=249= Stories to Tell: Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

“HELP! Please someone help!” Yelled Susan.

William then pulled Susan away from the fire to face him. “STOP! Stop, please stop, enough.”

Susan broke down wailing and cried, “But I don’t want to die!”

William started to tear up himself, he held Susan in a tight embrace and expressed his sorrow as well, “I don’t want to die too…”

The couple started to think about their lives. They thought about all the things they wanted to say but didn’t. They thought about the things they regretted. They thought about how their deaths would make their families cry over them. They thought about how will their friends react in their funeral? Will they cry? Will they rejoice? So much on their minds that they just broke.

“If only we did not come back early! If only we did not, we would be safe!” Cried Susan. “Why not, we just try to get out? Jump out of the window and try? Maybe we wi..”

“NO! Don’t be crazy! We are on the 12th floor! We have a bigger chance staying here and wait for rescue than to jump!”

“But… But…” 

“I know, it’s crazy, please just wait!”

The fire continued to spread and the ceiling started to fall apart as well. The flaming false walls started to break apart and fell to the ground. Sparks started flying as the fire burned the lights and the circuitry.

William looked at the situation around him and concluded that they are doomed. He accepted it. He accepted that they are going to die. William then made Susan face him. With bloodshot teary eyes and a fake smile, he said, “your new hairstyle suits you, long hair looks good on you, but this is not bad too!”

“What are you talking about now?! We are going to die and you are talking about this?”

“We are going to die, why not let’s enjoy the last moment we have left? That was what I should have said to you when I saw your new hair yesterday instead of simply teasing you about your hair.”

“William… I am so sorry… If I didn’t make us come to my house earlier, we would not be in this situation…”

“It’s ok” William said with a smile. “I wanted to come anyway!”

William then held Susan’s hand and looked into her brown eyes. “Shall we have one last dance?”

Susan said nothing but nodded her head. She then put her hand on William’s hand and arm, while William put his one her hand and waist. They looked into each other’s eyes while dancing. Disregarding about the fire around them. Emotions were too much for either of them to take but they took it anyway.

They are ready to dance until they die together.

Then, they heard the door come crashing down.


This story was inspired by the John Mayer’s song. It has been my favorite Mayer song for a while and with the recent research of Mayer, I found such beauty in picturing the song. Of course, the song is talking about something else entirely. It is talking about a couple that relationship is going to end. They are trying to work things out but no matter how hard they try, it just won’t work out. This is really nice! 🙂


=248= Words of Melancholy: Choleric

My personality types has always been changing.

Back in secondary school, I was involved in Boys’ Bridgade and was a leader in the CCA. With the CCA not doing very well, I had to step up and be more choleric to drive things, to persuade people and overall had to be more of a leader.

Then, after I went to Poly and had a heartbreak, I started to treasure my friends more and became Sanguine. I basically learned how to invest into people’s lives more and how to just spend time with people out of work. Something I still give thanks for!

Then, I realized certain things aren’t right with my actions as a Sanguine, so I cut back on my nonsense that brings no depth to the relationship whatsoever. In doing so, I slowly become a Phlegmatic. I began to relax and started to take things at a time and learned how to do things at the right time.

Recent events has rendered me no choice but to go right back to be a Choleric…. and I honestly HATE it. I hate it that I have to be the one that initiates stuff. I hate it that I have to be the guy that pushes people. I hate it that I have to be the guy that reminds people that we have work to do. I hate that I have to be the guy that tells people to be serious. I hate that I have to be the guy that wants his way. I hate to be the guy with the short temper. I hate to be the guy that rejects people’s ideas. I hate to be the guy that gets annoyed at what I think is wrong. I hate to be the guy that works hard and make everyone feel bad. I hate to be the guy that keeps check of the time. I hate to be the guy that has people annoyed at me because I remind them to do work. Honestly, being a Choleric again just reminded me of why I stopped being one in the first place. There are things WAY more important than work and progress; friendships are something that I really treasure, but the me now cannot stand no progress at all. Being Choleric has its advantages of course, I get work done so efficiently, but my heart is just sadden by how much I lost as well. Can you not be angry at me?

