=251= Words of Joy: Provision

It has been an interesting few weeks. First or all, I have been doing well in school! I really didn’t expect me to become choleric again, but it does have it’s benefits! I am really quite proud of my VP video! ๐Ÿ™‚ I finally learned how to properly do colour correction. I should have learned first!

Then, I saw C again on Friday. She had a new hairstyle, shorter hair now, sitting with S. It roused up emotions again. My search history just shows my shame. I kept google-ing her name to see what i could find. Not my proudest moment. The loneliness sat in again. -sigh- I had such a bad start to the week. Lord, will you please redeem my week? Please bless me Lord! Lord, please stay with me.

The Lord isn’t going let me run from evangelism. Its funny. Evangelism is really my biggest weakness in my walk. I find it so hard to preach to my friends. Especially my friends. I mean, if it is a stranger, it would not affect my relationship with him. However, if it is my friend, I risk losing my friend. Last year, i somehow got into Bro Wallis’ group to reach out to others. However, due to it always happening on like Sat and Sun night, I didn’t go because it was my family time. Perhaps it was just an excuse. The Lord, really wants me to work on it. Somehow or another, Yun Ying texted me to be a facilitator of R-AGE ALPHA. I dunno what happened between me and Huan Ting, there were some forgotten communications(or miscommunications) and she said that i was interested to be a facilitator. I actually have a desire to to take up another ministry, apart from CAMY and CL-ing. For two years, i didn’t commit to another ministry because I know my limits and I was already very busy. I didn’t want to commit to another ministry and not giving my all for all three. My thinking was that it is better to take up little ministries and give your best rather than to commit to many ministries and neglecting them all. Giving my best matters a lot to me. If i was unable to give my all, i am unsatisfied with the result. This can be seen in my work in school and in church. However, i do believe that my capacity to serve God has increased. There is no better time to take up another ministry. No internship, no FYP, might as well give up Sat morning to the Lord!

When i received the message, I asked the Lord whether should i do it? I didn’t get an answer, but i didn’t get like a bad feeling as well. Perhaps it is the Sang in me? Haha, so i just took the plunge. Lord, please use these 12 weeks to give me a greater breakthrough in my walk.

The Lord Provides(hence, the title). Elsa gave me a Dashboard Album! Just when like i was looking at my ITunes and wanted new music. I heard Stolen on Thurs and I wanted another dashboard album! Then on Sun, this happens! Thanks Elsa! ๐Ÿ™‚

I heard from Arel that Lifehouse had released a new album! SO tempted to buy…. But NO, cannot! I saw that Charlie Lim has a concert in esplanade…. $50…. argh….. NO… I need to save money for something! Having the new album helps ease this urge a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lord, Will you please provide in that area as well? Help me to be disciplined and save enough!

Thank You Lord!



One thought on “=251= Words of Joy: Provision”

  1. I was actually going to give it to you last week, but then I forgot to bring it haha. Looks like God had a plan about the timing also! (: glad you like the album^ ^

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