=269= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 28/6/2015:Woke up

Lazed around

Chased the bus

Managed to catch it!

Impressed with my stamina! HAHA!

Got to school early

Studied a bit with Jun Yi

Thank God I did cause he covered some parts that I didn’t!

Then we went for lunch!

I did up a bit more of the MUTS

Lord, please give us more inspiration on it!

Went home

Practiced a bit!

Got to grandma’s place

Got back home

Studied for MUTS

Managed to catch like the last 10 minutes of the 10 o clock show! 🙂


Went for the Stage thing

So tiring and had so much to do Sia… 😦

Went home and practiced a bit!

Got to grandma’s

I actually give thanks that I am going for J333 tmr so I don’t need to rush down!

Got home

Studied more on MUTS

Caught the last 10 minutes again!


Woke up early

Went to school at like 10.30

Studied and stressed out with my classmates!

Ate Malay stall again! Quite nice! 🙂

Went and took the test

Well, not satisfactory, but wasn’t bad luhh!

Was quite nice!

Went and had Mala was really quite nice! The auntie was nice enough to add soup! 🙂

Went up to do more on MUTS!

Managed to clean up a little!

Lord, i ask for more capacity! 🙂

Waited with my friends in the bus stop was nice!

Bought waffles

Went to SJSM early

Met ZF and J

Brought ZF and S to Wah Chee!

Went back to practice

Bumped into Augustine and Arel!

Had a nice chat

Prayed for Tiff during J333 and received an image.

Went for supper with many youths!

Met two new friends!

Augustine seemed to be opening up and being closer to me!

Got home


Woke up at like 5.45!

The MRT was very empty

Read another chapter of my book!

Got to the studio

Managed to do a bit

The recording had WAY too many hiccups… 😦

Thank God Mr Jemi was there to help!

Managed to help YH with her project!

The recording went quite fine!

Got home

Went for dinner! Good food!

Watched 118!


Went to school

Managed to make quite good progress

Had chicken rice for lunch was good as usual

Went for drum lessons, was quite off form but alright!

Bought roasted pork for ah Ma!

Got home

Practiced like 30 minutes

Went over to gramps!

Good food

Watched 118!


Woke up

Had good breakfast

Went and visit grandma again!

Came back rested

Mindez can’t go for fusion!

Asked my mum along

We went to Tampines

Had Thai Express for dinner!

Was a bit late for Fusion…

But they started late! So that is fine!

Went on stage to answer a question!

Got a free CD! 😀

Martin Smith was amazing!

Got a signature

Lost my pen


Woke up

Went to Furama

Had a little chat with Bro Ken

Went up

Cell started rather late though.., :/

Cell had very few people… 😦

Did the review!

Worship was good!

QiYi was back!

Went off with Lucas

Bumped into D on the bus!

Managed to chat with her a bit

She looked SO tired though… 😦

Lucas and I went to Nex!

Bumped into Jerome on the way!

Lucas and I went to KFC! 

Haha got craving!

Then we went and bought Pie!

Got home showered and took a nap

Woke up because Aaron called me to help him with his homework

Got to AMK

HE IS LATE! Idiot…. -.-

Oh well, helped him with his work!

Quite happy that my brain still remembers the math that I did before! 🙂

Caught up to 72!

Reached fairly on time!

Good food!

Studied for the MUTS test!

Well… But the stations might be all used up tmr… So there is a problem there… 😦

Lord, please bless our song, allow our song to be able to be completed by tmr!

=268= Words of Joy: Martin Smith

Like WOW!

Thank you Mindez for asking me about Fusion! Now I am gonna go every year! 🙂

On Wednesday while we were doing up the song, Mindez asked me about JDOP and Fusion! I heard of JDOP, but I never heard of Fusion before! Then she showed me a photo! When I saw that Martin Smith was coming, I asked if I could go! 😀 Mindez later on me a ticket! YEAH!

Well for those that dunno who Martin Smith is, Martin Smith is the lead singer for the Band Delirious?. Delirious? was like the U2 of Christian music! They were big! They were really good! They sang, “I could sing of your love forever” and  “did you hear the mountains tremble”! Amazing!

