=265= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 21/6/2015:

Woke up


Decided not to go to school

Stayed at home and slept

Prepared for the two sets for retreat

Went for a run 11.48, not bad, come on let’s improve!

Got home


Practiced drums

Went for dinner

Got back

Watched 118!

Got no motivation to study… Help Lord

Failed again… :/

Went for a shower came out

Sat down to study

Nope… :/

Mum vomited quite badly

Thank God she is alright!

Watched the new 10 o clock show…

-sigh- nope not studying…


Woke up!

Claire met her fav band in the airport! WOW! So lucky! 🙂 have a nice trip! 🙂

Tempted myself again… -sigh-


Watched HIMYM

Cooked noodles for lunch!

Was nice!

Now going to school

109 came fast!

Reached school but the lab was closed… 😦

Went to HMV

Went back home


Had dinner! Nice

Went for rehearsals

Bought waffles

Went for drum lessons

Was very productive!

Went and got myself a $5 army bag!

Bumped into mum while on 109

Brought duck to grandma’s

Was nice!

Got home packed

Jun Kang’s parents picked me up from regentville all the way to G2! I give thanks!

Xin Yi was so funny and we can click well! 🙂

Grabbed Leb’s cymbals

Brought it

Crossed custom fast

Had Ramly burger

Had 3 layer tea!

Had a long chat with Jun Kang about drums!


Passed Leb the cymbals!

He almost wanted to use my crash

But didn’t in the end… 😦

Food was alright!

Went for service

Pastor Benny preached amazingly!

Encountered God!

Hydra was a bit awkward!

Was a bit hungry at night but had the preserved fruit from mum!

Woke up!

Went for devotions

Had two eggs

Managed to lightened up the mood of Hydra!

The people were responding well!

Service was good!

Games was fun! Just a bit tiring!

PT was difficult man… Gonna work harder!

Managed to get a lot more jewels,

Got the snacks!

Played truth or dare!

Was so funny!

Showered and had a chat with Jun Wei about drama and anime

Went for Dinner and Hydra was very fun!

Got to service

Pastor Brian had an altar call which I kinda responded myself last night, so I just went and prayed for people!

I prayed for L, I felt pain and we both cried!

I prayed for D, felt emptiness.

Prayed for J and Z, prayed for faith.

Comforted B

Encouraged someone to go pray!

Sis ZF came up to me and prayed for me!

PJ came up to me and encouraged me!

Managed to patch up the drum head.

Set up the kick

Went for LC

Was nice talking!

Got back

Had Yong tau foo from JK’s parents! 🙂

Durian tart too! 🙂

Got to sleep!

Woke up

Went for breakfast!

Breakfast was nice!

Worship set alright, but I feel like I could do better!

Then R&R

Went to IOI mall for lunch

Went to secret recipe… Was quite bad… 😦

Got sweets for my kids

Got myself a new CD!

Jk they all got bread

I got famous Amos!

We went and got Teh Tarik!

Mine tasted the best!

Got back, I slept!

Woke up Daniel and JK slept

I studied

Went for dinner

Practiced during soundcheck and my left leg cramped up on me… Was super pain… Like arghh….

Then Kenneth helped me stretched.

Got up still pain but I did my best!

The worship set was awesome!

PB had us pray for people that comes up to us

And so I did!

Managed to minister well to people

Went to PB for prayer

Then went to Eugene for prayer

Stayed back to talk to Bob

Shared my heart!

Got cupcakes from Lucas!

Really thankful for a cell like Footsteps! 🙂

Went to Bob’s room

Got a donut from his father!

Got back!

The carrot cake was just horrible as well…. 😦


Woke up

Went to devotions slightly late because I was packing a bit!

Devotions was too long… 😫 make it simple guys! Don’t dump info!

Got Nasi Lemak! 😀

Got to service!

Was very tired though!

Worship songs were nice!

Went for lunch

Wrote a few notes for the kids

Went up and packed finished and passed my card to JK!

The ride was nice!

I watched the Wong Fu movie with Lucas, was interesting! Was alright!

Got to Singapore quite early!

Took a cab with Lucas!

Cab fare wasn’t too bad!

Came home and had steamboat!

Food was so good!

Thank God for home cooked food! 🙂

Studied a bit!

Tried to fix the watch, but couldn’t… 😦


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