=264= Melancholic Reflections: Retreat Day 3

Let me reflect once again.

Today was the day I served in drums. Well, I have been practicing my left feet a lot! So I thought it would have no problem. Little did I know, during the sound check of the second set, my left leg cramped up… It hurt like mad. Not only was there no tambourine, because my left leg was hurting, I was thrown off balance, so my main three limbs were compromised as well. It was annoying that I could not perform as well as I wanted to. I had Kenneth help me stretch(Thanks man! :)) and my leg was feeling a little better, but it hurt by the time it went to the second song as well. However, the Lord, pulled through. He gave me a wonderful worship set! Even without much tambourine I was able to replicate the feel of the song! I was able to worship God and feel His presence and did a few spontaneous things! I am so grateful for that!

Then, for the altar call, Pastor Brian did the leaders stand and the congregation comes and receive prayer thing. I prayed for two boys; D & R. I was able to feel D’s pain again. After I prayed the prayer, I simply gave him a hug for a while. 🙂 Then R, I prayed over the emptiness, then somehow the prayer went to the direction of calling and I prayed for courage and for people to equip him.

I then wanted to receive prayer for myself. So I went up to Pator Brian and received prayer myself. He prayed and told me that he felt that God’s plan for me is gonna be an adventure. He prayed for me not to be afraid and prayed over my family.

Then I went to Eugene. Simply because over the past three days I found Eugene to be someone that I found a special connection to. Kinda like with Tiff Tay; easy to talk to, God fearing and wise! So he prayed over me and He told me that he saw me as a man kneeling down. He then went on to tell me that I was affected by what people said in the past that I started to believe in the devil’s lies and I have stopped fighting. He encouraged me to take up the shield and guard my heart against the devil.

Well, I give thanks for this R&R day. I really needed it. I am honestly getting old… 😦 Like I got SO tired from like hanging out with my group and like talking to people. Like after the service I could simply cong out. Nevertheless, we went to IOI mall and had like Secret Recipe, wasn’t very good though… 😦 then I bought like a Mayday CD! Then, Teh Tarik. Then, Famous Amos! Was VERY nice! I got to sleep then I got to study!

Thank you God!



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