=294= Words of Joy: Guitar

Haha, well, I had an idea popped into my head several weeks ago. To simply go and get the old guitar, that my parents used to play, restrung, get a new guitar bag and buy a tuner! Instead of buying an expensive guitar and not knowing how to play it, why not try playing this cheaper guitar first?

Last Friday, I eventually did! I took the guitar out from the fake leather bag. The bag was in a horrible condition, all the metal parts were rusted, the fake black leather was peeling and was becoming white and the main zip cannot be zipped. I tried to clean it, but the most dirty areas are near the strings. Hence, I took out all the rusted strings. Took really long though! I then took out some nuts and screws to release the knobs of the guitar, so I can clean it better. I then put it back into the bag, used tape to ensure that the guitar would not pop out and left for Bras Bersah.

When asked if I wanted the alright strings or the better strings, I chose the better one. I mean like it is like drum heads right? The bad quality ones suck, the good ones rock right? So yeah, got these D’addaro Pro strings. Don’t really know how different are they though! Then, for the guitar bag and tuner, I chose the cheaper ones. I mean, all I need is a good bag to carry the guitar around and the tuner that I have been using have been pretty good! ๐Ÿ™‚ It all round up to a price of $54… :/ well, an investment to me learning a new instrument!

Well, now all I need is a Paige capo and a pick and I think I will look quite cool! Haha!

Well, learning a new instrument on my own is NOT easy… D: well, people have done it and they sound awesome, so I think I will be able to do it! Slowly, one step at a time! Well, for one, finding the right video online to learn is a tough one, some show you how to play a chord, but don’t really teach you how to play a song. If there isn’t any application, what is the point right?

So yeah, I found one guy that is really pretty good at teaching online, so I have been trying out!

Well, I know now that whenever you move down one fret that string goes down by half a step. So C goes to C sharp, then to D, E flat, E, F, F sharp, G, G sharp, A, B flat, B, then, back to C again! I tried every string with the tuner and wrote down every note that it will make! Haha, I know I am totally oversimplifying things trying to break down playing guitar like a keyboard. Doesn’t work at all! 

Well, today, I figured out how to play E Major, E Minor, A Major, D Major and a super cool Asus2 chord! Haha, it is lamer than it sounds! Well, now I have been trying to change properly from E Major to A Major. The problem now is when I try to do a C Major chord, my finger touches the string below it, making the rattling sound, well, need to get used to it. Need more practice but my fingers hurt already.

But nevertheless, it has been super fun to mess around with the strumming pattern even with just two chords! I mean like, hey chords isn’t my strong point, rhythm is! So why not play around with that? I tried the basic slow worship song strumming pattern. It is probably wrong through! HAHA! I also tried to make it sound a bit shuffle! Oh and is E Major, A Major, E Major, A Major, One Four One Four?

I wanna learn more about chords and music! Argh!!!!!!!

Haha, I dunno! Trying luhh! Maybe I would pick up formal lessons if I really cannot. Let’s hope I will be able to play at least a worship song by the end of the year!

Thank God for the rather manageable paper just now! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you God for the interesting instrument! ๐Ÿ™‚



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