=293= Thanksgiving of the Week

I have had trouble being consistent with this thingy! Like now, since I don’t use my phone as much, I seldom remember to record down my thanksgiving. The past week, I forgot to even start it… 😦

So yeah, this week, just one thanksgiving everyday.

Good and GREAT rest!

Good rest again and went to exercise!

Went for lesson with JiaXing, really quite interesting! Got myself a new phone case and screen leotector! 🙂 Went down to VT class. Had dinner. Heard about my exclassmate. Was super affected… 😦 Went into J333 really depressed. Had a good time of worship! 🙂 enjoyed company with the supper people!

Went for VT Q&A! had lunch with Jia Jun. Ran through the whole syllabus with him. Texted my boys! 🙂 Really gotta love G! 🙂

Got the old guitar of my parents put and cleaned it. Got it Restrung, got q new bag and a tuner! Well, spent a lot, but for further investment.

Stayed at home. Went to had Zichar at the new hawker center. Good food! However, REALLY expensive… 😦

Cell breakfast was a success! Well, I was always very scared of my Sec 2s not coming, thank God, that did not happen! So many people came! Like YAY! Awesome! G came! 🙂 then Royce friend, Shi Wen, came. Jacob’s friend, Brendon Came! Jumped together with a lot of guys at the front! 😀 spent the whole service time for J and D. Well, they asked a lot of questions about God. Lord, please give me the wisdom to answer them properly! Father, please bring them back! Thank you Lord! 🙂



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