=242= Melancholic Reflections: Pressure

Perhaps I am really turning a bit phelg? Haha, I am not overly stressed and would not get panic attacks.

I have so many things to do!

First, presentation, then Song writing test, then VP practical test and on top of that, I have a VP project… 😦

Oh well, I am thankful though!

Thank God for the simple but amazing game that we played in cell. I was so amazed when everyone was engaged and everyone was paying attention! 🙂

Thank God that I get to sit in Grace Songs recording sessions! It was just amazing that I get to sit in where I wanted to years ago! 🙂

Thank God that my presentation I did well, for I worked hard.

Now it is just a test + practical test + project!

Haha crap this week’s set is very challenging! Hope I will have time to practice!


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