=281= Stories to Tell: The Man With The Funny Suit

Once upon a time, there was this Fashion Designer, or Tailor, as how the people of that time called them, named, William. He lived in a rather simple village named Grastina. People that stays in Grastina are all stylish because of William. Everyone—From the mayor to fishermen—Everyone get’s fashion advise from William.

At William’s shop, you can find all the fabric you could ever think off. From silk imported from China to hand spun cotton, everything in his shop is high quality. You can ask William to give you any clothes of any colour! He uses dyes that he developed himself and mixes them together to form the exact colour you want! “No colour is too difficult for William” is the common statement made whenever someone comments about William’s handiwork.

One morning, William received a package. The package contained fabrics that he had ordered from a factory from Gret Island. Gret Island is known for their high quality fabrics with intricate and beautiful patterns. However, William was disappointed. The fabrics were indeed high quality and had very beautiful patterns, but, the mix colour is just so garish. The colour of yellow was paired together with another shade of yellow and had white, barely anything can be seen. It also had brown, but the brown is hardly brown, more like mustard. Another one had a different pattern, but in blue, but it just looked so bad. William sighed at the money he wasted and was considering to use these fabrics for a curtain instead, but William finds it still really ugly.

Then, a man walked into the shop. A rather peculiar man. He wore a funny suit. The suit that he wears had patches all over, but it doesn’t look spoilt. It seemed to be intentional! William had never seen this man before; must be a foreigner! Then smiling man came to the counter and asked William for a suit. William took out the three suits that he had made for himself, masterpieces to William’s sight! However, the man was not interested. Hence, William took out the most popular fabrics of his stall to let the man choose. The man wasn’t interested with any. While William was at the back searching for more fabrics to show the man, the man spotted the box of fabric that William had just received. The man immediately felt in love with the fabric!

When William came out, the man immediately told William that he wants a suit made out of that fabric. William was both glad and puzzled. Glad because someone actually would buy the fabric, puzzled because why in the world would someone buy such an ugly fabric?

A week later, the man came in again to collect his suit. William tried his very best to make the suit look good by adding many folds to it, to make it look sleek. He threaded such that the patterns for each other. William worked his hardest for this suit, but he is still unhappy with the result. When the man saw the suit, he smiled. He was joyful because he really liked the suit.

Before the man left, William had to ask. So he asked the man why did he like the fabric?

The man replied, “Because the patterns were beautiful!”

“But the colours are so ugly!” William replied.

The man’s smiling face became a bit serious, no, more like sad. Then he replied, “Haha, no problem, I can’t see them anyway!”

The man left with the suit, still smiling.


Well, i just wanted to write a story on a colour blind man being pleased by something that normal people aren’t pleased with! Honestly, if the world is black and white, wouldn’t it be simpler?


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