=229= Inspirations: Mika and Antonio Sanchez

On Monday, I discovered that Drumeo casted Antonio Sanchez to teach a lesson. I knew beforehand that he was the one that wrote the score for ‘Birdman’. Though, i haven’t personally watched the movie yet, but i have heard great reviews about it! Chad Smith also gave great comments on the score.

When i watched the video, I skipped over a few solos, because i was running late. However, quite honestly, the lesson was just amazing! The way he played 5/4, was WOW. Incredible.

Then on Monday, knowing that Brian didn’t need my help, i went to JEM to find my hoodie, to no avail. 😦

However, i bumped into Jedidiah! He invited me over for KTV! Well, There,  i let loose and just sang even though my throat was breaking! I saw another side of a few people! HAHA! Then, through song choices, i rediscovered MIKA! WOW! The first Mika song that i have ever heard was “We are Golden”. I first heard it on the radio on Muttons to Midnight(This was ages ago) and loved it! Now returning to hear it again just blew my mind.

Mika’s voice was just incredible! The control, the falsetto everything that he sang was a hit. From “Grace Kelly” to like “Big Girls You Are Beautiful” every song that i heard was incredible. “Kickass(We are Young)” was nice! Then the “Popular Song” was a nice adaptation of “popular from Wicked! Nice! Too bad he doesn’t have a full album yet, all singles and little EPs here and there.



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