=262= Melancholic Reflections: Retreat Day 1

Well, before I go into things, someone found my blog on Monday via Facebook! My stats showed 19 views by one person. WHO IS STALKING ME?! Hahaha! Thanks for reading! 🙂

Well, the first night was a wonderful night already. Pastor Benny Ho is really amazing! His sermons are easy to understand and the way he preaches was just WOW!

Lesson on the word HABIt. The word HABIt, you take away the ‘H’ you still got A BIt. You take the ‘A’ you still got BIt. You take away the ‘B’ you still got it. We try to crucify the ‘I’ but we couldn’t do it; we need to look to the cross(the ‘t’) then the ‘I’ will exit.

Well, I wanted a refreshment. I wanted fresh oil from the Lord. So I went up. As soon as I went up. A bunch of guys came and laid they hands on me. Lord, I give thanks. I am VERY thankful for these brothers that stands by me.

“Where were you, Lord? Where were you when I needed you the most?” Was what I was praying to the Lord for. Well, there was still some bitterness in my heart that I did not know about. The Lord did a release and told me that He was always with me.

However, I am not done. I am not satisfied with that. “I had enough of me serving with what is left. I had enough of going out to serve without a stronger encounter with You.” “I had enough of losing battles, you give me victory now!” I wanted something more. Something bigger. I wanted to encounter the Lord in a more definite and tangible manner. I want to hear and receive a word.

The Lord brought to mind the time of Phillip Mantofa. When he told us to come and receive. “Come, Receive!” Was what the Lord said to me. So I dragged myself to the front. When I stood at the front, it was awkward. I had no idea what to do there I had no idea what to do. I just spoke to the Lord and my mouth started to move more vigorously than it ever had. I spoke in tongues in a way that I never had. Perhaps the Spirit was praying for me so vigorously? However, God’s presence was there and I was satisfied.

Lord, please stay with me. Allow me to continue to listen to your word and await something amazing to happen in this retreat.

Man… Now I really feel like going to Pastor’s Benny’s sermons… 😦 He really is a man of depth and spirituality!

Oh well, but I believe Pastor Brian will do well too! 🙂