=257= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 7/6/2015:

Failed again…

-sigh- what a bad start to the day… 😦

Lord, please give me strength and courage to run!

Had wanton noodles for breakfast was good!

Went to watch Tomorrowland, was not bad, but too much content squeezed into little time… Would be more entertaining if they developed it even more!

The actor acting the role Athena was SOO good! Kudos to the child actor! 🙂

Had laksa for lunch

Got back

Went for a run!

Managed to get 11.55! Much better timing from the first! 🙂

Got back, napped a bit!

Good dinner

Managed to complete my video! Should we add in the last vending machine voice over sequence?


Woke up slightly early

Ran and caught up to 43

Ran and caught up to the lift

Ran and caught up to the MRT

Got to class early

Jia Jun and I just borrowed the Cam and filmed for like 15 minutes!

Lesson was short

Had lunch

Managed to touch up VP!


Went down to studio

Something happened that totally ruined my mood

Went home

Failed again… 😦

Practiced a bit

Got to grandma’s!

Good food! 🙂

Got home

Prepared for set

Thank God that it took my mind off things and had ministered to me through song!

Woke up slightly late

Got to school on time though!

Lesson was interesting! But a bit long… :/

Drum lessons were good and productive!

Went to Bras Barsah and ordered the watch!

Went to church

Went up to practice!

Was a good time of practice! 🙂

Got down

Bought food

Helped Shena a bit with the stuff for retreat

Good food! 🙂

Good set

Noticed a few stuff about Jairus’ playing

I went all out for the last song! 🙂

Got home

Got food! 🙂

Woke up

VT was nice!

Watched our video, Mr Ong said that we missed the mark and didn’t achieve what we sought out for

Quite annoyed at myself…

VP is really fun though!

I really enjoy doing Video stuff… :/

Got to grandma’s late

Thought of the shots

Tried some stuff out and it worked!

Went to sleep

Woke up feeling horrible, tired, don’t wanna go to school… 😦

Got up anyway and got to school

5 minutes late… At least I wasn’t VERY late

Managed to film finish all the shots!

Got off early

Got to go home with Tat and Nok Wan!

Good chat with Nok Wan!

Got home ate a bit of snack and went to Toa Payoh for cell

So glad I went

Bought my favourite much Chee! 🙂

Enjoyed dinner with friends though the food was… :/

Go Fest was amazing!

Worship atmosphere, the testimonies, the acts, the sermon, WOW. So good!

Enjoyed some chat with the guys! 🙂

Woke up pretty late today

Had bee boon for breakfast

109 came fast

Saw S, believe that she saw me too

Got to church early

Got to chat a little with Kiat! 🙂

Got my snare! 🙂

Played and jammed a bit with the drums! 🙂

Sound check went well

Worship set went well!

Good chat with Glen Neo

Had bread! 🙂


Went to do some work!

Only managed to rename and rough edit a bit of the footage.

Ben bought dinner for me! 🙂

Talked to Keith a bit and had quite a nice chat about our ministries

Went and heard about Esna’s trip

Really amazing! 🙂

Went home with Van and Claire

Had quite a nice chat and fun time with them and just playing and talking! 🙂

Caught up to 109!

Got to church

Awesome got Joseph to come for cell breakfast!

Jethro came as well!

Food was so good!

Such a nice breakfast place but a bit hot… 😦

Haha had my Murphy’s law set

Worshipped God nevertheless!

J brought R! HAHAHA!

Most of my guys responded to the altar call!

Lord, send them!

Chased after someone

But did not catch…

Nice chat with Jerome and Sean!

Got home


Went to Seletar mall SongFa for dinner

Seletar Mall is actually quite a nice mall! 🙂

Got back

Managed to do up a bit more for my edit!

Lord, please let me finish the edit soon!

Thank you Lord!