=250= Thankgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 31/5/2015:

Woke up feeling horrible….
So tired…. 😦
Oh well, thank God for the shower, felt so much better after that!
109 came fast!
Got on to the MRT! 🙂
Got to botanics
Met Lucas
Got to school on time
The video was alright luhh
Managed to complete the whole Robbery Bob game! 🙂 
Went to MDS there
Had lemon chicken cutlet rice! Not bad! 🙂
Managed to get some practice time before lesson!
Lesson went smooth
Went to Bras Barsah
Checked out watches, don’t have the watch I wanted to buy
Check out cymbals, don’t have sultan line! At least not in the display! But the people there seems really nice! 🙂
Got home
Went for a run
Timing was alright
Tried pull ups and standing broad jump!
Got home
Failed horribly
Good dinner
Manage to relax and finish watching Code Blue! 🙂
Missed Kuroda Sensei so much! It really isn’t the same without him!
Woke up
Had diarrhea
Today’s MUTS was super productive! We managed to do so much from like the verse to pre-chorus! Managed to do much!
Alright lunch
Had diarrhea in school… :/
Managed to do up the script for tmr’s filming! 🙂
Went to school
Was a pretty interesting lesson
Ended a bit late
“Planned” out? Ok luhh
Managed to do some filming
Decided to stay in school to do some editing rather than go to church straight
Managed to do up a bit of work
J333 was nice!
Tiff came! 🙂
Enjoyed God’s presence
Jesus cares for me!
Went out for supper!
Rose teh was quite nice!
Got home
Woke up
Had fun in class
Lunch was alright
Had a nice time together with Jia Jun, Yu Hui and Tat on the MRT!
Managed to catch 118! 🙂
Got home! Tried some audio editing!
Got out of the house quite late!
Got to school on time!
Lessons were alright
Lessons ended early! 🙂
Went to canteen 4 to eat! Food there are cheap and good! 🙂
Had apple yakult!
Went to film!
Was good!
Got to class late… :/
Got told that we need to finish and return the camera by 4.30!
Managed to! 🙂
Got home with Jun Yi! 🙂
Played a little drums!
Had a little nap!
Got to grandma’s
Good dinner with curry! 🙂
Bought bread for ah ma!
On the way there, saw C sitting with S in Macdonalds. 😦
She had a new hairstyle.
Lord ah, I want a chance to talk to her one on one just to settle things, but I am just too chicken for it…
Got back
Watched the Benny Greb lesson! WOW! SO amazing! 🙂
Then continued work for VP! Lord! I pray that you continue to bless me and allow me to edit a good fine cut! 🙂
Woke up late
Reached church late
Managed to play some games!
Training was cool!
Enjoyed the training
Got to tanjong pagar
Had good lunch!
Got home
Had a nap
Good dinner!
Managed to edit finish my VP project!
My heart is in the wrong place. Lord, I need to beat my body and flesh into submission
Got up a bit late!
Had tuna croissant! 🙂
Managed to bring some of my kids out to the petrol kiosk! 🙂
Bought them food!
Cell was alright!
Received a Dashboard CD from Elsa! 😀
Thank you so much Elsa! 🙂
Got to service!
Lord, thank you for blessing me with your worship! 🙂
Service was nice! 🙂
Prayed for my Sec 4s that they will do well in O levels on Tues!
Got to Kovan with Jun Kang and had lunch with him
Sad that someone didn’t take the bus… 😦
Got home
Slept a bit
Went to Hougang for Bak Ku Teh!
So bad… 😦
Went to see the doctor for my skin
Managed to edit more!

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