Well, honestly, ever since the saving money so that I can buy something came up. I stopped buying any music whatsoever. I used to go to HMV like at least once a month to buy myself a CD! If someone that I really like is in town, I would at least consider going for their concert(of course, if it was too expensive like WAY too expensive I can’t go…. 😦 Michael Buble…). When I heard Charlie Lim was going to perform in Esplanade I really wanted to go… 😦 like it was $50! Like Charlie Lim!!!! And Esplanade concert hall! Like the best place to have a concert in Singapore! However, I decided not to go for I will not have the money in time to buy that something. So when this FREE worship set came to me I was like YEAH! Martin Smith some more Sia! Providence! 

Well, it was really quite cool! 🙂

Mindez had to back out last minute because some things came up! Well, so I brought my mum! I originally planned to go have dinner with her before meeting Mindez, but now yeah!

Well, we had dinner and we were running late! Mindez told me that we had to be sitted down at like 6.45 if not the place will go to the public. So we went off the Cabs took forever, then we called for a cab, the cab uncle was a bit lost, then we reached and I saw that there were people outside! So I calmed down quite a bit!

Then we reached the place! The hall was a lot smaller than I thought! Like the first floor was without chairs! A lot of the youths were sitted there of course! My mum actually chose to sit on the chairs behind the youths. Well, I decided to move up and I had great seats! Like it was the first row of the balcony seats! The hall was very well built! Like even though it had balcony seats it was still VERY intimate! Like everyone could see the band and Martin on stage! No need for projectors to show them performing!

Before worship, they had an emcee that gave things out like posters and stickers! Then he started to ask questions for CDs! Like YEAH! Please give me one! I really wanted a new CD! I tried to go down several times, but other people managed to reach before me… So sad… Haha! Then, for the third last question, I went down but a girl got there before me… 😦 however the emcee asked me to wait. So when it got to my turn, he asked me to name three songs that Martin Smith wrote! Then I introduced myself to the crowd(yeah in this order!). It was funny cause I was probably the only one from GAOG. So yeah! Named the three songs and got my free CD! OH YEAH! Managed to get it signed by Martin too! Nice!

Then worship was just incredible! During the first song, I think the band kinda knew and felt the congregation’s conservativeness! Well, we are Singaporeans. So after the bridge, he signalled to the band to continue and told the congre to jump! He said that we could do it at the end or we could do it right from the start! So like  a good number of people started to jump and it was awesome! 🙂

Most of the songs played are familiar songs that I heard before! Like he sang it on the Jesus Culture: Live in New York album! Amazing! Then he changes so many of the song forms and does so many spontaneous things! Another thing I realised was that he seldom does free worship and when he does let the congre sing alone he will come back soon to support the congregation! A very wise worship leader move! 🙂 I am a bit sad that he didn’t do “Did you feel the mountains tremble”… Oh well! 

The band was incredible! The drummer, though I don’t like his ride cymbal, had amazing amount of musical sense and was very tight! I think he uses triggers! His drums produces a lot of the electronic sounds! Bet it was triggers with a sound module or the laptop! Super cool! Martin’s daughter, Elle, was like Kim Walker! Super Zai! SOOO good! 😀 the bassist kept on smiling to the drummer and the guitarist! The electric guitarist was good! Then the keyboardist, the female lead singer(yup same person!) was incredible! Very good!

Martin then shared a word about what we are here(on earth) for. He went on to lead us into praying for each other then he prayed for us. Then I thought Back to the start was such a fun song! I mean like it is a worship song then it progresses into a praise! Very cool must check it out! Very good transition from worship to praise! Then I saw my mum jump! Like wow! I never seen my mum jump in worship before that was a sight to remember!

After the whole thing, I wanted an autograph and a photo! So I waited. Then Martin was mobbed by so many people wanting a photo! Well, I got my signature! But I lost my pen in the process! I think he koped it! HAHA! Oh well, another tradio gone… 😦 I didn’t get my photo though… Many people asked me to help them take a photo, by the time it reached my turn, he needed to leave alr… 😦 The best I got was my mum took a photo of me getting a signature! Better than nothing!

It was delightful! 🙂


 Now I shall look forward to Fusion every year! 🙂


=267= Words of Joy: Forged

It was an interesting night! Forged a few friendships here and there. Sometimes I really need to remember that being a fool will not work in making friends all the time. If you are lucky you get people that relates and you get friend. If you are not, you get people that becomes annoyed at you.


