=261= Gear Talk: Bettis Cymbals

Alright I need to get all these gear imagination out of my head!

First of all, those that has followed me for a while would know that currently the cymbals I want are Istanbul Agop Sultan Cymbals!

14 inch Sultan Hats, 17 inch Sultan crash, 20 inch Sultan Jazz Ride, 10 inch Sultan Splash and maybe either a 18 inch Sultan China or a 18 inch Xist Ion crash.

Recently, I thought about vintage drums and I realised that I want a Steambent Birch drum set with wood hoops! Because Birch is light, it is very practical!

While thinking about vintage drums, I thought about Vintage Zildjian cymbals. Like old Ludwig/Sligerland/Rogers drums, people are collecting the old Zildjian cymbals as well. As a result, I did a bit of research on the the old cymbals. Apparently last time, Zildjian and K Zildjian were two different companies, but they merged. Then there are differences in the cymbals then and today because of two things. One, The Ringo Effect. When the Beatles took the world by the storm, people saw that Ringo played Zildjian and they wanted to play Zildjian. The company that hand made their cymbals could not keep up with the demand. Hence, they started using machines to quicken the production process. All the cymbals that were made were slowly lost. Then two, The Great Cymbal Holocaust. During the 1960s and 1970s, all the keyboardists and guitarist started to go into amplified music. Hence, Drummers had to hit louder! The thin cymbals of their day could not take the torture and cracked often. As a result, the company started to make their cymbals heavier and thicker.

I was thinking of like geting the set of Sultans then get a set of vintage Zildjian Istanbul Ks. However, they are REALLY expensive. A good ride will cost like $1000 at least. A GREAT ride will cost like $2000-$3000. It is not very practical.

The website I was checking out was actually a site a cymbal smith made. He was trying to be a cymbal smith when he realised that if he could get hands on some vintage cymbals it would accelerate the improvement of his skills. He made exquisite cymbals! Though his cymbals aren’t exactly old and vintage, but those cymbals look and sound really good!  

Wow! Just so beautiful! 🙂 these are strong edge hi-hats! They are thin from the bell down to the bow but then the edge is left alone. This means that you can get a thin cymbal but with a very crisp foot hi-hat sound! Structure wise, it is very practical! For the edge is where you will hit it most of the time, so it will help with durability. However, I think it might keyhole at the hole because of the differences in weight and velocity of me hitting the cymbals. I was thinking of getting a full set of cymbals that are like strong edge! So I can get light but strong cymbals! 🙂


Just look at how beautiful that cymbal is! It wobbles and it sounds so good! 😀

Then I also discover Spizzichino cymbals. Roberto Spizzichino is considered to be the greatest cymbal smith and his cymbals are revered by Jazz players! I found one extremely beautiful Spizzichino cymbal! 

This is so incredible! So sensitive and that sizzle tone! WOW! Hope that if I ever get the money that Matt Bettis will be able to make something similar to it!

Oh well just needed to rant somewhere about these cymbals because there was so much information I gathered over the past like four days! So yeah! Amazing!


=260= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 14/6/2015:Woke up early because of body clock



But did not go all the way

Went for a run

Fell halfway

Got up and completed my run

Well 12.10! Not bad a timing for someone who fell!

Not to mention, I give thanks that even though I fell, there were minor and very minor injuries!

Went out and bought muah Chee for grandma!

Music is such an amazing thing!

Got to my grandma’s

Played with my cousins!

Got home

Did a bit of VP

Ate Yong Tau Foo

Went to church

On the way, I thought of a chorus melody! 🙂

Mindez said it was nice too! 🙂

Same chords

Got to church

Practiced a bit in Chapel

Got to play the pantheon black beauty snare! WOW! So nice! 🙂

42 strand snare wires are gonna be something! 🙂

The recording was very cool! 🙂

Though I did not do much, I really do think that I observed a lot about the recording!

It was very cool! 🙂

Got a ride from Amos!

Cool guy!

C liked my post! Oh yes I see it! 🙂 HAHA!

Got home got Yong tau foo! 🙂

Yay supper!

But needed to submit something!

One minute late… 😦 -sigh-

Woke up

Almost failed! Lord, thank you for the strength! Please give me power to run!

Had breakfast

Watched HIMYM again!

Went to Commonwealth to service my watch

Now gotta wait at least 4 weeks till I see my watch… 😦 I will miss it very much… 😦

Bought 3 for $1 curry puff

WOW! Super good! Bought another 3!

