=267= Words of Joy: Forged

It was an interesting night! Forged a few friendships here and there. Sometimes I really need to remember that being a fool will not work in making friends all the time. If you are lucky you get people that relates and you get friend. If you are not, you get people that becomes annoyed at you.


I thank God for self control over the issue and managed to end the conversation with a good note! Stop being a fool! I see Jun Yi and how he is able to be funny without being a fool and I realised that, that is maturity. Guess I am still immature! :/

Well, another crazy thing happened today. I prayed over someone today, to protect her, let’s call her Jane. Since I had the experience in retreat, I anticipated an emotion that I can feel. Instead, I was given an image. I saw a small Jane, with her face unhappy. I can’t recall and really pin point the feeling, but the best I can go is like someone going with the motion. Like someone sian but still talking. Then I got a feeling, a strong one, about bad attitude. This surprised me for I never had this kind of things before! However, it was a hard prayer to pray. I mean what kind of idiot prays over someone’s bad attitude? Thank God I knew Jane, it will be so weird if it was someone I didn’t know.

So then I talked to Jane after supper. I struggled with my words to sort of help form a picture. She told me that she was feeling very small at her work place. And that the bad attitude might be at her workplace. She probably really dislikes her work place. When I asked her if there was any good that came out of her job, she answered that being able to win souls at her workplace was the only good. That she has been asking for motivation for her work but she couldn’t get motivated. I have no idea how to help her, I honestly do not have any solution to the problem that she has. It was a strange feeling. Well, we do not know if it was the right interpretation. I hope so. Well, I trust that this was from the Lord? I mean I did not prepare beforehand, I did not make myself want to see an image. It just came. Well, if there was a word that can’t be put into this image I will love to have it! Lord, will you please show me? Give me an interpretation of the image!

Lord, continue to impact my life and show me supernatural things! Thank you Lord!


Well, I think I made quite a good friend in A! To more nights out having supper! 🙂


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