I thank God for self control over the issue and managed to end the conversation with a good note! Stop being a fool! I see Jun Yi and how he is able to be funny without being a fool and I realised that, that is maturity. Guess I am still immature! :/

Well, another crazy thing happened today. I prayed over someone today, to protect her, let’s call her Jane. Since I had the experience in retreat, I anticipated an emotion that I can feel. Instead, I was given an image. I saw a small Jane, with her face unhappy. I can’t recall and really pin point the feeling, but the best I can go is like someone going with the motion. Like someone sian but still talking. Then I got a feeling, a strong one, about bad attitude. This surprised me for I never had this kind of things before! However, it was a hard prayer to pray. I mean what kind of idiot prays over someone’s bad attitude? Thank God I knew Jane, it will be so weird if it was someone I didn’t know.

So then I talked to Jane after supper. I struggled with my words to sort of help form a picture. She told me that she was feeling very small at her work place. And that the bad attitude might be at her workplace. She probably really dislikes her work place. When I asked her if there was any good that came out of her job, she answered that being able to win souls at her workplace was the only good. That she has been asking for motivation for her work but she couldn’t get motivated. I have no idea how to help her, I honestly do not have any solution to the problem that she has. It was a strange feeling. Well, we do not know if it was the right interpretation. I hope so. Well, I trust that this was from the Lord? I mean I did not prepare beforehand, I did not make myself want to see an image. It just came. Well, if there was a word that can’t be put into this image I will love to have it! Lord, will you please show me? Give me an interpretation of the image!

Lord, continue to impact my life and show me supernatural things! Thank you Lord!


Well, I think I made quite a good friend in A! To more nights out having supper! 🙂


=266= Gear Talk: Snares I Want

Well, ever since I got introduced to Pantheon and knew all the options that I could get, I have been dreaming up snares that I want. Here is a list of them.

Walnut Stave 14×4.5. With wood hoops, tube lugs, 42 strand snare wires, trick multi step throw off, DW 3 position butt plate, in either brass or chrome depending on which looks better. Aquarian Mordern Vintage II for batter and Evans Hazy Snare Side 300 for Snare side! This is inspired by Stanton Moore’s snare!

Birch One Ply solid shell 13×5.75. With wood hoops, 50% staggered lugs, 6 lugs on each side only, 14 strand snare wires, any throw off will do, DW 3 position butt plate, in either chrome or brass depending on which looks better. Aquarian Modern Vintage II on top and Evans Hazy snare side on the bottom. Inspired by Benny Greb and Akira Jimbo’s snare. 

Aluminium anosidised into Red 13×5.5. With die cast hoops, ego lugs, 14 strand snare wires, any throw off will do, DW 3 position butt plate in black nickel. Tension rods be brass to add a little ‘gold’ into the drum. Dubbed “The Fire cracker!” With ASPR red synthetic leather head on top with Evans Hazy Snare Side 300 on the bottom. Inspired by drums on Pantheon!

Steambent Mahogany 15×8. With wood hoops, any lugs really, any snare wires, DW MAG throw off and butt plate, in brass or chrome! Bearing edge be Baseball bat type! Aquarian Deep Vintage on top and Evans Hazy Snare Side 300 on bottom. Inspired by Pantheon. 

Steambent Maple in either 14×6.5 or 14×7! With die cast hoops or 4.3mm no flange hoops, Slingerland single ended beaver tail lugs, 20 strand Canopus snare wires, DW MAG throw off and butt plate, in either brass or chrome. Probably be Aquarian Modern Vintage II on top and Evans Hazy Snare Side 30o on the bottom. Inspired by the legendary Slingerland Radio King snare that was revered by so many people!

Beaded black nickel brass in either, 14×6.5, 14×8 or 13×6.5. With die cast hoops, Tube lugs, most probably 20 strand, Dunnet throw off and DW 3 position butt plate, in either chrome, black nickel or brass! Evans Hydraulic Black or Aquarian Morden Vintage II on top, Evans Hazy Snare Side 300 on the bottom. Inspired by the legendary Ludwig Black Beauty.

6 ply Vintage Mahogany(mahogany and poplar) 15×12. With either die cast or wood hoops, any lugs will do, DW MAG throw off and butt plate, in whatever colour that looks good. It will be fitted on with floor Tom legs so it doesn’t need a snare stand! Aquarian Deep Vintage  with Evans Hazy snare side 300. Inspired by a video I watched online.

