=285= Gear I Want: 10 Things

I need gear NOWWWWW! Like so many things I want, but so little money… 😦

Let’s start with things that are not drum related!

1. Another Mechanical Watch
Recently, I found a beautiful Citizen watch! Really nice! Like with gold/bronze/brass plated case with display case back, with sapphire crystal! Like wow! However, the only thing I am unhappy about is the dial and the lettering… Just a bit too kiddish… -sigh-  

 Just look at it! So nice! It comes down to about $290, which honestly is really not too bad! 🙂

2. James Bond ZULU Watch Strap
I think ever since I got into nylon or NATO watch straps, I found such practical uses for them! Like WOW! I have been wearing my Orient Black Mako, inter-switching between the leather and black NATO straps. The leather gives my watch some sophistication, but the black, it made my Mako the most versatile watch ever. Black dial on black bezel on black NATO strap, that is the most versatile thing ever. Not too tacky for formal and not too ‘Beng’ for casual wear! I love how I can pull once and the strap will come out! Just love it! 🙂 well, I simply want a James Bond ZULU strap so that I can interchange between the nylon straps. I think a James Bond Strap is a must have! I want the grey one!

Something like that! Kinda gives it a bit more look!

3. Black Leather Shoes
Well, ever since secondary school, I have stopped wearing black shoes alltogether. However, I feel the need to have one though. Every single time I wear black formal, I do not have black shoes, hence, it just doesn’t look as sleek. 

However, there are simply way too many options for black shoes. So many different patterns with so many different styles… Well, price is an issue too! No way am I paying more than a hundred! However, comfort is the most important! 

4. Music
I want CDs! 😦 It has been so long since I bought my last CD… :/ there are so many CDs I want! Like really want!

  1. Twin Forks, Twin Forks
  2. Dashboard Confessional, Dusk and Summer and Alter the Ending
  3. Lifehouse, Hurricane
  4. Mika, No Place in Heaven and Life in Cartoon Motion
  5. John Mayer, Paradise Valley and Heavier Things
  6. Benny Greb, The Art and Science of Groove DVD
  7. Charlie Lim, Time and Space, 1st EP

Yeah, this is really bad! I really want more music!

5. New Custom IEMs
Well, don’t have too be too expensive but I really want earphones that can help me monitor really well! Maybe I should simply reshell my Triple Fi 10!

6. Logic Pro X
Logic is honestly one of the coolest software that I have ever used! Like so cool! Able to key in whatever instrument in and get a song! It is really interesting! Hopefully one day, I will get enough knowledge about music and chords to really use the program to it’s fullest potential! 🙂

7. A Guitar
Haha, I just want to learn a pitched instrument! Well, guitar has seemed so cool for so long! Really want to learn! Been thinking of the Martin LX1E “Little Martin” guitar, because both Chris Carabba and John Mayer plays Martin! Then, this guitar is specially played by Ed Sheeran! Then this guitar is not as expensive as the other Martins as well. Then put on with a Paige capo! 🙂

The fact that it is a smaller sized guitar makes it attractive too! 🙂 like I can bring it around without it being too bulky! 🙂 Fishman pick up with tuner, sounds good to me! 🙂

Among everything on this list, the one that I am the most serious about has to be this; Cymbals! I have seen what Leb’s cymbals can do. I have seen what the church’s cymbals can’t… 😦 oh well, save up! I really want it! Hopefully, I will be able to get it soon! 🙂  I have put my heart to these Istanbul Agop Cymbals:

  1. 14 inch Sultan Hi-Hats
  2. 17 inch Sultan Crash
  3. 20 inch Sultan Jazz Ride
  4. 10 inch Sultan Splash
  5. 18 inch Sultan China
  6. 18 inch Traditional Trash Hit

For the second set:

  1. 14 inch Signature Agop Hi-Hats
  2. 19 inch Special Edition Jazz Ride
  3. 21 inch Mel Lewis Ride

Haha, best thing is that Istanbul is cheaper than Zildjian and is true handmade Turkish Cymbals! 🙂 Zildjian’s are USA machine manufactured stuff, I am going to look forward to the day I get them! 🙂

Just looks so custom and sexy! 🙂

9. Pantheon Percussion Snare
I want a Singaporean made snare drum! Well, I have been following the George Leslie Paul site for so long and I am absolutely hooked! Their drums look SOOOO absolutely stunning! 😀 like an amazing WOW! I want either a walnut or a birch snare. Walnut Stave or Steam Bent on 14×4.5, with wood hoops, with the trick throw off and DW position butt plate. Tube lugs maybe! Steambent birch on 13×5.75, with wood hoops with any throw off with the 3 position butt plate. Waiting for the day that I get enough money!

10. Mono Stick Bag/ Cymbal Bag
Well, Sticks and Cymbals are nice, but I want a nice bag with it too and nothing looks better than the mono stick bag and the mono cymbal bag! No contest! It just looks stunning! 🙂