Recently, explaining an experience of God’s presence has been more of a literature exercise than a heart exercise. The more I see people trying to explain and pursue it, the more I hear jargon. Goodness. Can you please stop overcomplicating things? Can you stop using words and phrases that people don’t understand? Where has the simple explanation gone? Let’s try not using the words you prefer to use. Let’s try explaining the word you just used with simple English words that everyone, even a non-Christian, can understand. I wonder if you can stand it?

Stop throwing in infomation; stop dumping every good point that you think it is good for everyone to hear. Stop. Having such infomation is good and I trust that it has benefitted your walk, but simply dumping every ounce of infomation is not good. Think it through, think about what you say and whether is it in line AND if sharing it is going to help. If not, it is better not to share, for it might confuse people rather than helping them.

Anyone that answers a difficult question quickly could have a few reasons why they can do it. First, they been through it and can answer with certainty. These people are able to share how and handles on how to tackle the problem. People like these have the right to do so. Second, they see the answer sheet so they know the answer, but they have no idea how to work out the problem. They can still answer the question, but they shouldn’t answer proudly or give advise for the question, for they themselves have no idea how to do solve it. Third, they have tried, but not yet solved it, so they give possible solutions. I much rather enjoy answers from this party than from the second, for at least they have tried and there is a possibility that out of all the possible answers there is one that is right! Lastly, they do not know and they just bomb the answer. These people have no right to answer the question at all for they only confuse people.

Of course I am not just talking about a math question in the last paragraph; I am actually ranting about another incident when a person said something that is easier said than done, which was what I almost posted, but I decided not to it because it was a bit too much. Let me just leave the issue as this.

Oh well, I can’t just end this post on an angry or melancholic mood. So I am gonna share on today’s J333. 🙂

Sam was leading today and it was really great, I was ministered to very much. She sang, “Spirit touch your church” and the line “As Jesus cares for me” just broke my heart. Lord, I am so sorry. I am so sinful, yet, you still love me; you still care for me. I began to declare the song for me. Changing the lyrics and singing, “Spirit touch my heart, stir the heart of mine, revive me Lord, with your passion once again, I want to care for others like Jesus cares for me, let your rain fall upon me” 

It was honestly so long since I last broke down before the Lord because of a song. Thank You Sam for leading! 🙂

I then saw a difference between two Sang Chors that I know of. One simply speaks too much, tries to help but is not helping at all. The other, asks questions to help people release their thoughts. I never seen some people pour out that much. Then I simply ask the Lord, what makes them different? Well, the Lord did not answer specifically, but I noticed that the first is quick to answer while the second stops and think. Woe to the one that is quick to answer, for he will hurt people. Oh well, it could that the second one is older and more mature too.

I want to be a strong but gentle person that is simple and real, but is not lazy and would pursue and continue to love God. Pray against selfishness and arrogance. Love and treasure people.

Oh, I find myself really stupid; I keep tempting myself today. Time to take a step back(literally) and be a more aware person that is not flirting. Stop being a flirt and stop having contact. Stop trying to get attention from people by saying things. Stop just stop. Enough is enough. Lord, please satisfy me.

Now Lord, please give me rest.


