=261= Gear Talk: Bettis Cymbals

Alright I need to get all these gear imagination out of my head!

First of all, those that has followed me for a while would know that currently the cymbals I want are Istanbul Agop Sultan Cymbals!

14 inch Sultan Hats, 17 inch Sultan crash, 20 inch Sultan Jazz Ride, 10 inch Sultan Splash and maybe either a 18 inch Sultan China or a 18 inch Xist Ion crash.

Recently, I thought about vintage drums and I realised that I want a Steambent Birch drum set with wood hoops! Because Birch is light, it is very practical!

While thinking about vintage drums, I thought about Vintage Zildjian cymbals. Like old Ludwig/Sligerland/Rogers drums, people are collecting the old Zildjian cymbals as well. As a result, I did a bit of research on the the old cymbals. Apparently last time, Zildjian and K Zildjian were two different companies, but they merged. Then there are differences in the cymbals then and today because of two things. One, The Ringo Effect. When the Beatles took the world by the storm, people saw that Ringo played Zildjian and they wanted to play Zildjian. The company that hand made their cymbals could not keep up with the demand. Hence, they started using machines to quicken the production process. All the cymbals that were made were slowly lost. Then two, The Great Cymbal Holocaust. During the 1960s and 1970s, all the keyboardists and guitarist started to go into amplified music. Hence, Drummers had to hit louder! The thin cymbals of their day could not take the torture and cracked often. As a result, the company started to make their cymbals heavier and thicker.

I was thinking of like geting the set of Sultans then get a set of vintage Zildjian Istanbul Ks. However, they are REALLY expensive. A good ride will cost like $1000 at least. A GREAT ride will cost like $2000-$3000. It is not very practical.

The website I was checking out was actually a site a cymbal smith made. He was trying to be a cymbal smith when he realised that if he could get hands on some vintage cymbals it would accelerate the improvement of his skills. He made exquisite cymbals! Though his cymbals aren’t exactly old and vintage, but those cymbals look and sound really good!  

Wow! Just so beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚ these are strong edge hi-hats! They are thin from the bell down to the bow but then the edge is left alone. This means that you can get a thin cymbal but with a very crisp foot hi-hat sound! Structure wise, it is very practical! For the edge is where you will hit it most of the time, so it will help with durability. However, I think it might keyhole at the hole because of the differences in weight and velocity of me hitting the cymbals. I was thinking of getting a full set of cymbals that are like strong edge! So I can get light but strong cymbals! ๐Ÿ™‚


Just look at how beautiful that cymbal is! It wobbles and it sounds so good! ๐Ÿ˜€

Then I also discover Spizzichino cymbals. Roberto Spizzichino is considered to be the greatest cymbal smith and his cymbals are revered by Jazz players! I found one extremely beautiful Spizzichino cymbal! 

This is so incredible! So sensitive and that sizzle tone! WOW! Hope that if I ever get the money that Matt Bettis will be able to make something similar to it!

Oh well just needed to rant somewhere about these cymbals because there was so much information I gathered over the past like four days! So yeah! Amazing!



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