=241= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 17/5/2015:

Woke up not feeling horrible! 🙂

109 had perfect timing

Caught up to the MRT
Managed to squeeze into 151
Reached school early
The lesson was alright luhh
Chose John Mayer as the artist that I am gonna review
Went and got my hair cut
Went to meet Leb, got a free mocha because Leb was training to be a barista!
Went home
Failed horribly
Thank God I got distracted because my sis came back
Finished Extra level for Roberry Bob
Went to have a good dinner at grandma’s
118 was awesome!
Good shower
God thank you that your mercies are new every morning! 🙂
Caught up to 43
43 overtook 43M!
Managed to squeeze into the MRT
Reached on time
Met Mindez and Jia Jun as I walk to class!
Lesson for MUTS was quite fun!
Managed to key in some drums for the track!
Now for the lyrics!
Got to print a score then return my book!
The DPP for stage was quite fun!
Got to church
Practiced a bit!
Went for lunch, had a little chat with the uncle!
Did a little on my History of Rock assignment
Managed to witness the whole tracking process of a song! Wah intense….
Was pretty cool though! 🙂
Thank God that I got to hear the new song beforehand!
Got a ride to Gombak!
72 came quick
Went and got a fish burger for myself!
Woke up, feeling alright
Caught up to 103
Got quite a nice amount of space on the MRT! 🙂
Caught up to 66
Bought a 60 cents Milo and had breakfast! 🙂
Lesson was quite fun
Aiyo stupid me didn’t realized that I was annoying the teacher
Thank God that Miss Loo was as patient as she was! 🙂
The lesson dragged until very long
Almost missed Celebrating Jordi’s birthday…
But still managed to so that was good!
Always good to catch up with friends!
Had drum lessons, was very productive!
Managed to catch a cab!
Thank God that Dinah didn’t accept the money, cause if she did, I would have no money to pay for the cab
The cab uncle and I had quite a nice conversation! 
Lord, life is really heavy… 😦
The Uncle was super nice! He waved 20 cents off the fare!
He guided me to where I needed to go
Thank God for $11 dollars in my wallet, just enough with a dollar for the fare
The dim sum buffet with friends was just AWESOME!
I really really really miss them… 😦
The conversations was really nice!
Went to Toa Payoh hub to use the toilet, oh gosh, infested with cockroaches
Managed to unlock the challenge level of Robbery Bob!
Went to SJSM early
Had a little chat with Sis Rhoda
J333 was a nice place to rest once again
Charissa is hilarious! HAHA!
Supper was so good!
Can see why W wanted Rhoda to mentor her!
Gosh, the girls were just talking about guys and Joel and I just… HAHA!
But nevertheless, it was good! 🙂
Enjoyed listening very much! 🙂
Lord ah, I need to learn how to find myself
Father please bless me and allow me to be myself; to be Kelvin.
Caught up to the MRT!
VT was nice!
VP was long!
Managed to think of an idea to film!
Took 151e with Tat and Jia Jun!
Had quite a nice chat with them!
But the bus ride was 2.70… 😦
Was just so tired
Got to school early
Bought Takoyaki
Was quite nice!
Ended early
Went and met Lucas to do up our project
Managed to do quite a bit!
Got home managed to play a bit of drums!
Heard that grandma was sick… 😦
Managed to do up more of the slides!
Woke up at 11.45!
Watched TBBT, epic! 
Failed… 😦
Watched another episode of Code Blue 2!
Managed to prepare for cell lesson!
Did up slides!
Did up the song for MUTS!
Sounds like the song would be nice
Woke up
Bought a drink for Esna
Got to church
The briefing ended at about 9.45, so we just proceeded to play games instead!
It was nice!
Everyone was engaged and everyone was listening
Though it was slightly interrupted… :/
But it was still good!
Worship was nice!
Lord, thank you for allowing me to be able to sing, to allow me to worship you!
Sermon was great
Bro Keith preached amazingly!
Went for the altar call and Bro Qing prayed for me
Was extremely bitter
Saw Cute Eden and Sis Hui Yi
Got reminded of God’s love
Had a nice chat with a few people!
Went to saiseriya for lunch was nice!
Had a super long nap
Managed to submit MUTS stuff
Managed to do up more on the slides!
Went to sleep early!