=247= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 24/5/2015:

Got up
Good porridge for breakfast
109 perfect time
Reached class on time
Presentation went alright
Got to MDS
Went for lunch
Slipped but my lunch was still intact! Thank God!
Got a few minutes to jam in the studio!
Drum lessons were not smooth at all… Need to practice my stuff!
Caught up to 107!
My jeans were dirty… 😦
Got home
Actually wanted to go for a run
But I took a nap!
It was a good nap!
Woke up
And practiced drums!
Went for dinner
Grandma is better!
Good dinner!
Watched 118! Guilty pleasure!
Managed to write up a lot of notes for tmr’s test!
Missed both 109 and 116…
Caught up to 70
Met Nok Wan on 70
She left to take the bus
Bumped into Tat on the MRT
Test was alright
Did my best so can’t say anything!
Really need to do more things for MUTS
Felt bad for making Em wait
Got a chance to practice with the tripod and cam
Got to class
AutoCad is fun
Managed to photocopy my fake book
Got old Chang kee!
Took 156 home, very comfortable!
Practiced the mind jump to a different note division thing for a click from Benny Greb on the bus
Came back
Grandma still looks sick… 😦
Food was good though!
Watched 118!
Did up some notes for rehearsals Tmr
Did up a bit for the project
Studied a bit for the Practical test!
Woke up
Had bacon and avocado sandwich
Got my fingerprint recorded in the studio! 🙂
Lesson was pretty fun! 🙂
Went and printed my fake book!
Managed to discuss a bit on VP! 🙂
Managed to do up a bit of stuff!
Got to church
Managed to see Leb record again!
Looks like I will be cited in the Album credits as a drum assistant! Haha!
Had Milk and Honey!
Talked to Leb about a few stuff! 🙂
Met Ricky, quite a friendly guy!
Set up my snare and practiced a bit
Got food!
Well, set was quite messy… 😦 Lord, how? 😦
Nice chat on the way back home!
Got home
Had bee hoon! Thank God! I was hungry! 🙂
My skin itches like MAD… 😦
Got up
Got to school
Met Jia Jun
Had Milo peng!
Went up
Forgot to bring laptop… :/
Managed to use Kris’s Laptop to do Processing! 🙂
Lesson was fun! 🙂 Passed very fast!
Bought Tako!
Managed to scout a few places for filming!
Had Zha Jiang Mian + chicken patty from Muslim store! Super good! 🙂
VT lecture was alright! 🙂
VP practical test… :O
The test went alright! 
Got very good marks! THANK YOU GOD! 🙂
Managed to do up the harmony analysis! 🙂
Got on 74 with Nok Wan, nice chat on the way home
Watched Code Blue!
Good dinner
Did up a bit of the history of rock assignment
Watched another episode of Code Blue!
Caught up to 109!
Caught up to the MRT!
Reached school on time
Lesson was interesting but the tutorial and lecture was just horrible… 😦
Spent my 2 hour break playing bridge with my PFP friends! 🙂
Got a little chat with Mavise
Reached home
Completed level 8 of Robbery Bob
Managed to practice a bit!
Got to grandma’s house
Good dinner!
Watched 118
Did up two out of seven songs that I needed to write about! 🙂
Watched another episode of code blue! 😛
Fell asleep before I could do QT
Did QT in the morning instead!
Had bao for breakfast!
72 came quick
Caught up to the MRT! 🙂
Got to church half an hour early
Got to practice a bit! 🙂
Soundcheck went well!
Lunch was scrumptious! 🙂
Set was great!
Thank God!
Saw Renee’s kid hugging her, so heartened by that sight! 
Went down, had free bread from Kennaf!
Went to meet my parents for dinner
Dinner was nice!
Got home, did up a bit of my work!
Got to church and had to start cell cause Raphael was late… :/
Had a release of emotions out of my soul during the third song
Went home for lunch
Really wanted to talk to someone but my mind doesn’t allow it.
Lord, please satisfy me!
Finished my work!
Read 1 Samuel instead of Jeremiah, because I can’t make out Jeremiah at all… 😦
But yeah, 1 Samuel was cool! 🙂

=246= Words of Joy: Gratitude

Well, this week has been one of the craziest weeks ever. I had a presentation on Monday, a song writing test on Tues and a practical test on Thurs. On top of that, I had a continuous song writing assessment which I haven’t made any new progress this week, a 2000 word essay due on Monday, not yet half finished. A video to film and edit, due on next Tues and finding a band to record for one module. Finally, I am serving this week! Whew. It has honestly been crazy but I am coping well! 🙂

