=291= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 16/8/2015:
Woke up at like 11am… :O
Had the omelette for breakfast
Watch TBBT
Read a bit of the manga
Went off for movie!
The bread we bought was awesome!
1965 was really quite good! 🙂
Got home
Mum cooked sambal sotong! Nice!
118 was nice! Poor Zhi Gao, too nice a person!
Did finish up my arranging!
Watched the 10 o’clock show!
Went to sleep!
Woke up
Had breakfast with mum and sis
Went of with sis
Got on to 116!
Caught up to MRT!
Went for the presentation
The presentation was SOOO lame… 😦
Went for lunch
Went back to the MMT lab to do mixing for MP
Managed to do it quite well!
Tried to help Em’s group, but it was really tough… D:
Went off
Practiced a bit
Went for dinner at grandma’s
Went for MP presentation
It was SOOO boring… -sigh-
Plan changed
Went to meet EnMing
Told him about what was upon my mind
Rehearsals was nice! 🙂
Got home rather late
Went for VT consultation
This is very bad, I am already in holiday mood… 😦
Went to Sim Lim to buy thumb drive
Got the thumb drive that I wanted at like $27! Challenger sells it at like $50! 😀 SUPER happy!
The thumb drive is insanely fast!
I signed up for the warranty! OH GOSH! It is lifetime warranty! :DDD
Went to grandma’s for dinner! Nice! 🙂
Enjoyed rest
Woke up at like 9.30-10!
Watched so many shows
Got up my butt to text Bro Brian to help me with the internship idea!
Texted Bro Chris
He told me he needs to inform management!
Lord, please open this door! Allow me to learn stuff during my holidays while earning money without neglecting ministry! Please bless me Father!
Prepared the lesson!
Was tough though!
Got macs for lunch
Went off
Got dinner
Cell was nice
Elsa came!
Daniel told me something that just blew me away!
Lord, you are definitely in control! 🙂
Got a nice chat with Jun Kang!
Got home
Had noodles cooked by my mum!
Was really good! 🙂
Chatted with Gideon! 🙂
Woke up
Went to church
There was people using the chapel, so I didn’t practice beforehand
I tried to fix the snare wires instead!
Managed to after using the chair as a clamp then pull!
Soundcheck went alright I guess
Prayer was funny! This guy named Jonathan was laughing at me!
Set went well! 🙂
Sermon was good!
We sang “Make my life a prayer”
Such a beautiful song!
Well, had some conversations with someone
Went off!
Got home
Rurouni Kenshin is NICE! 🙂
Dinner was good!
Secrets for Sale was on TV! 😀
Watched so many shows again!
Pray that tmr lesson will be good!
Lesson kinda went well
They all a bit disengaged though… 😦
Made me think though
Worship was good!
But the background music is HAHAHA!
Gideon Came! YAY! 🙂
Went for lunch with the group!
They went to the ban Mian/ramen place! 🙂
Missed it!
Had quite a good talk with Jerome and Jonathan
Went home
Good dinner