or that it falls on my project period or it doesn’t fall on my holidays at all. Haha, but Sam needed an answer, so never mind lor! Why not right? To make it even more ideal, my sis was overseas this weekend, so yeah, confirm cannot go overseas!

Well, serving with the adults is quite stressful. The last time i served there, they had me put on metronome and i could not keep time at all. Since then, i have gotten slightly better at it? But still not very good, need to work harder! This time serving wasn’t that different. I didn’t really dare to hit hard at all, mainly because it was a different system, a different drumset and a different band. The Avioms at the Sanctuary Drumset is quite cool, but i am not used to it luhh, I see no use for so many other features, the old one works fine for me! However, this new one allows me to mix my drums to how i like it and it allows me to add Reverb to the track. Like if i add Reverb to my click right, it actually sounds like the click is on the house! Pretty cool! The DW drumset…. Erm…. Drumset lor… HAHA! I actually prefer the Chapel kit because it has better heads and better tuned. The Toms on the DW drumset isn’t tuned well, the snare was falling apart with a loose tension rod at the batter head and a missing tension rod on the floor. Proves my theory; A well tuned cheap drumset can sound better than an out of tuned expensive drumset. This can be proven with my Mapex Black Panther Snare! Audrey sounds so much better than the DW snare! It should though! I spent much time tuning and caring for it! πŸ™‚ Quite happy with how it sounds! Someone needs to replace the heads and tune the DW kit better. Actually it is more of the tuning thing, the heads were surprisingly nice! Another thing about sound was that because there was no roof on top of the drumset, the drumset sound really loud so i did not dare to hit loud! I Really liked the clips at the side of the drumset! Really nice! Can clip my notes!

The band was great! Pastor Meng Cham arrangements were really good! I played so many things that i was not used to. The special punches for “There is None like You” and the declarative chorus for “O the Blood”. I really like the song choices! There is None like you, The Same Love and O the Blood. Could really worship! Having a choir and increasing their reverb helps too! HAHA! Being able to serve with Yi Hang and Jeremy Toh was intersting after all they were like my trainers back in training! They were very nice! πŸ™‚ Kennaf commented that my playing was very nice for that day! Of course, i made so many mistakes! Haha! The first one being that i died down at the wrong moment for “There is None like you” for the first set and like I did not play a steady groove for the altar call song, “Worthy is the Lamb”. The second set was more seamless and i give thanks! Pastor Ronald was like getting quite intense with his prayer for the second service, but i had trouble hearing him on the avioms so I was taking cues from Sam and Jeremy. Pastor Meng Cham commented that he liked that i held my groove back! HAHA! Thank you Lord for the great set! I did get disappointed once again because i did not get my shot with the drumset… -sigh- when will i get one?

Second, Untangled. This was a funny project. Well, I got aquatinted with Tiff Tay during Redeem Conference and We managed to click off quite quickly. I really find it easy to talk to her! Then, I showed her my group project with Jun Yi, the one on Singapore. She thought it was quite good so she got my number from Kennaf and contacted me to help her make the video. She had a vague idea and that gave me a job. It was good that she was choleric and even though she did not know much about videos and stuff she had a good rough picture, good blue print. From there we requested for the use of the media room for the green screen. Seriously right, the script used had rather bad english and weird sentences that would have made more sense if phrased differently. Once again, I am feeling inadequate because come on there are people in church better than me that can do a better job. For example, i believe that Tiff’s Fiancee, Leonard, can do a much better job than me! (Oh yeah, Tiff is about to get married! SO cool!) However, i am thankful to get to serve. Really thankful that what i learned from school actually met a need in church! Grateful! However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, I committed the stupidest mistake someone making a video ever did; i filmed the video in interlaced instead of progressive… -sigh- some frames looked horrible, especially when i fast forward the scene for comedic effect. Not only that right, i believe that i gave Tiff a few heart attacks with my laptop crashing on me. Thank God that the data was safe and the videos were good. Then on Sat, Tiff probably had another heart attack when my thumbdrive couldn’t be read by the church’s computer. I was like, CRAP. I mean, i didn’t bring my laptop, I was really scared that the thumbdrive dies. So i thought, worse case scenario, i cab home and grab my laptop and cab back. -sigh- Why do i stay so far? :/ Thank God my thumbdrive was alright! Praise God! πŸ™‚ Seeing the videos, I cannot acknowledge that the videos are entirely my effort. Tiff did an amazing job helping me find the videos for the gospel parts! πŸ™‚ I enjoyed making the video and hearing that there were 5 salvations and many rededication just made it worth it!

