=245= Worship on/off Stage: Practice

-sigh- Back to the practice place. I am in dire need of practice. I am super off form and I need practice with the click, period!

Practice with a click. Practice my sight reading. Practice my listening. Too many things to practice… 😦

Thank God though, even though it was messy I still worshipped God. It was good! Lord, I want to sleep… 😦 Father, I need rest… 😦

Lord ah, this week has been a relentless work after work. Will you give me some time to just worship you? Thank you God! 🙂

Please stay with me Lord!

Haha, I posted a lot today sia! Okok gonna go home and rest now! Give me a break!


=244= Gear I Want: Istanbul Agop

Well, from the last GIW post you would know that I have broken out of the big 4 cymbal companies(being the four biggest cymbal companies in the world; Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste and Meinl). I really liked Amedia cymbals because it was an underrated cymbal company that has little publicity BUT amazing cymbals! To make them even better, they are handmade cymbals so no two cymbals are the same! 🙂

Now the only problem with Amedia is the accessibility. 😦 no one sells the Ahmet Legend cymbals in Singapore. The only unlikely situation is to ask the only dealer of Amedia cymbals to bring in some, but it will confirm be expensive… 😦

So Leb recently also talked about the Istanbuls so I did my research and found the Istanbul Sultan very desirable! 

 I mean, just look at the design! :O

The sound is full but soft! Has a very nice blend between stick definition and wash! Sounds extremely ideal for church playing and my playing! 🙂

If I ever get them it will be:14′ Hi hats, 17′ crash(because (14+20)/2 = 17), 20′ Jazz Ride, 10′ splash and 18 inch Xist Ion Crash or 18 inch Sultan China. According to the prices online, the cymbals are actually really affordable! Hi-hats being $410! When it is on sale, let’s just watch!

On the other side; drums. I want a 14×4.5 Pantheon Percussion Walnut Stave snare. With wood hoops and tube lugs, it’s gonna look killer!

I also want a 15×8 Steam bent Maghogany snare! Also with wood hoops! It’s gonna sound fat and full!

Too bad Pantheon are no longer making Cocobolo snares. :/ I mean, I feel an affinity with the colour red and the natural wood grain. Liking them both, Cocobolo is like my dream wood, combining the best of both worlds in such a beautiful way…

Once again, just look at the WOOD…. :O

Then I saw the sleeping beauty snare!

I REALLY love white and gold colour combination! I really hope Pantheon could do this! So I would buy one one day! 🙂

Okok that is enough for the equipment rant! 🙂