The Lord has been faithful and I have been working hard. For the presentation I spent two nights writing up the script. For the song writing test, I spent one night writing up 6 pages of notes to study. For the practical test, I asked the TSO to let us practice and try out setting up the tripod and trying out the camera. For my video I have thought of shots and content to offer to my group. For the 2000 word essay, I basically had to choose 7 songs and write 250 words for each song. It became like how I would write my blog and made me think of several events of my life. I am not halfway through yet. I am not sure it will score, but I enjoyed writing! So that is good! 🙂

On another side, I really give thanks for the equipment that I was blessed with. Audrey, my snare, has been really reliable! Though I hit extremely hard, it never fails to perform! The tone is amazing the look is killer! 🙂 my new pantheon percussion sticks are great! 🙂 I really enjoy them! The 5B has withstood my bashing and has performed exceedingly well! For the price, I might change to using them permanently! The tip allows me to hit my loudest without it being exceedingly loud! However, Vater Fusion is still the nicest sticks I have ever used. The round tip produces the best cymbal tone.

I also want a steam bent maple drum set from Pantheon. Wrapped in White Marine Pearl and with dull gold hardware! 🙂 

Oh well, it has been a good week! Thank God! 🙂


=245= Worship on/off Stage: Practice

-sigh- Back to the practice place. I am in dire need of practice. I am super off form and I need practice with the click, period!

Practice with a click. Practice my sight reading. Practice my listening. Too many things to practice… 😦

Thank God though, even though it was messy I still worshipped God. It was good! Lord, I want to sleep… 😦 Father, I need rest… 😦

Lord ah, this week has been a relentless work after work. Will you give me some time to just worship you? Thank you God! 🙂

Please stay with me Lord!

Haha, I posted a lot today sia! Okok gonna go home and rest now! Give me a break!


=244= Gear I Want: Istanbul Agop

Well, from the last GIW post you would know that I have broken out of the big 4 cymbal companies(being the four biggest cymbal companies in the world; Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste and Meinl). I really liked Amedia cymbals because it was an underrated cymbal company that has little publicity BUT amazing cymbals! To make them even better, they are handmade cymbals so no two cymbals are the same! 🙂

Now the only problem with Amedia is the accessibility. 😦 no one sells the Ahmet Legend cymbals in Singapore. The only unlikely situation is to ask the only dealer of Amedia cymbals to bring in some, but it will confirm be expensive… 😦

So Leb recently also talked about the Istanbuls so I did my research and found the Istanbul Sultan very desirable! 

 I mean, just look at the design! :O

The sound is full but soft! Has a very nice blend between stick definition and wash! Sounds extremely ideal for church playing and my playing! 🙂

If I ever get them it will be:14′ Hi hats, 17′ crash(because (14+20)/2 = 17), 20′ Jazz Ride, 10′ splash and 18 inch Xist Ion Crash or 18 inch Sultan China. According to the prices online, the cymbals are actually really affordable! Hi-hats being $410! When it is on sale, let’s just watch!

On the other side; drums. I want a 14×4.5 Pantheon Percussion Walnut Stave snare. With wood hoops and tube lugs, it’s gonna look killer!

I also want a 15×8 Steam bent Maghogany snare! Also with wood hoops! It’s gonna sound fat and full!

Too bad Pantheon are no longer making Cocobolo snares. :/ I mean, I feel an affinity with the colour red and the natural wood grain. Liking them both, Cocobolo is like my dream wood, combining the best of both worlds in such a beautiful way…

Once again, just look at the WOOD…. :O

Then I saw the sleeping beauty snare!

I REALLY love white and gold colour combination! I really hope Pantheon could do this! So I would buy one one day! 🙂

Okok that is enough for the equipment rant! 🙂

=243= Words of Melancholy: Update

I haven’t got the time to post here recently, mainly because I was just that busy with school.

