=247= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 24/5/2015:

Got up
Good porridge for breakfast
109 perfect time
Reached class on time
Presentation went alright
Got to MDS
Went for lunch
Slipped but my lunch was still intact! Thank God!
Got a few minutes to jam in the studio!
Drum lessons were not smooth at all… Need to practice my stuff!
Caught up to 107!
My jeans were dirty… 😦
Got home
Actually wanted to go for a run
But I took a nap!
It was a good nap!
Woke up
And practiced drums!
Went for dinner
Grandma is better!
Good dinner!
Watched 118! Guilty pleasure!
Managed to write up a lot of notes for tmr’s test!
Missed both 109 and 116…
Caught up to 70
Met Nok Wan on 70
She left to take the bus
Bumped into Tat on the MRT
Test was alright
Did my best so can’t say anything!
Really need to do more things for MUTS
Felt bad for making Em wait
Got a chance to practice with the tripod and cam
Got to class
AutoCad is fun
Managed to photocopy my fake book
Got old Chang kee!
Took 156 home, very comfortable!
Practiced the mind jump to a different note division thing for a click from Benny Greb on the bus
Came back
Grandma still looks sick… 😦
Food was good though!
Watched 118!
Did up some notes for rehearsals Tmr
Did up a bit for the project
Studied a bit for the Practical test!
Woke up
Had bacon and avocado sandwich
Got my fingerprint recorded in the studio! 🙂
Lesson was pretty fun! 🙂
Went and printed my fake book!
Managed to discuss a bit on VP! 🙂
Managed to do up a bit of stuff!
Got to church
Managed to see Leb record again!
Looks like I will be cited in the Album credits as a drum assistant! Haha!
Had Milk and Honey!
Talked to Leb about a few stuff! 🙂
Met Ricky, quite a friendly guy!
Set up my snare and practiced a bit
Got food!
Well, set was quite messy… 😦 Lord, how? 😦
Nice chat on the way back home!
Got home
Had bee hoon! Thank God! I was hungry! 🙂
My skin itches like MAD… 😦
Got up
Got to school
Met Jia Jun
Had Milo peng!
Went up
Forgot to bring laptop… :/
Managed to use Kris’s Laptop to do Processing! 🙂
Lesson was fun! 🙂 Passed very fast!
Bought Tako!
Managed to scout a few places for filming!
Had Zha Jiang Mian + chicken patty from Muslim store! Super good! 🙂
VT lecture was alright! 🙂
VP practical test… :O
The test went alright! 
Got very good marks! THANK YOU GOD! 🙂
Managed to do up the harmony analysis! 🙂
Got on 74 with Nok Wan, nice chat on the way home
Watched Code Blue!
Good dinner
Did up a bit of the history of rock assignment
Watched another episode of Code Blue!
Caught up to 109!
Caught up to the MRT!
Reached school on time
Lesson was interesting but the tutorial and lecture was just horrible… 😦
Spent my 2 hour break playing bridge with my PFP friends! 🙂
Got a little chat with Mavise
Reached home
Completed level 8 of Robbery Bob
Managed to practice a bit!
Got to grandma’s house
Good dinner!
Watched 118
Did up two out of seven songs that I needed to write about! 🙂
Watched another episode of code blue! 😛
Fell asleep before I could do QT
Did QT in the morning instead!
Had bao for breakfast!
72 came quick
Caught up to the MRT! 🙂
Got to church half an hour early
Got to practice a bit! 🙂
Soundcheck went well!
Lunch was scrumptious! 🙂
Set was great!
Thank God!
Saw Renee’s kid hugging her, so heartened by that sight! 
Went down, had free bread from Kennaf!
Went to meet my parents for dinner
Dinner was nice!
Got home, did up a bit of my work!
Got to church and had to start cell cause Raphael was late… :/
Had a release of emotions out of my soul during the third song
Went home for lunch
Really wanted to talk to someone but my mind doesn’t allow it.
Lord, please satisfy me!
Finished my work!
Read 1 Samuel instead of Jeremiah, because I can’t make out Jeremiah at all… 😦
But yeah, 1 Samuel was cool! 🙂

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