I made another contribution in this event in another area, but i will not reveal in what way because it involves a person. I do not want to affect this person, so i will not use his name or how he was involved. So if you know who is this, good for you. If you don’t, it is better for me not to reveal who it was so as to not affect your view of this person. To protect this person lets call him Thomas. I am utterly disappointed in Thomas. ‘Disappointed’ is the only feeling I had for Thomas when i saw and spoke to him. He was simply irresponsible. I thought that the task will be good for him and that Thomas was up for the job. I heard that he did the task before and so i entrusted the task to him. How can you be so irresponsible to just leave the task without informing anyone? To just push the task away because he doesn’t want to? If you can’t commit, don’t commit. Don’t promise me only to neglect or worse, not do the task. Can you please get your act together and not be so selfish? Thomas, even if you did the task horrible, I will be slightly sad, but I will understand. However, this is no longer an issue about the task, this is an issue with your attitude. To do something badly because you can’t do it well is different from NOT doing it at all so you will never do it badly. If you never dare to step out and humble yourself, when will you be able to come out and do it? If you never fail how will you get to do it well? Thomas, God works with or without your contribution. Even without your help there is still a harvest, isn’t it sad that you weren’t there to collect it? Stop believing in yourself and trust God. Rid of your pride, serve in good times and the bad, not only when things are going well. Thomas, if you ever read this, I can tell you that I am really sad because of what you chose. It saddens me that you chose what was easy rather than what was right. How can i entrust you to bigger things in the future? However, while being depressed, God told me something. “I still love Thomas”. This is grace. God loves you even though you chose not to do what he called you to do. God loves you even though you pained his heart. So because of that, I stopped reminding you of the task. I decided to continue to be gentle and stopped pushing. So if you are feeling bad now, please remember that God still loves you.

Third, was a simple but interesting worship session in regionals. It was my second time leading worship with Jun Kang and Daniel and i am REALLY impressed with Jun Kang and Daniel’s heart. Like how Kennaf commented on Pastor Scott being willing to try worship leading, these two men were willing to serve even when they are not necessarily equipped well! Especially Jun Kang, he volunteered to lead worship enthusiastically! How cool is that? Really proud of him! The Mic is scary man, respect! Like really scary, I really want to sing, but my voice suck! I really need someone to teach me how to harmonise properly. But back to them. Jun Kang doesn’t have the best voice, but he is willing to pick up the mic and sing for God and to lead three regions to worship! By his heart alone, he is ready to lead worship already. Daniel doesn’t have the best guitar skills and had trouble following my playing, but he too was willing. I seldom see people even in CAMY being so willing to serve! Ben Soon is great though! When i expressed concern with him serving for two services while he just came back from a mission trip, he answered, “Serving God leh, who don’t want?” This sentence showed me a man that loves God, inspiring bro! Alright, back to Jun Kang and Daniel(I keep digressing!).

This simple worship of two songs was amazing. I really thought that they both did a great job! Really nice! Daniel managed to catch all the cues i gave, verbal or visual. Nice Job! Daniel, waiting for you to play guitar for services! πŸ™‚ This set was particularly special for me, for i was the one that picked the songs. En Ming wanted a set, theme being “Jesus” with easy or familiar lyrics and he wanted the slow song to be reflective. When i thought about “Jesus” the first song that pops into my head was “Jesus, Lover of my Soul”! It just happened to be extremely reflective and simple; with like only two stanza and repetitive kind of flow, it was perfect! Then for the praise song, i just thought that “One Way” will be a good fit as it was familiar and it reminds people that God is the Way, the Truth and the Light. Jesus being the Only Way to God and all. It was good! When EnMing ended his prayer, the people looked really awkward. So like a reflex, cause Jun Kang don’t dare to speak to the audience, I told them not be awkward! This kinda helped them laugh and clapped! So that was nice! πŸ™‚ It was really quite funny because the key Daniel was playing at made the end of the verse WAY too high to sing! So Jun Kang and the audience couldn’t sing it and it was so funny! Like i laughed quite loudly! Hope it wasn’t too stumbling! πŸ˜› I was leading them in a way with the flow, giving verbal cues to Daniel to do certain things and singing certain parts to raise dynamics like between choruses! Then for “Jesus, Lover of my Soul” It was absolutely beautiful! πŸ™‚ It was simple but really nice! Daniel caught all the change in dynamics and it was really nice! Kudos to them two! πŸ™‚ SO proud of them!

Well, it has been a crazy but nice three days! Thank you God for allowing me to serve in so many different areas for the Good Friday/easter weekend! πŸ™‚



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