Another idea is like have mismatched lugs 6 lugs on top and 8 lugs below. 

Maybe one day if Swee Lee does bring in Chad Smith’s limited edition snare I would go for it? Both the red one and the free floater looks really good!

Well, I will never get so rich as to buy everything! Haha I don’t even have money to buy one now! So yeah! These are just ideas! One day! 🙂


=265= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 21/6/2015:

Woke up


Decided not to go to school

Stayed at home and slept

Prepared for the two sets for retreat

Went for a run 11.48, not bad, come on let’s improve!

Got home


Practiced drums

Went for dinner

Got back

Watched 118!

Got no motivation to study… Help Lord

Failed again… :/

Went for a shower came out

Sat down to study

Nope… :/

Mum vomited quite badly

Thank God she is alright!

Watched the new 10 o clock show…

-sigh- nope not studying…


Woke up!

Claire met her fav band in the airport! WOW! So lucky! 🙂 have a nice trip! 🙂

Tempted myself again… -sigh-


Watched HIMYM

Cooked noodles for lunch!

Was nice!

Now going to school

109 came fast!

Reached school but the lab was closed… 😦

Went to HMV

Went back home


Had dinner! Nice

Went for rehearsals

Bought waffles

Went for drum lessons

Was very productive!

Went and got myself a $5 army bag!

Bumped into mum while on 109

Brought duck to grandma’s

Was nice!

Got home packed

Jun Kang’s parents picked me up from regentville all the way to G2! I give thanks!

Xin Yi was so funny and we can click well! 🙂

Grabbed Leb’s cymbals

Brought it

Crossed custom fast

Had Ramly burger

Had 3 layer tea!

Had a long chat with Jun Kang about drums!


Passed Leb the cymbals!

He almost wanted to use my crash

But didn’t in the end… 😦

Food was alright!

Went for service

Pastor Benny preached amazingly!

Encountered God!

Hydra was a bit awkward!

Was a bit hungry at night but had the preserved fruit from mum!

Woke up!

Went for devotions

Had two eggs

Managed to lightened up the mood of Hydra!

The people were responding well!

Service was good!

Games was fun! Just a bit tiring!

PT was difficult man… Gonna work harder!

Managed to get a lot more jewels,

Got the snacks!

Played truth or dare!

Was so funny!

Showered and had a chat with Jun Wei about drama and anime

Went for Dinner and Hydra was very fun!

Got to service

Pastor Brian had an altar call which I kinda responded myself last night, so I just went and prayed for people!

I prayed for L, I felt pain and we both cried!

I prayed for D, felt emptiness.

Prayed for J and Z, prayed for faith.

Comforted B

Encouraged someone to go pray!

Sis ZF came up to me and prayed for me!

PJ came up to me and encouraged me!

Managed to patch up the drum head.

Set up the kick

Went for LC

Was nice talking!

Got back

Had Yong tau foo from JK’s parents! 🙂

Durian tart too! 🙂

Got to sleep!

Woke up

Went for breakfast!

Breakfast was nice!

Worship set alright, but I feel like I could do better!

Then R&R

Went to IOI mall for lunch

Went to secret recipe… Was quite bad… 😦

Got sweets for my kids

Got myself a new CD!

Jk they all got bread

I got famous Amos!

We went and got Teh Tarik!

Mine tasted the best!

Got back, I slept!

Woke up Daniel and JK slept

I studied

Went for dinner

Practiced during soundcheck and my left leg cramped up on me… Was super pain… Like arghh….

Then Kenneth helped me stretched.

Got up still pain but I did my best!

The worship set was awesome!

PB had us pray for people that comes up to us

And so I did!

Managed to minister well to people

Went to PB for prayer

Then went to Eugene for prayer

Stayed back to talk to Bob

Shared my heart!

Got cupcakes from Lucas!

Really thankful for a cell like Footsteps! 🙂

Went to Bob’s room

Got a donut from his father!

Got back!

The carrot cake was just horrible as well…. 😦


Woke up

Went to devotions slightly late because I was packing a bit!

Devotions was too long… 😫 make it simple guys! Don’t dump info!

Got Nasi Lemak! 😀

Got to service!

Was very tired though!

Worship songs were nice!

Went for lunch

Wrote a few notes for the kids

Went up and packed finished and passed my card to JK!

