=287= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 9/8/2015:
Woke up
Got to school late because Mindez is late
Go off at the wrong stop… 😦
Had to walk back cause beauty world there is a one way road… -sigh-
Went to buy Sugarcane along the way at Bukit Timah market! 🙂
The sugar cane was bad though… 😦
Kinda finished finale
We went to various rooms and finally got to the MMT lab!
Isaac saw our edit and gave a few suggestions!
Went off
Got home to practice some drums
Came up with two cool compositions again! 🙂
Good dinner
Got back, watched 118
Tried to study but cannot cause way too much content… -sigh- 😦
Got to school
Added in Janzen’s VO
Ready to submit! 🙂
Went for the test
-sigh- was so bad… 😦
Went off for studio mixing
Well, didn’t really get everything done, oh well… 😦
Got home
Good dinner
Watched 118!
Finished up the VT assignment
Studied for MP! Hopefully will score well!
Watched the 10 o clock show!
Went to sleep
Miss CW a lot… 😦
Woke up slightly late
Had waffles for breakfast, good cause I can grab and go!
Caught up to 116
Caught up to MRT!
Got to class on time!
MP test was alright I guess!
VP presentation was cool!
Thank God for my edit to liked by everybody! 🙂
Was nice!
Good lunch
Had a little chat with Jie Jun
Last class with Jenny… 😦
Thank You Jenny for being SOO patient with me for so long!
Went to SP for macs
The fish fillet doesn’t really satisfy though… 😦
Had a nice time with Augustine and Bro John
Enjoyed worship in J333! 🙂
Had a song in my head
Went for supper!
Free drink! Thanks John! 🙂
Got home
Had some food, but was really pain due to ulcers
Rested really well! 🙂
Woke up at like 8.00!
Got to school on time for the lecture
Went off for lunch with my sis and mum
Good unagi! 🙂
Went to watch Fantastic 4, MEH…. Such a bad movie… 😦 booooo!
Went off for dinner at grandma’s! So good!
Brought grandma to the new hawker Center
Got home
Went to watch Mission Impossible Rogue Nation! Was GOOD! Maybe just a bit draggy! But the plot and everything was spectacular! Tom Cruise is amazing!
Went to grandma’s for dinner!
Was nice!
Curry at grandma’s is quite cool! Like not thick and soup like, yet flavourful enough!
Watched 118 and the 10 o clock show!
Woke up
Had breakfast
Went off to Nex for sushi
Went for the LKY musical! So nice!
Adrain Pang is amazing! 🙂
Went to had really over priced ice cream and cake… 😦
Had dinner at the hawker Center! Good food!
Got home!
Woke up
Feels so weird not needing to tap for the bus and MRT!
Went to Furama
Wrote out the lyrics
Started worship
Was really nice! 🙂
The worship atmosphere was simply beautiful! 😀
Did something stupid
Got scolded by Elsa
Went for PUSH
Closed PUSH
Went for worship
Helped Josh with his stick! 🙂
Sermon really spoke to me
The altar call was an interesting experience!
Talked to Daniel about my idea, but oh well!
Talked to Jethro on the bus
Got home
Had chicken rice!
Went over to grandma’s
But she wasn’t in… :/
Had ice cream!
Slept a bit
Had steamboat for dinner!
Failed -sigh-