=240= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 10/5/2015

Woke up
109 came fast
Caught up to the MRT
Read finished a chapter of “What’s so amazing about grace?”
Reached school early
Got the tempos for the songs!
Quite a nice time in History of Rock
Really thankful for Jia Jun for running with me! Really need the motivation!
Good lunch after work out
Got my hard copy
Bumped into Dinah in the library
Finished my work and scanned it
Went home!
Had a nap
Failed horribly
Enjoyed playing the drums though!
I give thanks for God’s grace that is new every morning! 🙂
Good dinner!
Fun playing with my cousins!
Watched 118
Mr Jemi, gave me grace! Thank God that he is willing to overlook it! 🙂
Managed to prepare well for set!
Woke up later than what I wanted
Was only like few minutes earlier… :/
Breakfast was good!
Caught up to 109
109 is quite empty! 🙂
Caught up to the MRT!
Bumped into Jun Yi and Shee Kei on 151!
Went to class!
Had a nice time with Yu Hui and Jia Hui outside of the class! 
MUTS is really difficult… 😦 Lord, please give me the wisdom to understand!
Jap food at 22 is really not bad
I shared my idea of the drums with Mindez!
Takoyaki takes forever… 😦
Today’s AutoCad lesson is more fun!
Managed to complete Winter for Robbery Bob!
Got home!
Got like 15 minutes of practice time!
Got a short nap
Good food at grandma’s!
Watched 118 again
Tried to write my interview, but really failed… Wasted so much time… 😦
Good sleep
Caught up to 116!
Caught to the MRT
Bumped into Jia Ni
Reached school on time
Got the message for the interview!
Had lunch
Managed to interview Mrs Loo for the history of rock write up!
Printed the fake book score
Went to the studio and played some drums!
154 is taking really long…
Ok luhh, not really! HAHA!
48 perfect timing
Realized that the interview is today… Crap…
Arranged! Thank God that it was alright!
Drum lessons were productive! Like so good for it to distract me a bit!
Got to school early
Swapped shoes for the interview!
Thank God that Mindez wears the same size! 
Made two new friends while waiting! Wen Yuan and Jun Hao!
Interview was alright? Like just a casual chat
But I forgot to say a few things… -sigh- :/
Jammed with Harrith a bit at the SCC studio
Took my mind off it for a while!
So thankful that Claire texted me! 🙂
Bought Otah cause it smelt so good!
Jun Kang treated me to dinner! 🙂
Set was alright I guess!
Shared my heart with them.
Jun Kang played really well! 🙂
Though the Bro S said that we need to worship more with the set!
Had a ride home from Winnie’s parents! 🙂 Thank God for that! 🙂
Nice chat with Jun Kang!
Got home, had Chicken soup!
Woke up slightly earlier today!
Took 116
Managed to fit in the MRT
Got to class on time
Lessons were interesting! 🙂
Had lunch at poolside!
Was good!
Lemon Tea was nice!
Lecture for VT is pretty cool!
VP is really taxing and time consuming…. :/
Though we did make friends with Elizabeth!
She is quite cool! 🙂
Got to my favourite seat on a double decker bus!
Got home quite late
Good dinner once again!
Just in time to watch a bit of 118!
Wanted to do harmony analysis, but the score was just too difficult… 😦
Wasted so much time… -sigh-
Caught up to 109!
Got to school quite early!
Got like 15 minutes extra!
So I decided to go but Takoyaki!
Was so good! 🙂
MYSY is quite boring… :/
Good and worth it lunch!
Little time to jam… 😦
But it was still something!
Did up my harmony analysis and submitted!
We talked about chords and we almost died
Went out and managed to catch 74
Slept on the bus!
Reached Sembawang on time!
Chic-A-Boo was honestly a nice food place with very good service!
Got extra drink! 🙂
KTV was super fun! XD
The LC then went to the playground! That was so fun! It really brought out the kid in us!
The ride home was nice! Had a nice chat with the cell mates!
Jun Kang and I waited with Winnie until she got her ride home!
Shared with Jun Kang about C! 🙂
Talking about our hearts really just bonds two guys! 🙂
Woke up
Took my time to eat and leave the house
Reached church on time
Sound check was good
Been really long since I did not use the metronome, it was quite freeing!
But my musician heart just doesn’t like that!
Worship was alright! Just a few mistakes here and there
I enjoyed worshiping though! 🙂
Went around bukit batok to see what to buy for mum!
Decided to go to JEM instead
Bought a Yankee Candle for mum!
Was really late for chicken rice dinner!
Chicken rice was nice! 😀
Managed to write up a bit on the history of Rock assignment.
Cell breakfast was nice
Had quite a nice conversation with Gideon!
Lord, will you please bring back my missing kids? 😦
My track record with them aren’t really good… -sigh-
Worship was AWESOME! There was release in my spirit once again!
Was able to chat with a few people
Was a bit offended by what someone said…
I mean I was about to say something that was in line with his point, but he just had to interrupt me and not allow me to say what I wanted to say and made the atmosphere heavy.
Too bad then, the team won’t be edified by what I was going to say…
Domi asked if I wanted to join them for Mookata! 🙂
Mookata with EnMing, Zheng Fen(Jennifer), Arel, Joel and Kristine was nice!
Had quite a fun chat with Esther, her friend(whose name I dunno), Arel and Kristine.
Went for dinner!
Sushi Tei was nice! 🙂
Managed to finish up everything from the video to the report! 🙂

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