=249= Stories to Tell: Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

“HELP! Please someone help!” Yelled Susan.

William then pulled Susan away from the fire to face him. “STOP! Stop, please stop, enough.”

Susan broke down wailing and cried, “But I don’t want to die!”

William started to tear up himself, he held Susan in a tight embrace and expressed his sorrow as well, “I don’t want to die too…”

The couple started to think about their lives. They thought about all the things they wanted to say but didn’t. They thought about the things they regretted. They thought about how their deaths would make their families cry over them. They thought about how will their friends react in their funeral? Will they cry? Will they rejoice? So much on their minds that they just broke.

“If only we did not come back early! If only we did not, we would be safe!” Cried Susan. “Why not, we just try to get out? Jump out of the window and try? Maybe we wi..”

“NO! Don’t be crazy! We are on the 12th floor! We have a bigger chance staying here and wait for rescue than to jump!”

“But… But…” 

“I know, it’s crazy, please just wait!”

The fire continued to spread and the ceiling started to fall apart as well. The flaming false walls started to break apart and fell to the ground. Sparks started flying as the fire burned the lights and the circuitry.

William looked at the situation around him and concluded that they are doomed. He accepted it. He accepted that they are going to die. William then made Susan face him. With bloodshot teary eyes and a fake smile, he said, “your new hairstyle suits you, long hair looks good on you, but this is not bad too!”

“What are you talking about now?! We are going to die and you are talking about this?”

“We are going to die, why not let’s enjoy the last moment we have left? That was what I should have said to you when I saw your new hair yesterday instead of simply teasing you about your hair.”

“William… I am so sorry… If I didn’t make us come to my house earlier, we would not be in this situation…”

“It’s ok” William said with a smile. “I wanted to come anyway!”

William then held Susan’s hand and looked into her brown eyes. “Shall we have one last dance?”

Susan said nothing but nodded her head. She then put her hand on William’s hand and arm, while William put his one her hand and waist. They looked into each other’s eyes while dancing. Disregarding about the fire around them. Emotions were too much for either of them to take but they took it anyway.

They are ready to dance until they die together.

Then, they heard the door come crashing down.


This story was inspired by the John Mayer’s song. It has been my favorite Mayer song for a while and with the recent research of Mayer, I found such beauty in picturing the song. Of course, the song is talking about something else entirely. It is talking about a couple that relationship is going to end. They are trying to work things out but no matter how hard they try, it just won’t work out. This is really nice! 🙂


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