=271= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 5/7/2015:
Woke up early to go to school
Got to school
The lab is empty! Cause the lessons starts at 10!
Turns out that the project got postponed
Oh well
Studied for Synthesis test!
Went and bought chicken rice and Takoyaki home!
Got home
The food is good! Love the chicken rice and Tako!
Went for a run
Timing still the same… 😦 need to push myself more!
Got home!
Good food at grandma’s again! πŸ™‚
Went back watched 118
Studied a bit more for the test
Watched forensic heroes!
Woke up
Memorised the years and inventors of the analog synthesisers! πŸ™‚
By having weird acronyms! πŸ™‚
Test went well!
Little time left for the song project though… 😦
I dunno if I am offending someone… :/
Went to music box
Celebrated Pei Han’s birthday! πŸ™‚
Went and measured the lights/light bars of music box
Was quite nice
Went back home
Practiced for like 20 minutes! Too little time! 😦
Got to grandma’s
Good food! The chilli crab paste thingy was superb!
Got home watched 118
Practiced a bit on the drum pad at home
Watched forensic heroes!
Woke up
Came to school on time! πŸ™‚
We reviewed our tracks! Oh well!
The pork ribs prawn noodles isn’t fantastic… :/
Went off to do the drums for the project
They were planning for VP though… Felt so bad that I wasn’t able to help!
Needed to rush off to drum lessons
Worse thing was that I was late for drum lessons too… 😦
Really made me productive!
Can’t believe that I am gonna take the drum exam this week… D:
Went to church to practice!
Was really good!
Enjoyed practicing a lot! πŸ™‚
Thank God that Josh is subbing me tonight! If not I would have another thing on my plate!
Went to Dover
Decided to have mcspicy for dinner!
Went to SP, hence, it was cheaper!
They have curry sauce! :DDD
So good!
J333 was nice!
Had supper
Talked to Augustine a bit!
Went back!
Woke up
Good breakfast
116 was slow… 😦
Managed to get in the MRT
Got to school fairly on time
I got 83 for VT! Quite alright! πŸ™‚
Heard that I got 88 for MTSY
Oh yeah!
Lesson was interesting
Oh gosh so tired after VT…
VP was interesting as well
VP project in 20+ days… 😦
Left early
Reached grandma’s late
Good food!
Watched 118! πŸ™‚
Got home
Practiced for the solos etc etc
Watched forensic scientist 3!
Decided to go to school!
Got to school
Fairly on time!
Well quite good lab
Lord, I am really scared
Missed 151 because I was practicing my solos… :/
Got onto 154!
Went to MDS
Super nervous
Well, Mark Murphy is really nice! πŸ™‚
Stupid me!
Ate Laksa, Popiah and Milo for only $5!
Met Mr Murphy again!
Went to get my watch
YAY! So happy that it is back! πŸ™‚
Got back
My class got Lego set… I don’t have!
MTSY quizzes are quite alright
Went to church early
Practiced with a gap click!
Was so fun! πŸ™‚
I managed to pull out so many different fills that I have never done before! πŸ™‚
Went for dinner
Cell was alright!
Got back with Jun Kang, shared with him some stuff from the exam!
Sat was just a day to rest
Went to the CC to paint the banners
Had free Nasi Lemak for lunch!
Went to grandma’s again! Was nice!
Got back
Then I practiced my singles, doubles and flams with a metronome!
Watched Percy Jackson on TV
Chicken rice wasn’t very nice… :/
Woke up
Went to church
Shared with Jun Kang my groove generator idea!
Went to KFC
On the way bumped into Michael
We walked to Market to buy Soya milk but there wasn’t any… 😦
Bought Sugarcane instead!
Cell breakfast was nice!
Got back!
Served communion!
Managed to help Ezra with the communion again!
Worship was nice!
Sermon was interesting!
Went off to Tiong market!
Managed to chat a bit with D! πŸ™‚
Had char siew roasted pork rice! πŸ™‚
SOO good!
Got lost with Jerome and Royce!
Bumped into Charissa and her two kids, Amanda and Faith.
Brought all of them to Outram!
I think one of the girls misunderstood my words and argh…
Oh well
Went to Kallang Wave to buy a shoe for my sis!
Got there
The shoe is too small though
Just so happened that I sat beside Angeline for JDOP
Saw so many people around!
Who knew Pei En had a boyfriend? O_O
Yeah JDOP was quite cool! Very tiring though…
Like cause we had cell & service in the morning then in the afternoon we had this… -sigh-
Well, James and Rudy both looked super cool playing the drums! Rudy actually sounded better though!
Len can probably thrash both of them though! HAHA!
Met up with my family
We went to eat Ayam Penyet
Was alright I guess!
Got home
-sigh- just a lot of things going wrong… 😦


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