=252= Words of Melancholy: Justify

It is a very bad human habit for people to justify themselves when they are corrected, it is understandable though, I mean everyone feels that they are right. However before trying to justify one’s actions, one should take a step back, listen and think. Think for yourself if what you did was right or wrong. If it was not wrong, justify yourself is alright, just be more aware of yourself. If it was wrong, be humble, don’t justify yourself. Admit that you are wrong. Don’t be proud. Put your pride down for a second and actually thank the person correcting you or at least say sorry.

Next though, is just wrong. When being corrected, you try to push the blame to another party. For example, when one is corrected, one would often say, “Then he/she shouldn’t have does this!” I am honestly sick of this reason. To commit a wrong because someone else did something against you is wrong. Your wrong actions aren’t justified. You are not right. If you are, terrorist are all right for bombing places. Doing a wrong when someone did something against you is not right. To bomb a place because people of the nation hurt you is not right. To do wrong when you are angry is not right. To do wrong when you are tired and irritated is not right. Suck it up, don’t push your wrong to someone else or change the focus. The focus is that you did wrong and that is something you should not have done. If swearing is wrong. Only swearing when you are angry is wrong. Law needs to be fixed and solid, if not it will not work.

In this world, you will bound to offend someone and people are bound to offend you. Them offending you is an issue and it can be solved slowly by correcting. However, the bigger issue is your response to the offense or correction. First, is the person more important or your pride more important? Second, if you know the person’s character, you will know if he is genuine or not, you take in correction if it is right! Your response would determine your tone. Always humble. Don’t get angry over the littlest of things. A person would more likely accept someone’s message if it was given in a good tone.



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