=284= Thanksgiving: Coverage

Well, last week I posted quite a depressing post on this site. After that rant, many people have approached me(online and offline) to encourage me and to cover me. I even received notes from people that didn’t know. I am very privileged! 🙂 Thank you very much! I really do appreciate it! 

Well, I do have to give thank for God’s favour upon many areas! 

In the worship ministry, I grew a lot in my musicianship; being able to play stuff that I never thought to play! Daniel even encouraged me, saying that I improved a lot! 🙂

In my cell ministry, I noticed my guys started to bring more and more guys in this year! Honestly, wow! I am so proud of them! Whenever someone walks out for the altar call, my bunch of guys would go out to pray for him! Everyone new that came for cell, all enjoyed themselves. Father, will you continue to prosper this ministry?

I noticed I have a new spiritual gifting. Well, haha, I am still a little shy about it, so I am not gonna say what it is on this site! Let’s just say that it has triggered a desire to learn a pitched instrument.

Thank you God for the favour for my video edit. Well, for those that don’t know, recently I had a project that requires my group to film and edit a video. This project is the most tiring and taxing project that I have ever done. First, it requires extensive planning(EXTENSIVE and LONG and TIME CONSUMING). Then, when we shot the first day, for 12 hours, we were unhappy with the shots and we decided to reshoot and since our actor cannot make it, we had to change actor meaning that all our previous shots had gone to waste… 😦 then the reshoot took 15 hours(9am-12am), I only joined the group at 2pm because of prior arrangements. Then we continued to shoot for Wed from 2pm-7.15pm. Then we reshoot again on Thurs, from about 5-7.15, in which I left early for my dinner at my grandma’s. Then the other editing team wanted to shoot more shots, that resulted in more shoots, but I could not join them… -sigh- in total, I confirm we shot more than 24 hours. It was insane tough. 

However, because of this insistence on perfection my group had, we ended up with very good shots! Like really not bad! Most of the video was clean with little noise. The audio was so clean and natural; making it so easy to edit. Honestly the editor can do nothing well if the shots are bad! Thank God for good shots!

This isn’t without a price though. My group suffered a great deal emotionally. We as a group had so many strong individuals. All of us had certain ideas on how to make the video good. Due to that, we are unable to settle on a lot of issues. Like which angle, pan or don’t pan etc etc. we spent most of our time arguing over what to do. Obviously it had put a strain on our friendship. It wasn’t easy to work together. As one group has two editing teams, there is conflict in the groupings as well… -sigh- oh well glad that it is settled. Father, please stay with me Lord.

Today, when the video was shown, many people really liked the edit! I think the edit is among the better few! 🙂 I really liked the audio! The audio is really quite difficult to find. I had to search so many places for different sounds and had to match different sounds for the edit. The perfect sounds needed to be paid and the free sounds doesn’t match. It took painstaking effort to find those sounds. Little things like the spoon hitting the fork needed to have sound, if not, it sounds flat. The morning needed to have some ambience of birds, if not, it sounds empty. The jump I added the dramatic woosh sound effect to have a better effect. Cutting several shots here and there made the story so much clearer. I guess I give thank to my legal song decision that helped me find royalty free songs that actually suits the edit really well. The songs happen to end right on time too, which made the video flow so well. I can’t help but enjoy the flow of the music because there were no clashing notes in the sound track(or I don’t think so) it went really smooth! 🙂

If you wanna watch the video, ask me! I will show it to you! 🙂

Thank you God for your coverage! 🙂