=243= Words of Melancholy: Update

I haven’t got the time to post here recently, mainly because I was just that busy with school.

Lord, there are many things that weigh my heart down.

First, my cell. Lord, will you please bring harvest? Will you please allow my sec 4s to become men? Will you please light up a fire in my sec 2s’ heart? Father, it is a different cell and a different situation. Lord, please sustain Footsteps and may it continue to grow as a band of brothers! Recently, I realised that I haven’t been catching up with my sec 4s, I need to soon luhh! Father, please provide the time.

Second, something someone said. Lord, I have been in the ministry for so long and have heard many different kinds of things based on many different speculations of the Bible. That day what I heard was just not right. Father, the person had no idea what I was about to say and he interupted me. :/ Lord, why Lord? Father, how is talking about something like that wrong? How will the devil rob us? Honestly, does making us do that even work? While it does point it to God, but in this way, we are never going to grow. Can you at least realize that? And not be affected afterwards when you realize that we can’t perform well? Can you at least acknowledge that it might just be you? I had a good one but you had to dampen the mood…

Oh well… Oh and guys, I am not very sad or very angry hor, I am just ranting! I think recent events had made me more choleric. I am getting a bit temperamental and that is not good. Lord, keep me patient.


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