=263= Melancholic Reflections: Retreat Day 2

It was interesting I guess!

Several highlights.

First, Hydra. Leading an awkward group and making it less awkward and making new friends actually kinda rekindled some desire and passion for leading a group. I am thankful for this group! I am thankful that we are getting closer to each other and we work wonderfully as a group! 🙂

Second, Pastor Brian. Wow! Such a passionate pastor! His stories were good. His links were good. His analogies were good. Haha, it’s like he is speaking right straight into my heart and I really want to hear more from him.

Third, praying over people. It was a funny feeling. I mean, God definitely filled me with a fresh spirit after I struggled with him last night. It felt like my spirit was different. My worship were rooted from Joy and I feel like jumping, even in the worship songs. Then when pastor Brian called for the altar call, I knew that the call wasn’t for me and that I was to minister to people. It really felt long since I ministered with a full tank of the Lord’s spirit and it was incredible. I prayed for people and I could feel what was going on inside. The first person I prayed for, I felt pain; bitterness similar to mine. So I used words that I prayed last night over him and we both cried. Second person, I felt emptiness, I prayed using words I prayed last night as well! The next two were prayers of faith. I comforted a wailing guy. Then I encouraged a guy to go pray for his friends. He was like, “Can ah?” Then I used the “it doesn’t make sense that you see your friends hurting and crying and you are not there to comfort or pray for them”. I am very proud of him!

I give thanks for this period of ministering!

Forth, I give thanks for people that looked out of me. Sis ZF and PJ! Thanks for talking to me and affirming me(and sis ZF, praying for me). It is appreciated and thank you for covering me!

Lord, give me strength as I lead worship tmr! Lord, allow me to play beats and grooves that will monster to the congregation. Father, allow me to meet you and worship you myself Lord! 

Thank you Father!