=233= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 26/4/2015:

Lazed in bed
Decided to just go drum lesson first!
109 came fast
Reached MDS quick!
Drum lessons weren’t smooth though… 😦
Off form with the metronome and with the solos…
When home
Went for a 2.4km run again! 12.40! Cut 2 minutes 5 seconds! 🙂
Food after a work out is awesome! 🙂
Watched Code Blue!
Watch TBBT
Took a short nap!
Watch another episode!
Practiced, but was so tired, so I spent time just jamming instead!
Went for dinner! 🙂
Got home
Code Blue is really nice! 🙂
Woke up
Breakfast was good!
Caught up to 109
Got in the MRT, it is suffocating… 😦
Got onto 66, got a seat!
Got to school a bit late, but not really as well, cause the teacher came in late too
Had early lunch!
Managed to edit a bit!
Went off to G2
Met Shena
Had a nice time chatting with her!
Went for dinner!
The MyMix thing was quite distracting… :/
Really quite difficult to teach The trainee and follow the worship leader/MD at the same time… :/
Thank God that I managed to pull off the set well!
Though I was hitting too hard, time to learn restraint and finesse
945 came quick
Argh… Left my earphone case at chapel… 😦
Managed to discuss with Shavinn and Choo about the metronome!
MRT came fast! 
Reached school!
Managed to edit a bit!
Lunch was alright luhh… Sad that Malay food is so bad now… 😦
Managed to do up the report
Managed to finish the video! 🙂
Took 66 instead of 985 because it is gonna take 10 minutes
I managed to catch up to 985! 😀
My case was there! 😀
Got to Clark Quay on time!
Had the fish mc spicy burger for dinner!
Had a wonderful time with JED! Council 2014! 🙂
Caught up to 103!
Took 116!
Bumped into Shee Kei on the bus
Exporting took really long…
Exported in time!
Presentation was not bad
My bag is soaked with water… 😦
Got Co-op vouchers!
Helped out PSP
Nice chat with Jun Yi! 🙂
Wanted to run but it rained
Failed… :/
Watch TBBT and Code Blue! NICE! 🙂
Curry for dinner! SOOOO good! 😀
Caught up to 854
Great time of cell!
Nice chat with Daniel
Nice chat with Phyllys and Steph
Got to church
Set was good! 🙂
Good dinner!
Got to church
Cell was a bit messy
Played for a few songs
Set was kinda bad for me.. 😦
A little chat with Joel
Got back
The noodles were good!
Took a little nap
Dinner was nice!
Found out that Guitar 77 has clearance sale Tmr and is selling my snare for like 160…. 😦
Then, they are selling the Mapex Falcon double pedal for like 271! So I am so gonna get it Tmr!
Watched Star Awards
Watched like half an episode of Code Blue!
A lot of feelings are being roused up… 😦

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