The auntie was so nice as to throw in another one! 🙂

Got home

Had a short nap


Good food for dinner

Edited VP

Woke up

Lazed at home until I finally went out at 10


Got to school and managed to do a bit more for MUTS

Helped out with another project

Got to MDS on time

Was fruitful because I practiced!

Got to church

Practiced for like 2 hours! 🙂

J333 was great! 🙂

Met this girl called Hannah, she looked left out so I simply talked to her! Quite cool! 🙂

Got a lift back home from Jun Kang’s parents! 🙂

Got home did up more for VP

Realised that D is not going for retreat… 😦

Caught up to 116

Caught up to the MRT

MRT is quite comfortable! 🙂

Got to class

Learned a bit

Did up a bit more for MUTS

Went down for practical test

Flopped it… 😦

Got home

Could not practice cause Dad at home… :/

Went to grandma’s

Felt really bad cause I have been going to my grandma’s really late… 😦

Went to Jin Leong’s concert

Was nice!

Was super fun to hang out together again! 🙂

Had quite a nice talk with Elaine!

Woke up

Failed again

Lord, please empower me!

Wasted too much time

Took cab to school

-sigh- still late

But no one in class

Had like a one to one session with Mr Loh! 🙂

Printed out the notes

Helped Sheryl and Mavise with the drum parts!

Got myself an Old Chang Kee chicken wing! So nice!

Caught up to 74! Just finished the chicken wing! 🙂

Met mum

Had Swensons for lunch

Unhappy with the amount of sauce… :/

Went to Bishan, had Yami yogurt!

Yami over Llao Llao any day!

Got home

Practiced the left foot tambourine!

Lord, please bless me with wisdom and musical capability to be able to express what I want to during retreat!

Give me the inspiration to play what is nice! 🙂

Got to grandma’s

Good food!

Good soup! 🙂

Came back

Watched 118! Love the show! Would wanna buy it when it comes out in DVD the future, but I think it is gonna be expensive… 😦

Thought about an activity with the cell! 🙂

Decided to go with like the mid year review instead! 🙂

Sis ZF wanted to do like an outreach!

Rested well

Got up

Had kueh for breakfast! 🙂

Went to customs


Waited for like two hours to get through… -sigh-

Got through

Went to Ya Wang Restoran

Was good!

Went and had crepe cake, was good too! 🙂

Got back

Got myself a shirt, a pair of shorts and a pair of pants! 🙂

Had Tang Shifu! 

Was alright but meh…

Had Roti Boy! 🙂

Got back

Thank God it wasn’t four times as bad as in the afternoon!

Interesting conversation with the cab driver! 🙂

Got home


Woke up late

Had the Tuna Bread for breakfast! Was good!

Got to Tiong!

Managed to push Jethro to it! 🙂

Like Cell Breakfast Sia!

Got to do the Outreach

Went around and gave sweets to people!

When I got back, Johann was crying because no one wanted to accept the sweets he was offering

I offered to be by his side until he was able to give out at least one of his sweets

As he was already depressed, the tone he gave while giving the sweets was quite sad.

He was able to finally give an uncle a sweet!

He cheered up! 🙂

We got back!

Haha was a bit drenched but was quite nice! 🙂

Van and Claire visited! 🙂 sight for sore eyes! 🙂 Visit MORE! Haha!

Worship was nice, but I felt as though some people were distracted!

Zackeus came! 🙂

Apparently he is coming for retreat! YAY!

Lord, please give him fire and desire to know you more!

Well, everyone went home… 😦 oh well time to go home

Went to Kovan

Had nice food!

Sam sent me a message! Was really quite encouraging and edifying! Thanks Sam!

Got home

Went for a swim!

HAHA! It was so distracting with the Pull buoy! But so much fun! Like I tried to keep my balance with it on my feet! Like hover board Sia! 😀

Got home


Went to Hougang 1 to deliver Mum’s wallet

Got home slept again! Haha! I need more!

Got up

Ate dinner! Nice Yong Tau Foo!

Watched SEA Games Bowling haha! Nice! 256 leh! Zai!

Really want vintage Istanbul k cymbals Sia… Looks so good! But the ones in good condition confirm VERY expensive!

The Spizzichino extra thin cymbal is SOOO nice! 😀

Lord, I can’t wait for Retreat!

Father, will you please give me the wisdom to answer the questions that I need to?

Lord, help me to spend my time well! Allow me to be able to study and worship and prepare for sets well! Thank you Lord!