The ride was nice!

I watched the Wong Fu movie with Lucas, was interesting! Was alright!

Got to Singapore quite early!

Took a cab with Lucas!

Cab fare wasn’t too bad!

Came home and had steamboat!

Food was so good!

Thank God for home cooked food! 🙂

Studied a bit!

Tried to fix the watch, but couldn’t… 😦


=264= Melancholic Reflections: Retreat Day 3

Let me reflect once again.

Today was the day I served in drums. Well, I have been practicing my left feet a lot! So I thought it would have no problem. Little did I know, during the sound check of the second set, my left leg cramped up… It hurt like mad. Not only was there no tambourine, because my left leg was hurting, I was thrown off balance, so my main three limbs were compromised as well. It was annoying that I could not perform as well as I wanted to. I had Kenneth help me stretch(Thanks man! :)) and my leg was feeling a little better, but it hurt by the time it went to the second song as well. However, the Lord, pulled through. He gave me a wonderful worship set! Even without much tambourine I was able to replicate the feel of the song! I was able to worship God and feel His presence and did a few spontaneous things! I am so grateful for that!

Then, for the altar call, Pastor Brian did the leaders stand and the congregation comes and receive prayer thing. I prayed for two boys; D & R. I was able to feel D’s pain again. After I prayed the prayer, I simply gave him a hug for a while. 🙂 Then R, I prayed over the emptiness, then somehow the prayer went to the direction of calling and I prayed for courage and for people to equip him.

I then wanted to receive prayer for myself. So I went up to Pator Brian and received prayer myself. He prayed and told me that he felt that God’s plan for me is gonna be an adventure. He prayed for me not to be afraid and prayed over my family.

Then I went to Eugene. Simply because over the past three days I found Eugene to be someone that I found a special connection to. Kinda like with Tiff Tay; easy to talk to, God fearing and wise! So he prayed over me and He told me that he saw me as a man kneeling down. He then went on to tell me that I was affected by what people said in the past that I started to believe in the devil’s lies and I have stopped fighting. He encouraged me to take up the shield and guard my heart against the devil.

Well, I give thanks for this R&R day. I really needed it. I am honestly getting old… 😦 Like I got SO tired from like hanging out with my group and like talking to people. Like after the service I could simply cong out. Nevertheless, we went to IOI mall and had like Secret Recipe, wasn’t very good though… 😦 then I bought like a Mayday CD! Then, Teh Tarik. Then, Famous Amos! Was VERY nice! I got to sleep then I got to study!

Thank you God!



=263= Melancholic Reflections: Retreat Day 2

It was interesting I guess!

Several highlights.

First, Hydra. Leading an awkward group and making it less awkward and making new friends actually kinda rekindled some desire and passion for leading a group. I am thankful for this group! I am thankful that we are getting closer to each other and we work wonderfully as a group! 🙂

Second, Pastor Brian. Wow! Such a passionate pastor! His stories were good. His links were good. His analogies were good. Haha, it’s like he is speaking right straight into my heart and I really want to hear more from him.

Third, praying over people. It was a funny feeling. I mean, God definitely filled me with a fresh spirit after I struggled with him last night. It felt like my spirit was different. My worship were rooted from Joy and I feel like jumping, even in the worship songs. Then when pastor Brian called for the altar call, I knew that the call wasn’t for me and that I was to minister to people. It really felt long since I ministered with a full tank of the Lord’s spirit and it was incredible. I prayed for people and I could feel what was going on inside. The first person I prayed for, I felt pain; bitterness similar to mine. So I used words that I prayed last night over him and we both cried. Second person, I felt emptiness, I prayed using words I prayed last night as well! The next two were prayers of faith. I comforted a wailing guy. Then I encouraged a guy to go pray for his friends. He was like, “Can ah?” Then I used the “it doesn’t make sense that you see your friends hurting and crying and you are not there to comfort or pray for them”. I am very proud of him!

I give thanks for this period of ministering!

Forth, I give thanks for people that looked out of me. Sis ZF and PJ! Thanks for talking to me and affirming me(and sis ZF, praying for me). It is appreciated and thank you for covering me!

Lord, give me strength as I lead worship tmr! Lord, allow me to play beats and grooves that will monster to the congregation. Father, allow me to meet you and worship you myself Lord! 

Thank you Father!