Lord, there are many things that weigh my heart down.

First, my cell. Lord, will you please bring harvest? Will you please allow my sec 4s to become men? Will you please light up a fire in my sec 2s’ heart? Father, it is a different cell and a different situation. Lord, please sustain Footsteps and may it continue to grow as a band of brothers! Recently, I realised that I haven’t been catching up with my sec 4s, I need to soon luhh! Father, please provide the time.

Second, something someone said. Lord, I have been in the ministry for so long and have heard many different kinds of things based on many different speculations of the Bible. That day what I heard was just not right. Father, the person had no idea what I was about to say and he interupted me. :/ Lord, why Lord? Father, how is talking about something like that wrong? How will the devil rob us? Honestly, does making us do that even work? While it does point it to God, but in this way, we are never going to grow. Can you at least realize that? And not be affected afterwards when you realize that we can’t perform well? Can you at least acknowledge that it might just be you? I had a good one but you had to dampen the mood…

Oh well… Oh and guys, I am not very sad or very angry hor, I am just ranting! I think recent events had made me more choleric. I am getting a bit temperamental and that is not good. Lord, keep me patient.


=242= Melancholic Reflections: Pressure

Perhaps I am really turning a bit phelg? Haha, I am not overly stressed and would not get panic attacks.

I have so many things to do!

First, presentation, then Song writing test, then VP practical test and on top of that, I have a VP project… 😦

Oh well, I am thankful though!

Thank God for the simple but amazing game that we played in cell. I was so amazed when everyone was engaged and everyone was paying attention! 🙂

Thank God that I get to sit in Grace Songs recording sessions! It was just amazing that I get to sit in where I wanted to years ago! 🙂

Thank God that my presentation I did well, for I worked hard.

Now it is just a test + practical test + project!

Haha crap this week’s set is very challenging! Hope I will have time to practice!


=241= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 17/5/2015:

Woke up not feeling horrible! 🙂

109 had perfect timing

Caught up to the MRT
Managed to squeeze into 151
Reached school early
The lesson was alright luhh
Chose John Mayer as the artist that I am gonna review
Went and got my hair cut
Went to meet Leb, got a free mocha because Leb was training to be a barista!
Went home
Failed horribly
Thank God I got distracted because my sis came back
Finished Extra level for Roberry Bob
Went to have a good dinner at grandma’s
118 was awesome!
Good shower
God thank you that your mercies are new every morning! 🙂
Caught up to 43
43 overtook 43M!
Managed to squeeze into the MRT
Reached on time
Met Mindez and Jia Jun as I walk to class!
Lesson for MUTS was quite fun!
Managed to key in some drums for the track!
Now for the lyrics!
Got to print a score then return my book!
The DPP for stage was quite fun!
Got to church
Practiced a bit!
Went for lunch, had a little chat with the uncle!
Did a little on my History of Rock assignment
Managed to witness the whole tracking process of a song! Wah intense….
Was pretty cool though! 🙂
Thank God that I got to hear the new song beforehand!
Got a ride to Gombak!
72 came quick
Went and got a fish burger for myself!
Woke up, feeling alright
Caught up to 103
Got quite a nice amount of space on the MRT! 🙂
Caught up to 66
Bought a 60 cents Milo and had breakfast! 🙂
Lesson was quite fun
Aiyo stupid me didn’t realized that I was annoying the teacher
Thank God that Miss Loo was as patient as she was! 🙂
The lesson dragged until very long
Almost missed Celebrating Jordi’s birthday…
But still managed to so that was good!
Always good to catch up with friends!
Had drum lessons, was very productive!
Managed to catch a cab!
Thank God that Dinah didn’t accept the money, cause if she did, I would have no money to pay for the cab
The cab uncle and I had quite a nice conversation! 
Lord, life is really heavy… 😦
The Uncle was super nice! He waved 20 cents off the fare!
He guided me to where I needed to go
Thank God for $11 dollars in my wallet, just enough with a dollar for the fare
The dim sum buffet with friends was just AWESOME!
I really really really miss them… 😦
The conversations was really nice!
Went to Toa Payoh hub to use the toilet, oh gosh, infested with cockroaches
Managed to unlock the challenge level of Robbery Bob!
Went to SJSM early
Had a little chat with Sis Rhoda
J333 was a nice place to rest once again
Charissa is hilarious! HAHA!
Supper was so good!
Can see why W wanted Rhoda to mentor her!
Gosh, the girls were just talking about guys and Joel and I just… HAHA!
But nevertheless, it was good! 🙂
Enjoyed listening very much! 🙂
Lord ah, I need to learn how to find myself
Father please bless me and allow me to be myself; to be Kelvin.
Caught up to the MRT!
VT was nice!
VP was long!
Managed to think of an idea to film!
Took 151e with Tat and Jia Jun!
Had quite a nice chat with them!
But the bus ride was 2.70… 😦
Was just so tired
Got to school early
Bought Takoyaki
Was quite nice!
Ended early
Went and met Lucas to do up our project
Managed to do quite a bit!
Got home managed to play a bit of drums!
Heard that grandma was sick… 😦
Managed to do up more of the slides!
Woke up at 11.45!
Watched TBBT, epic! 
Failed… 😦
Watched another episode of Code Blue 2!
Managed to prepare for cell lesson!
Did up slides!
Did up the song for MUTS!
Sounds like the song would be nice
Woke up
Bought a drink for Esna
Got to church
The briefing ended at about 9.45, so we just proceeded to play games instead!
It was nice!
Everyone was engaged and everyone was listening
Though it was slightly interrupted… :/
But it was still good!
Worship was nice!
Lord, thank you for allowing me to be able to sing, to allow me to worship you!
Sermon was great
Bro Keith preached amazingly!
Went for the altar call and Bro Qing prayed for me
Was extremely bitter
Saw Cute Eden and Sis Hui Yi
Got reminded of God’s love
Had a nice chat with a few people!
Went to saiseriya for lunch was nice!
Had a super long nap
Managed to submit MUTS stuff
Managed to do up more on the slides!
Went to sleep early!

