=268= Words of Joy: Martin Smith

Like WOW!

Thank you Mindez for asking me about Fusion! Now I am gonna go every year! šŸ™‚

On Wednesday while we were doing up the song, Mindez asked me about JDOP and Fusion! I heard of JDOP, but I never heard of Fusion before! Then she showed me a photo! When I saw that Martin Smith was coming, I asked if I could go! šŸ˜€ Mindez later on me a ticket! YEAH!

Well for those that dunno who Martin Smith is, Martin Smith is the lead singer for the Band Delirious?. Delirious? was like the U2 of Christian music! They were big! They were really good! They sang, “I could sing of your love forever” and  “did you hear the mountains tremble”! Amazing!

Well, honestly, ever since the saving money so that I can buy something came up. I stopped buying any music whatsoever. I used to go to HMV like at least once a month to buy myself a CD! If someone that I really like is in town, I would at least consider going for their concert(of course, if it was too expensive like WAY too expensive I can’t go…. šŸ˜¦ Michael Buble…). When I heard Charlie Lim was going to perform in Esplanade I really wanted to go… šŸ˜¦ like it was $50! Like Charlie Lim!!!! And Esplanade concert hall! Like the best place to have a concert in Singapore! However, I decided not to go for I will not have the money in time to buy that something. So when this FREE worship set came to me I was like YEAH! Martin Smith some more Sia! Providence! 

Well, it was really quite cool! šŸ™‚

Mindez had to back out last minute because some things came up! Well, so I brought my mum! I originally planned to go have dinner with her before meeting Mindez, but now yeah!

Well, we had dinner and we were running late! Mindez told me that we had to be sitted down at like 6.45 if not the place will go to the public. So we went off the Cabs took forever, then we called for a cab, the cab uncle was a bit lost, then we reached and I saw that there were people outside! So I calmed down quite a bit!

Then we reached the place! The hall was a lot smaller than I thought! Like the first floor was without chairs! A lot of the youths were sitted there of course! My mum actually chose to sit on the chairs behind the youths. Well, I decided to move up and I had great seats! Like it was the first row of the balcony seats! The hall was very well built! Like even though it had balcony seats it was still VERY intimate! Like everyone could see the band and Martin on stage! No need for projectors to show them performing!

Before worship, they had an emcee that gave things out like posters and stickers! Then he started to ask questions for CDs! Like YEAH! Please give me one! I really wanted a new CD! I tried to go down several times, but other people managed to reach before me… So sad… Haha! Then, for the third last question, I went down but a girl got there before me… šŸ˜¦ however the emcee asked me to wait. So when it got to my turn, he asked me to name three songs that Martin Smith wrote! Then I introduced myself to the crowd(yeah in this order!). It was funny cause I was probably the only one from GAOG. So yeah! Named the three songs and got my free CD! OH YEAH! Managed to get it signed by Martin too! Nice!

Then worship was just incredible! During the first song, I think the band kinda knew and felt the congregation’s conservativeness! Well, we are Singaporeans. So after the bridge, he signalled to the band to continue and told the congre to jump! He said that we could do it at the end or we could do it right from the start! So like  a good number of people started to jump and it was awesome! šŸ™‚

Most of the songs played are familiar songs that I heard before! Like he sang it on the Jesus Culture: Live in New York album! Amazing! Then he changes so many of the song forms and does so many spontaneous things! Another thing I realised was that he seldom does free worship and when he does let the congre sing alone he will come back soon to support the congregation! A very wise worship leader move! šŸ™‚ I am a bit sad that he didn’t do “Did you feel the mountains tremble”… Oh well! 

The band was incredible! The drummer, though I don’t like his ride cymbal, had amazing amount of musical sense and was very tight! I think he uses triggers! His drums produces a lot of the electronic sounds! Bet it was triggers with a sound module or the laptop! Super cool! Martin’s daughter, Elle, was like Kim Walker! Super Zai! SOOO good! šŸ˜€ the bassist kept on smiling to the drummer and the guitarist! The electric guitarist was good! Then the keyboardist, the female lead singer(yup same person!) was incredible! Very good!

Martin then shared a word about what we are here(on earth) for. He went on to lead us into praying for each other then he prayed for us. Then I thought Back to the start was such a fun song! I mean like it is a worship song then it progresses into a praise! Very cool must check it out! Very good transition from worship to praise! Then I saw my mum jump! Like wow! I never seen my mum jump in worship before that was a sight to remember!

After the whole thing, I wanted an autograph and a photo! So I waited. Then Martin was mobbed by so many people wanting a photo! Well, I got my signature! But I lost my pen in the process! I think he koped it! HAHA! Oh well, another tradio gone… šŸ˜¦ I didn’t get my photo though… Many people asked me to help them take a photo, by the time it reached my turn, he needed to leave alr… šŸ˜¦ The best I got was my mum took a photo of me getting a signature! Better than nothing!

It was delightful! šŸ™‚


 Now I shall look forward to Fusion every year! šŸ™‚


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