=246= Words of Joy: Gratitude

Well, this week has been one of the craziest weeks ever. I had a presentation on Monday, a song writing test on Tues and a practical test on Thurs. On top of that, I had a continuous song writing assessment which I haven’t made any new progress this week, a 2000 word essay due on Monday, not yet half finished. A video to film and edit, due on next Tues and finding a band to record for one module. Finally, I am serving this week! Whew. It has honestly been crazy but I am coping well! 🙂

The Lord has been faithful and I have been working hard. For the presentation I spent two nights writing up the script. For the song writing test, I spent one night writing up 6 pages of notes to study. For the practical test, I asked the TSO to let us practice and try out setting up the tripod and trying out the camera. For my video I have thought of shots and content to offer to my group. For the 2000 word essay, I basically had to choose 7 songs and write 250 words for each song. It became like how I would write my blog and made me think of several events of my life. I am not halfway through yet. I am not sure it will score, but I enjoyed writing! So that is good! 🙂

On another side, I really give thanks for the equipment that I was blessed with. Audrey, my snare, has been really reliable! Though I hit extremely hard, it never fails to perform! The tone is amazing the look is killer! 🙂 my new pantheon percussion sticks are great! 🙂 I really enjoy them! The 5B has withstood my bashing and has performed exceedingly well! For the price, I might change to using them permanently! The tip allows me to hit my loudest without it being exceedingly loud! However, Vater Fusion is still the nicest sticks I have ever used. The round tip produces the best cymbal tone.

I also want a steam bent maple drum set from Pantheon. Wrapped in White Marine Pearl and with dull gold hardware! 🙂 

Oh well, it has been a good week! Thank God! 🙂