=240= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 10/5/2015

Woke up
109 came fast
Caught up to the MRT
Read finished a chapter of “What’s so amazing about grace?”
Reached school early
Got the tempos for the songs!
Quite a nice time in History of Rock
Really thankful for Jia Jun for running with me! Really need the motivation!
Good lunch after work out
Got my hard copy
Bumped into Dinah in the library
Finished my work and scanned it
Went home!
Had a nap
Failed horribly
Enjoyed playing the drums though!
I give thanks for God’s grace that is new every morning! 🙂
Good dinner!
Fun playing with my cousins!
Watched 118
Mr Jemi, gave me grace! Thank God that he is willing to overlook it! 🙂
Managed to prepare well for set!
Woke up later than what I wanted
Was only like few minutes earlier… :/
Breakfast was good!
Caught up to 109
109 is quite empty! 🙂
Caught up to the MRT!
Bumped into Jun Yi and Shee Kei on 151!
Went to class!
Had a nice time with Yu Hui and Jia Hui outside of the class! 
MUTS is really difficult… 😦 Lord, please give me the wisdom to understand!
Jap food at 22 is really not bad
I shared my idea of the drums with Mindez!
Takoyaki takes forever… 😦
Today’s AutoCad lesson is more fun!
Managed to complete Winter for Robbery Bob!
Got home!
Got like 15 minutes of practice time!
Got a short nap
Good food at grandma’s!
Watched 118 again
Tried to write my interview, but really failed… Wasted so much time… 😦
Good sleep
Caught up to 116!
Caught to the MRT
Bumped into Jia Ni
Reached school on time
Got the message for the interview!
Had lunch
Managed to interview Mrs Loo for the history of rock write up!
Printed the fake book score
Went to the studio and played some drums!
154 is taking really long…
Ok luhh, not really! HAHA!
48 perfect timing
Realized that the interview is today… Crap…
Arranged! Thank God that it was alright!
Drum lessons were productive! Like so good for it to distract me a bit!
Got to school early
Swapped shoes for the interview!
Thank God that Mindez wears the same size! 
Made two new friends while waiting! Wen Yuan and Jun Hao!
Interview was alright? Like just a casual chat
But I forgot to say a few things… -sigh- :/
Jammed with Harrith a bit at the SCC studio
Took my mind off it for a while!
So thankful that Claire texted me! 🙂
Bought Otah cause it smelt so good!
Jun Kang treated me to dinner! 🙂
Set was alright I guess!
Shared my heart with them.
Jun Kang played really well! 🙂
Though the Bro S said that we need to worship more with the set!
Had a ride home from Winnie’s parents! 🙂 Thank God for that! 🙂
Nice chat with Jun Kang!
Got home, had Chicken soup!
Woke up slightly earlier today!
Took 116
Managed to fit in the MRT
Got to class on time
Lessons were interesting! 🙂
Had lunch at poolside!
Was good!
Lemon Tea was nice!
Lecture for VT is pretty cool!
VP is really taxing and time consuming…. :/
Though we did make friends with Elizabeth!
She is quite cool! 🙂
Got to my favourite seat on a double decker bus!
Got home quite late
Good dinner once again!
Just in time to watch a bit of 118!
Wanted to do harmony analysis, but the score was just too difficult… 😦
Wasted so much time… -sigh-
Caught up to 109!
Got to school quite early!
Got like 15 minutes extra!
So I decided to go but Takoyaki!
Was so good! 🙂
MYSY is quite boring… :/
Good and worth it lunch!
Little time to jam… 😦
But it was still something!
Did up my harmony analysis and submitted!
We talked about chords and we almost died
Went out and managed to catch 74
Slept on the bus!
Reached Sembawang on time!
Chic-A-Boo was honestly a nice food place with very good service!
Got extra drink! 🙂
KTV was super fun! XD
The LC then went to the playground! That was so fun! It really brought out the kid in us!
The ride home was nice! Had a nice chat with the cell mates!
Jun Kang and I waited with Winnie until she got her ride home!
Shared with Jun Kang about C! 🙂
Talking about our hearts really just bonds two guys! 🙂
Woke up
Took my time to eat and leave the house
Reached church on time
Sound check was good
Been really long since I did not use the metronome, it was quite freeing!
But my musician heart just doesn’t like that!
Worship was alright! Just a few mistakes here and there
I enjoyed worshiping though! 🙂
Went around bukit batok to see what to buy for mum!
Decided to go to JEM instead
Bought a Yankee Candle for mum!
Was really late for chicken rice dinner!
Chicken rice was nice! 😀
Managed to write up a bit on the history of Rock assignment.
Cell breakfast was nice
Had quite a nice conversation with Gideon!
Lord, will you please bring back my missing kids? 😦
My track record with them aren’t really good… -sigh-
Worship was AWESOME! There was release in my spirit once again!
Was able to chat with a few people
Was a bit offended by what someone said…
I mean I was about to say something that was in line with his point, but he just had to interrupt me and not allow me to say what I wanted to say and made the atmosphere heavy.
Too bad then, the team won’t be edified by what I was going to say…
Domi asked if I wanted to join them for Mookata! 🙂
Mookata with EnMing, Zheng Fen(Jennifer), Arel, Joel and Kristine was nice!
Had quite a fun chat with Esther, her friend(whose name I dunno), Arel and Kristine.
Went for dinner!
Sushi Tei was nice! 🙂
Managed to finish up everything from the video to the report! 🙂