=254= Stories to Tell: Two Choices

Eric lost his phone and was searching for it. Then came someone offering help to find the phone. He gave Eric two choices if he do find the phone. One, he finds it, he tells Eric where he found it, but he gets to keep the phone. Two, he returns the phone to Eric, but he will not know where and how he got it.

Eric listened and said, “Of course I would choose two! I simply want my phone! Who cares what happened to it!”

So the man searched, found the phone and returned to Eric. Eric was delighted and went his way.

Then the man met another person named, “Thomas”. Now Thomas looked really depressed and was searching for someone on his phone. The man asked Thomas of he was looking for something. Thomas opened up to him saying that he wanted to talk to the girl that he liked but she didn’t want to talk to him. They were close before but now it was just awkward. Thomas said that he would be happy if he knew some more information about her recently. The man gave Thomas two choices as well. One, he will go up to the girl, talk to her and bring back information to him, but not bringing her back. Two, he will bring her to his face but he will not prepare Thomas by giving him any information. Thomas then thought about it and said, “I think the information would satisfy me, just gir me the information.”

Hence, the man went his way and collected information and gave Thomas. Thomas read through it and continued to ask questions about the girl and demanding the man to give him more information. The man refused to search further left the place. Thomas was left even more broken than he first was.

Now the man met a girl named, “Lily”. Now Lily was all alone at the water bank, crying. The man walked up to her and sat down right next to her. The man comforted Lily and then continued to ask what was going on. Lily just scored horribly in school, he just broke up with her boyfriend and she had an intense quarrel with her mum. Her whole world was falling apart and she just want to stop and end her life. The man listened and had compassion for her. He then offered two choices. One, he can help Lily with her suicide, he told Lily that he knew how to let Lily die quickly and painlessly and most importantly, guilt-free. Two, he can help Lily live. He told Lily that he can walk Lily through life; he can be her friend supporting her advising her stuff!

Lily thought about it and was surprised at her own response; she wants to live. She was puzzled, she wondered why she had such a change of mind and she asked the man of he knew, since he is now her friend and is supposed to give her advise. The man said, “Do you know why? It is because Reality matters. Returning to reality is the only way to solve the problems that were posed by the world. Simply dreaming about something is not enough. Having your mind run wild while having nothing in the real world happening means nothing. Having a fight and argument with someone is better than to avoid someone and then counting score with the person in your mind. I just gave two men a choice just now, a choice similar to your’s. One chose to chase reality and got what he wanted without knowing much. The seconds chased after his own wishful thinking that some information will be enough, but it wasn’t enough for him. He wanted more. He wanted more than these information. Deep down, he wanted reality. You wanted reality. You were thinking between running away from reality by killing yourself and continuing reality and hurt yourself. You simply needed someone to give you a little care and concern and a little push. When I did, you chose reality and I am so glad you did.”

Lily digested it and replied, “why do you even give people two choices anyway? If you knew what was good, why not just try to convince the person to take the better option?”

The man replied, “Because if I only showed them the better one, it would not be reality. It is reality that you are able to run away from it. It is reality that gives us choices like these! It is in reality that we learn about what is really important in life. I have a mission to show reality. I cannot show an imbalance view of life.”

Lily understood and she went back home. The man continued to give people two choices.